10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Web Designer

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What is the significance of hiring a web designer?

Nowadays, the significance of a website to a business is incontrovertible, and the role internet plays in everyday business is so fundamental that if it were to stop the world would come to an absolute standstill. This is why hiring a web designer has become one of the most important steps in starting a business.

Websites play such a vital role that roughly 70% of people will at least look up a company online to decide if it’s real or not. More people are willing to trust a company with a constant online presence than one without.

Regarding the significance it can have for a business, then, investing in a website, new or not, can be a quite risky plan if you don’t know what a difficult situation you are getting yourself involved in.

It’s a problem you can simply circumvent, however, if you know the right queries to ask and the right features to look for in the company you want to hire. There are eight issues you should always consider before you eventually determine who you should employ to design your next website, in other words hiring a web designer is a sensitive process that must be carefully dealt with.

10 things you should know before hiring a web designer

Ask for some referrals

Ask some of your colleagues and co-workers about what companies or freelancers they have cooperated with.

The most significant thing about this is to select someone who is highly suggested and verified. There are a lot of web designers who can assist you to design a website but it is necessary for you to find one that is highly skilled and experienced.

If it is difficult for you to find a web designer nearby, you can count on Google Search. Just type different keywords that fit your local search terms and what you are searching for.

Or as a suggestion, look for websites you like and take a look at the bottom of the website to find who designed the site. Usually, a link is set at the bottom of every web page that states ‘Designed by’ and it redirects to their website. You can communicate with them directly.

Be aware of your website objectives

You need to know the goals of the new website before hiring a web designer. Are you selling products/ providing services on your site or will it be there just to give information about your business?

A web designer is the best person to assist you to answer any queries that you might have, but it is essential to pay attention that they will more than likely ask for money to give a brainstorming session for your website.

Search for websites you like online and ones that would fit your brand image. Presenting websites to web designers will assist them to know what it is you’re searching for when it comes to the final product.

Make a vision

Vision boards can be employed in many various ways and websites are no exception. They can be utilized to make it easier for business owners and marketing managers to make the best look and feel for their business.

You could produce a digital/virtual board or really have a physical board. It should contain the graphics, types of images you want, font styles, and colors you want on your website.

You must have a design desire list

Do you want to design a new website or make some slight changes to your current website using various web design tools? Each is different and it must be clarified at the very beginning. One is concentrated on making a new vision for a company, the other is about enhancement.

If you are designing a new site as you don’t presently have one, design in detail the architecture of the site and the type of sections you want on each page.

The typical sections which must be included are Home / About Us / Services / News/ Contact Us. Also, consider what buttons you need on the site or other practicality that you think would be necessary.

If you have a brand book or brand elements that were designed when you made the brand of business, then ensure to include this. All these sections are essential in making it easier for a web designer to make an estimate and timeframe for your website.

Create an estimate

Designing a website, just like constructing a house can sometimes cost more than initially expected. But don’t let that discourage you, just have a plan. It is so essential to do your research and figure out what the current rate is for web design in your city.

It is recommended to ask local businesses in your city who designed their website and if you like the design, communicate with the company and get an estimate of what it might cost you.

Determine the objective of each page on the website

What kind of pages do you want on the website? What is the goal of each page? Is it necessary to write text for each page? What should the text convey?

These are vital questions that you must ask yourself before you begin the process of hiring a web designer. A good web design company will likely charge you by the hour to answer these queries.

Set a collab design process

It is highly probable that you are already utilizing tools such as Google Docs or Dropbox to handle your files. Make a shared folder when you are cooperating with a web designer. It can be used to collect ideas and save important pieces of information.

Make a launch plan

Once you have designed your site and you’re prepared to tell the world, what next?

As the site is being created, consider ways you can make some buzz about what your plan is and how you can tell your network. Some directors decide to launch their website so as to make some buzz.

If you have social media, prepare some posts and write some text notifying people of your new site. Ask them to share this with their own network.

Check spelling and grammar

It is necessary to check, double-check, and check again and again. Spelling mistakes are forbidden on the site. It looks disreputable and gives a bad first feeling to your user.

Test your links

Ensure all your links on your website function and go somewhere. Ask your family or friends to test to find out if they can recognize any mistakes. If you have an E-commerce site, make a test product and get ppl to purchase the product to ensure everything is working properly.

On your new website, set several test orders to check your system is functioning properly.


The process of hiring a web designer is risky and sensitive. Some issues must be considered before proceeding to hire a web designer. You should set your goals, get some referrals, create an estimate, make a vision and take some other steps prior to hiring a web designer.   

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