10 Common Snapchat Terms You Need to Know

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Snapchat has its own specific language with different terms that users must try to figure out. It is very difficult, especially for the new users of this social media platform, to understand the meaning and usage of these various and numerous terms. Each one of these terms has its own unique and amazing meaning that makes it necessary for the users of this platform to become familiar with its meaning. It is also crucial for Snapchat users to be familiar with Snapchat text slang. For example, they should know what OML means on Snapchat or what ALR means on Snapchat.

The most common Snapchat terms that every user must know

10 common Snapchat terms you need to know

Understanding and knowing the meaning of these terms make working with this platform easier. Since learning the terms one by one can be a tiring and time-taking process, it is a good idea to make use of resources that have already collected these terms with their meaning so as to avoid wasting time and energy. Here some of the most common Snapchat terms are introduced and explained clearly and briefly. 


A snapcode is a unique and exclusive code that belongs to every user; in other words, every user has a unique and specific snapcode they can use to easily add his friends. The snapcode is easily accessible just by clicking on your profile that is at the top-left of the screen. This is the very beginning of embarking on a journey that is using one of the most popular social media platforms pleasantly and effortlessly.

Capture button

The capture button is a circular button that is located at the bottom leading Snapchat interface. You can easily take a photo by clicking on it and recording a video by pressing and holding it down. It is a very practical and useful tool since most users are interested in taking photos and recording videos so as to send them to their friends to share their memories and experiences. Snaps include both photos and videos. 


One of the most popular and favorite terms of Snapchat is undoubtedly story. It refers to a series of images and videos that users are able to share with either their close friends that are known as (My Story) or with all the available people who can see the story (Our Story). In other words, Our Story means someone does not intend to send a particular photo to just one person; he wants many people to see it.     


10 common Snapchat terms you need to know

All the old users of Snapchat are totally familiar with the function and usage of Snapchat, but new users may not be completely familiar with its function. This platform possesses a standard Chat function that may be surprising for new users. It is similar to other chat services such as iMessage or Facebook Messenger. It is possible to see the conversation lists by moving left from the camera interface.


If you are interested in seeing other people’s Stories, you can do it just by swiping right. The shared Stories by your friends appear at the top. Websites, celebrities, and advertisers are also available below this. Discover is also a very useful tool for many Snapchat users since they are inclined to see the shared photos of their friends and other people that can be attractive and entertaining for them.  

Team Snapchat

It is most likely to receive messages from Snapchat from time to time. These messages usually contain updates and holidays like Easter. These messages are very rare, and it is very uncommon to receive them, but it is suggestible to be ready to receive these uninvited guests in your chats. It is important to pay attention to some of these messages, especially those containing updates that are necessary to better function the platform.    

Snapchat score

Judgment is an inseparable part of the current world that is unavoidable. It is also applicable to Snapchat. Snapchat Score refers to a numerical score in accordance with your activity on this platform. It is dependent on several factors, but the most important one is the number of Snaps you send to your friends and other people. All the factors that lead to this Snapchat score are equally important, and you should pay attention to them.

Snap Streak

Snap Streak refers to a process during which you send Snaps regularly on successive days to a friend and similarly receive Snaps from him/her continuously. It is necessary for both of you to send Snaps every 24 hours to retain the Streak. A Snapchat Streak forms after three days of successive Snaps, and it is not acceptable to just make use of Chats. It is one of the interesting and appealing options of Snapchat.  


Lenses refer to Augmented Reality interfaces that enable you to add expository elements to Snaps. They concentrate on the face in a video as someone records it and covers it with cartoons. The most popular and known Lens is a long tongue and dog ears. Face and World Lenses are set exactly on the right of the Capture button. This is a very entertaining tool that most users are interested in it.


It was just possible to take advantage of self-destructing Snaps. But now it is also probable to select a time limit or make an infinity loop; hence the video keeps up playing until the recipient ends it. Bounce refers to the latter part of it. It plays a certain part of a video again and again so as to concentrate on a specific part of it. It can be a very useful and important tool for those who need this capability for their work.    


Snapchat is a popular and interesting social media platform that many users use all around the world. In order to make better use of a social media platform or application, it is necessary to be familiar with its common terms and know their meanings. Snapchat is also no exception. It has some common terms such as Bounce, Lens, Snap Streak, Snapchat Score, Team Snapchat, Discover, Chat, Story, Capture Button, and some other basic terms that users of this platform should know their meanings and their functions.  

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