10 Essential Strategies For Improving Franchise SEO

Jul 14, 2022 | 2 comments

Franchise SEO is a group of search engine optimization tactics and best practices for upgrading franchise businesses’ search engine ranking and visibility. This type of SEO enhances the ranking of websites or individual site pages for local and location-based search keywords.

Franchise SEO assists businesses to be known by suitable prospects and clients searching for their goods in their neighbourhood or area. Franchise SEO uses strategies such as geo keywords in website content, meta descriptions, title tags, location particulars, location-specified reviews, and testimonials.

Why is franchise SEO essential?

The greatest advantage of local SEO for franchises is that it helps your business to be recognized by customers close to a specific storefront location.

Franchises are usually built on popular brands, so consumers will be at ease visiting new locations. But unless they understand that a specific location exists close to them, they won’t be able to visit and make a purchase.

So, whether you work in the corporate office of a franchise brand, or own a specific location, franchise SEO is important for attracting customers and creating sales.

7 obligatory strategies for enhancing franchise SEO

Local SEO for franchises is an ongoing process, but the following strategies can help set up your franchise in search engine results.

List your different locations in Google Maps

One of the simplest ways to find a shopfront today is to search for it on Google. The search engine offers a map of choices and permits users to get GPS directions to the one they select within a few clicks.

If your locations haven’t yet become visible in Google’s map results, you have to register them using Google Business Profile. Registering for Google Business Profile (previously referred to as Google My Business) is simple – easily visit their website and follow the step-by-step guidelines.

After you’ve created an account, your shopfront will be noticeable on Google Maps – making it possible for users to find your various locations in search engines and easier to get directions.

Register each of your franchise locations on Yelp

Yelp is one of the most reliable review sites among customers. Many people use it to search for businesses and ascertain which one is the best choice for their needs, according to user-submitted photos and reviews. It also gives users hours, contact information, and other details such as goods and menus, depending on the industry.

If you don’t register each of your franchise locations on Yelp, you could lose potential clients – many of whom are already in your area and searching for your products or services. If someone searches for your franchise, but you only have a Yelp page for a location three states away, they won’t consider you as an option.

Having Yelp pages for each location also lets users review each specific location, which can be useful for local audiences. They’ll be able to see precisely what local customers liked and disliked about a specific location of your franchise, as well as accurate photos of your storefront and products.

Use location-based keywords in website content

One of the most effective ways to enhance your visibility in local search results is to incorporate location-based keywords on your pages. For example, if you’re a coffee shop based in Melbourne, you’ll want to include the phrase “coffee shop in Melbourne” in necessary elements like title tags, headings, and body. You can also employ local landmarks, close tourist destinations, and local names as target keywords. So, for example, if someone searches for “coffee shops near Victoria,” your business can appear in search results.

This is a great strategy for franchise SEO because it helps your business show up in search results on search engines such as Google and Bing. While many consumers rely on Google Maps and Yelp, they also trust search engines when they need to find something rapid.

Choose between a microsite or corporate website

If you work in the corporate office of a franchise, you should list each of your locations on your website. You can make a “locations” page with each shopfront’s address, phone number, hours, and other contact information. You might also want to include an interactive map of all your locations so that users can find the one closest to them and see your other locations.

If you have a single location or various locations, you may want to decide to create your own website. This will let you create content specific to your location’s goods and services, while also rating for longtail keywords specific to your location.

Use established branding for all franchise locations

One error that some franchises make when doing local SEO is deviating from established branding. Main franchises are easy to recognize by colours, logos, and brand identity. If you don’t stick with this established branding, you can perplex customers and prevent them from visiting your location.

In terms of your website, branding is also highly significant and should be harmonious with your storefront. You should ensure to follow the colour scheme across your website – and the colours you select should be indicative of your brand.

Encourage customers to leave reviews for various locations

Online reviews are very significant. In fact, most people trust online reviews as much as personal suggestions. So, if your storefront doesn’t have any reviews, potential clients will be surprised.

Reviews allow local consumers to see what other people think of your service, goods, location, and more. They can also help your business rate higher on search engine results pages when users search for keywords stated in your reviews.

That’s why a franchise SEO strategy should encompass review management, which can help your business elicit reviews from local customers, as well as reply to and interact with customers that leave reviews.

Add location-specific schema to franchise locations

Structured data, also called schema markup, can help your franchise’s SEO and local SEO strategy. With structured data, you’re offering search engines a decisive answer about your page’s content.

Build local backlinks

Local backlinks are crucial for local rankings as well. Building local backlinks as a franchise can be convoluted.

Create localized landing pages

A landing page on your website or social media profile personalized based on a specific location will help you differentiate a particular franchise from all others you have.

Create local-focused content

Like traditional SEO, content is essential for ranking high in local search. But the type of content you create for local SEO should be pertinent, practical, and improved to attract your local audience.

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