10 Male Anime Cosplay Ideas

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The popularity of anime has never been higher. An increase in interest in the genre over the past ten years has transformed the once-niche hobby into a rabid fandom. Transforming what was once a fan-run operation wherein fans downloaded and translated the newest releases into fully-fledged businesses that operate on a model based on the fans’ demands to get the best anime to their screens as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that interest in male anime cosplay has increased. Cosplayers take to the streets to flaunt their passions as an increasing amount of anime floods the market and into the homes of talented enthusiasts. Frequently demonstrating their creativity and aptitude when designing outfits for their preferred male characters.

Trio of Demon Slayers

10 Male Anime Cosplay Ideas

It might be cheating because it’s difficult to tell which of the main demon slayers is more well-liked. The others aren’t too far behind if one is seen at a conference (and often with a Nezuko somewhere in the mix).

Nobody can really blame them, though. One of the year’s most popular animes was Demon Slayer. It won a place in the hearts of both new and seasoned fans thanks to its thrilling combat, superb storytelling, and amazing animation.

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The long-awaited return of One-Punch Man last year sparked a rebirth of One-Punch Man cosplayers at events all across the country. Saitama is a favorite choice among many because of how simple his outfit is to build (when compared to other cosplays).

Therefore, the resurgence was easy to spot anywhere cosplayers could be seen. One Saitama in cosplay will always be rocking out to the season one theme tune in their head, whether they are online or at conventions.

Midoriya Izuku (Deku)

Male Anime Cosplay

My Hero Academia first caught the interest of viewers worldwide in the first season and has managed to hold it ever since. There are many characters to pick from, and there will soon be a fifth season after the current four. But many people continue to concentrate on one individual.

It is hardly surprising that Deku still commands the highest price in the cosplay industry. He was the one who began the adventure for lovers of men, and he is still a well-liked and well-known hero.


People will adore you if you manage to tickle their sense of humor. That appears to be the guiding principle of the Konosuba characters, which explains why the cosplayer is still well-liked. However, the fact that there was a movie last year also helps.

There are a lot of Kazumas at the convention, despite the fact that girls’ cosplay may be more common. Despite being a perverted and vulgar young man, Scum-Zuma is likable enough to have a significant role in the cast of characters.

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Early in 2018, the Rising of the Shield Hero anime debuted, and it continued to gain popularity throughout 2019. So it is understandable that its main protagonist was successfully portrayed in the cosplay community, making him one of the most cosplayed characters of 2019.

Even in terms of male anime cosplay, he might compete with another shield-wielding hero. Naofumi is frequently seen at neighborhood gatherings.

Monster Killer

10 Male Anime Cosplay Ideas

Goblin Slayer was a hot topic last year, whether it was due to its engaging storyline or the uproar surrounding the first episode. Of course, the fact that cosplays were prevalent also helped a lot.

There must have been a lot of goblins at conventions last year because every single one of them seems to have at least one cosplayer dressed as the Goblin Slayer. There is always an experienced explorer prowling the hallways of both small and large cons.


 2019 witnessed another year in which the Fate franchise, owned by the world’s largest media company, ruled the otaku market. It always appears to be expanding every year, whether it is through its movies, anime series, mobile games, or broad merchandise range.

Even the original visual novel’s characters are still represented. Due to his growing popularity in general and the anticipation for the new anime he appeared in last year, Gilgamesh has seen a significant increase in convention appearances.


10 Male Anime Cosplay Ideas

Affirmative or negative. Do or do not watch it. There is no doubting the enormous success of Sword Art Online and every one of its sequels and offshoots among anime fans, resulting in the series’ impressive presence at conventions throughout the world.

And when it comes to male anime cosplay, Kirito is first and foremost in the lead. Frequently noticed anytime someone sees a person dressed entirely in black at conventions.

La Jojos

For some, it might be a little late to start dressing up as characters from a manga that first appeared in the 1980s. Fans of Jojo believe it is past due.

The Jojos and their strange explorers are experiencing something of a resurgence because of the anime adaptations that began in 2012. They have captivated fans’ imaginations and sewing machines all across the world, particularly when it comes to donning costumes to represent the eponymous heroes of each of the arcs.

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A classic is challenging to surpass. Goku continues to be a staple when it comes to Dragon Ball cosplay despite the fact that the Dragon Ball Super anime is ended, the Broly movie is concluded, and there hasn’t been any recent word of another anime adaption.

But is it truly a surprise? It is simple to understand why Goku continues to be a popular cosplay for con-goers, given that it is debatable if he is the most prolific main character of not just the shonen genre but of all anime in general. If you liked this post, you may also want to read our blog on top female cosplayers you need to know. You’ll definitely like it.

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