10 Amazing Terrace Design Ideas For Your Home

Examine closely the view and work around it

Take some time to scrutinize the view from your apartment, villa, townhome, or multi-story house. Is your view wonderful? Then include it in your terrace design ideas. You can add a coffee table and some chairs along the walls of the terrace to create an excellent view of your surroundings. You can even put one end of a dining table against the fence and surround the free sides with dining chairs to make a dining part for special occasions.

Include a rooftop garden design

If you are fond of gardening on your roof, here’s your opportunity to go all in. You can make an excellent herb garden, get some planters and grow fruits and vegetable shrubs, even trees, or utilize succulents and rock gardens to adorn the area as well as refine the air around your building.

You can also employ patio design ideas and include indoor plants such as ferns, money plants, rose bushes, lemon trees, etc. It’s your garden, you can do whatever you want.

Select a lively colour palette

Now, just because a rooftop terrace is an outdoor space doesn’t mean you must ignore the colour scheme. Of course, the typical textures, patterns, fabrics, and materials of interior design cannot reflect your outdoor space. Nevertheless, you can still include beautiful tapestry, colourful awning, table linens, etc.

You can put a day bed or a couch with bright throw pillows. There is the terrace wall that you can paint with a lively colour palette, perhaps even select wall art or go for some graffiti. Also, select the plants for your garden design carefully. Preferably, colourful flowering pots, fruit trees, shrubbery, etc. would add colour to your terrace design.

Select suitable outdoor furniture

A common problem with designing and adorning a rooftop terrace is that your ordinary home design ideas don’t work.

A roof terrace can be simply converted into an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living space, an outdoor party zone, whatever you like. That is if you can select the suitable outdoor furniture to go with it.

For example, think about a Sunday afternoon when your friends, family, or colleagues come over for a house party. But oh no! Your stereo isn’t functioning or you are not capable of cooking the barbecue cheeseburgers in a badly ventilated kitchen.

Play with lights

Lighting is a crucial element in any form of home design whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Irrespective of whether you have a big or small terrace, apart from whether or not you select to convert the area into party central, it is essential to light up this outdoor space. The initial options are, of course, overhead bulbs, enclosed sconces, and hanging lanterns to make a mood at times.

That’s all great and well but how about some string lights along the wall, perhaps even arranged loosely along the vertical beams of your terrace pergola? Or, if you like to make a romantic mood for date night, why not think about tea candles lined along the fence or on the outdoor dining table.

Consider roof deck

No, it is not used only for an outdoor swimming pool.

You can construct a roof deck for a modern terrace design and set out a few loungers, large umbrellas, and even a sitting part around a coffee table with some cushions or wicker furniture. It will look breathtaking. Moreover, it will add a sense of elegance to this unique outdoor space

Get creative with a wow factor

If you have enough space, think about putting a water feature such as a fountain, small waterfall, etc, to give life to your roof terrace.

You can also take the other way and add a fire feature, peerless garden ideas, or even a DIY Koi pond for the wow factor.

Consider the roof over your rooftop terrace

Perhaps we should have stated this before but if you are going to invest in adorning your rooftop terrace then you are required to consider installing a roof over the roof.

Anyway, an awning at the doorway is a great addition but consider how you can keep your outdoor furniture and décor safe. Wooden beams around the perimeter would make it easy to hang designer tapestry all around but that can get wet in heavy rainfall or snowfall. It is still a great option to mix minimalist decorating ideas around your terrace but not so much if you advocate extensive home design ideas.

Sculpture garden

A sculpture garden will not only improve the aesthetic beauty of the space but also elevate your style quotient. Go renaissance. Purchase those white cement sculptures and get them up on a stand or the floor. Hang some spotlights in different places. But before establishing a sculpture garden make sure that your roof can bear the weight.

Vegetable garden

It is a very good idea to make your own food if you have enough time and space. Tomatoes, strawberries, passion fruit, eggplant, you have interminable choices. You can establish vertical layers of celery and basil.


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