10 Best Dog Breeds For Companionship

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The concept of a companion dog goes beyond the idea of a man’s best friend. Their human pack is where they are most happy. Unlike some dogs that are born to work jobs such as grazing livestock or guarding properties, companion dogs usually enjoy sitting by you to watch what you’re doing. The majority of dogs require training and socialization to become suitable companions, even if certain breeds are known to be friendly and eager to please. In addition to their eagerness to please, friendly nature, and exceptional love, they tend to be highly intelligent. Below, you can see the ten best dog breeds for companionship.

French Bulldog

Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

The French Bulldog is an excellent companion as it is considerably playful and easy-going. The French Bulldog is highly popular among apartment dwellers because it does not need a large yard or a lot of space to roam. For sure, it will always welcome a good evening walk, but the breed is known to be calm and relaxed if stayed home for days. His even-tempered personality will appeal to anyone searching for an affable companion dog.

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Shih Tzu

Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

The favourite companion of Chinese emperors, Shih Tzu originated from Tibet. They were first adopted to alert the residents of intruders. Later, lap warming became their main function which they still seem to enjoy. Keeping their two primary positions, Shih Tzus are nowadays more wanted for their charm and beauty. To many, they spread a sense of love and peace even when they are asleep.


Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

Perhaps the most beautiful small dog breed in the world. They resemble a small teddy bear; only they are alive and sweeter. These furry little jumpers, with their resonating shrinks, never let you think too much about your problems. They make you play with them all the time and leave no room for depression. The fact about this breed is that they are full of energy and need regular exercise. So, please remember that Poodles are not among the best dog breeds for people who work full time or have a highly active lifestyle.


Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

With those asymmetrical lines up and down their face, Pugs seem to have plenty of extra skin saved for a rainy day! The ever-grimy look on their face is, in no way, in line with their kind and delicate character. They love hugs and pats from their owner and never say no to a sit-on-my-lap offer. They are highly easy-going and do not claim much space. No matter how cozy your apartment is, as long as you give them enough exercise, they will cheer you up a thousand different way.

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Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

The innocent-looking Maltese originated from the Mediterranean, not knowing that one day it would triumph the whole world. Being especially loved by women, this breed is known for its relaxing effect when sleeping on its owner’s lap. They have a tendency to gaze and listen for hours, making them a perfect choice for those who prefer to share their secrets and sorrows with anyone but humans!

German Shorthaired Pointer

Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

True, German Shorthaired Pointers are in no way lap dogs. Yet they make perfect companion dogs for individuals who are fond of hiking and hunting. This breed has a reputation for being remarkably energetic and amiable. Adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer has the side benefit of safety, as this breed is highly loyal to its owner and runs to his rescue in hard times


Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

The Papillon, with its lively look and alert ears, is always on the lookout for entertainment. These little companion dogs were popular among European royalty and are also popular among children due to their playful nature. The Papillon, also known as a toy spaniel, is almost the size of a Petite. However, it is still extremely vibrant and intelligent, necessitating some daily exercise and constant attention.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

By their look, you can tell that American Staffordshire Terriers are always smiling, and that goes well with their playful nature and happy personality. They are always on the look for fun and adventure, especially when you take them outside. Their size doesn’t make them ideal for sitting on human lap, a fact they never want to accept due to their friendly nature. They simply force you to cuddle them no matter what it takes. If you live alone and look for a charming companion dog, this breed on the top of your list.


Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

With their short legs and dangling ears, Dachshunds provoke a sense of pettiness and love. They simply beg you to pat them and hold them in your arms, but their big wide eyes tell you they have no complaints about being ignored. Despite their pitiful appearance, they are highly vigilant and always look around for intrusion. They are now found in miniature and standard sizes, which means even those living in tiny little apartments can adopt them rest assured that they will be safe and satisfied


Golden Retriever

Best Dog Breeds for Companionship

The golden retriever, with a gentle and affectionate look, rarely gets aggressive. This companion dog is ideal for those looking for a friendly and playful dog that can entertain their children when there is nothing to do. Its pleasant disposition towards humans is exemplary, which makes it a wonderful candidate for a service dog.

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In conclusion

Before adopting a pet dog, you should consider the space and time you’re going to devote to it. Some dogs don’t mind being alone for long hours, while others need constant attention and regular exercise. If you have a busy lifestyle and do not have much free time, you need to look for independent dogs. If, on the other hand, you are on your own for several hours a day, you may choose your ideal dog from our list. I hope you make the right choice.

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