10 Health Hacks For Preventing And Managing Back Pain

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Back pain is a common health problem in modern society, and with the passage of every day, more people suffer from back pain. Some people are aware of the situation, and others are not. Back pain is extremely uncomfortable and can easily disrupt one’s life. And most people between the ages of 20 and 50 suffer from backache at least once, so don’t worry if you get back pain at a young age. It’s very common these days.

This article will be divided into two parts:

Preventing back pain

Managing back pain

Back pain is also divided into two parts:

Acute: Acute back pain lasts for a few days or even weeks. Be sure to tell a doctor about the aching to make sure it’s not anything serious.

Chronic: Lasts for three months or more. Could be serious.

So, how can you prevent back pain?

Preventing Back Pain

1. Keep Your Back Muscles Strong

Workouts like high rotating plank and knee-to-chest stretches will keep your muscles strong until the autumn of life. Remember to check the exercises with a professional before committing to them in order to prevent unwanted damage.

Try these workouts at least twice a week:

Knee-to-chest stretches
High rotating plank

2. Keep A Healthy Diet

Your diet must include enough calcium and vitamin D so your bones remain strong and healthy. Also, it will help to keep yourself healthy at a young age, so don’t forget these two! (You can find calcium + vitamin D capsules in pharmacies). Moreover, check with a doctor before using them to prevent unwanted damage over usage. Overusing vitamin D can cause a build-up of calcium in your blood (hypercalcemia), which can cause nausea, vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination. Vitamin D toxicity might progress to bone pain and kidney problems, too.

3. Quit Smoking

If you smoke cigarettes daily, you have a higher chance of suffering from backache than non-smokers of the same age (apart from height and weight factors). Try to quit smoking, and if you can not quit it, try to smoke less.

4. Stand And Sit Straight

Walking and sitting straight will benefit your back in the long term.

Here are some basic but very easy moves to do to prevent back pain:

This trick can help people who work with a computer or laptop daily to decrease their back pain.

Sitting straight

This trick can help people who walk casually during the day.

Standing straight

5. Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

Most normal people think it’s ok to carry a heavy object for a short time when they have backache, but it’s not. Your back can get hurt seriously in these situations. Do not lift heavy objects unless it is necessary.

Try to call for help and lift heavy objects with at least another person.

Remember, if you do lift something heavy, bend your knees and keep your back straight. This way, your leg muscles are used rather than your back.

Best way to lift heavy objects

6. Adjust Your Car Seat

Sometimes when you exit your car, you feel pain in your lower back, and it’s hard to get off your seat; the reason is that many people ignore the fact that they should adjust the seat and balance it with their height so they can sit behind the wheel more comfortably. Remember that it’s essential to support your back correctly, make sure that you can see all of the mirrors comfortably, and the pedals should be squarely in front of your feet.

This tip can prevent back pain and exhaustion on long journeys. But also remember to have plenty of breaks and get out of the car and walk for a while.

Managing Back Pain

7. Try To Rest On A Bed.

Resting the muscles on a bed can ease the pain. Resting, in general, can sometimes heal the pain entirely, so relax on a bed and be sure that the pain will at least be “better”. Try to use a medical mattress to get the best results. Don’t forget to use extra pillows; they can help ease the pain in sleep.

Correct sleeping posture

8. Try To Massage The Area That Hurts

Massaging the parts that ache can reduce the pain in your back but remember to get help from a professional, or the pain may increase. If you can’t get to any professional at the moment, tell the person who does the massage to be more careful and do it slowly. After the pain eased up, go to a professional.

9. Don’t Forget To Use An Ice Compressor Or Heat

A: Heat can boost circulation, which then allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. The circulation is good for repairing damaged muscles, relieving inflammation, and improving back stiffness.

B: Ice can also reduce the ache in the back. Put ice on your pack for 10 minutes to reduce pain, nerve activity, and swelling.

Don’t forget to use a plastic bag so the ice doesn’t touch your skin directly, and also use a towel.

10. Use Medicine

A: Sometimes, the pain becomes unbearable. Some medicines can be used without a doctor’s permission to reduce the pain in the body. (Be aware that your body sometimes reacts to the treatment you use, so proceed to use them cautiously).

B: cortisone injection. It can be injected into the epidural space around the spinal cord. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory drug, and it helps reduce inflammation around the nerve roots. Remember to ask for help from doctors before injecting it.


These tips can help you ease backache and some of these tips by themselves can heal your back entirely, but always try to reach a doctor and ask for help if the pain is too much. Severe back pain can be serious and can’t be healed by resting and working out. It can aggravate disc diseases such as herniated or bulging discs, fibromyalgia, minor fractures to the spine from osteoporosis, strains or tears to the muscles or surrounding tissues that support the back, etc. Thus, never hesitate to ask a doctor for help.

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