12 Great Marketing Ideas for Beauty Salons

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It does not matter what sort of business you are running, if you cannot reach your target population, it is unlikely to make significant progress. In other words, marketing and introducing your services or products through appropriate strategies is a must for any business. When it comes to beauty salons it is far more important since customers do not tend to easily trust salons and do their beauty treatments. Even if you are professional at your work, you need to make your customers aware of your services, trust you and your staff, and become your loyal target market. To do so, there are a number of marketing ideas for beauty salons to follow that are discussed in this article.

Offer occasional discounts

12 Great Marketing Ideas for Beauty Salons

Probably one of the best marketing ideas for beauty salons is offering various discounts on different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, new year holidays, etc. Discounts not only encourage your customers to use your beauty salon’s services but also constantly remind them of your salon. If you offer occasional discounts, customers might also introduce you to their families and friends so that they can seize this opportunity. One of the most important occasions you can offer a discount is customers’ birthday. They may want to have a party and need some beauty treatments. Moreover, you make them feel special and have a good experience in your salon so they might turn into your loyal customers.

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Consider referral discounts

As we previously discussed the customers’ interest in discounts, referral discounts are even more important and effective. This is simply because through referral discounts you can keep and encourage your current customers, and get almost free advertisement as well. Although there are numerous ways of automated advertising such as text messages, emails, and google ads, people always trust their family and friends much easier. In other words, by encouraging your customers to advertise your salon, you have made way for one of the best marketing ideas for beauty salons that bring actual revenue to become a reality.

Work on different loyalty programs

While you must always consider finding new customers and expanding your target market, you should never underestimate the importance of keeping old and current customers returning to your beauty salon over and over again. Loyal customers are the main reason for your sustainable growth. On the hand, if you have a large number of loyal customers, new ones will trust you easier because they feel like your services have been good enough to keep these people loyal and satisfied. To keep your loyal customers interested you can offer discounts or extra and free services. For example, if they do their nails in your salon 6 times in a row, the 7th time will be free or discounted. You can also offer exclusive or VIP services for your loyal customers.

Use different social media platforms

In the modern age, people spend a lot of time surfing the internet and social media. It can provide you with a great opportunity to show up on their social media accounts and introduce your services. Among various platforms, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular ones where you can advertise your business and share informative content as people are always interested in knowing more about beauty treatments. This is where you can also create a closer relationship with your customers and remind them of your business on a daily basis. Moreover, social media pages also let you announce any new events or discounts taking place in your salon.

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Get help from social media influencers

Speaking of the importance of social media and how easily you can be seen on these platforms, influencers can double this effect through influencer marketing. It is actually because they have previously gained popularity and a high number of followers so if you can get them to advertise your salon, you will be known in no time. It is important to choose people who have worked in this field and also live in your town. Try to work with influencers who are creative in making content and honest with their followers. You can also dedicate some discounts to people who visit your salon through the influencer’s social pages.

Invest in online services

12 Great Marketing Ideas for Beauty Salons

Our modern and busy lifestyle leaves us no time for in-person shopping and a lot of services are sold online nowadays. This can also be true about beauty salons. While the customer has to be present for the beauty treatment, you can provide a platform in which they can get to know your services, lines of treatments, prices, ask their question, and even book their appointment online. Paying online would also be more comfortable for a lot of customers. That is why launching a website or running an app can open up new opportunities for your business and attract more customers. So, investing in online services is definitely one of the best marketing ideas for beauty salons in the modern world.

Collect email addresses and phone numbers

One of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers and let them know about your courses, events, and discounts is by sending text messages and emails. To do so, you only need to ask for their number and email address the very first time they show up in your salon. This is a very specific and focused advertising strategy that will surely reach your potential customers. However, you should also consider sending messages and email marketing that are geographically focused. Not all text messages or emails would surely reach a potential customer. Yet you are at least sure that the person, receiving messages or emails, lives around your neighborhood. You can also work on google ads that pop up on related websites every day.

Start a course or hold a free workshop

Training might not be your primary goal or you might not consider it the main source of benefit for your business. After all, teaching and training beginners, planning and scheduling classes, and contacting and providing feedback to those who have enrolled in your courses are more challenging than doing a simple haircut. However, the more you socialize in your community, the better you will be recognized and reach more customers. It can also make your customers trust you more as they realize you are professional and confident enough to teach others and share your experiences. Remember that teaching and sharing your knowledge always bring you a good reputation within and out of the industry.

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Take part in social events and charities

Remember that beauty salons are locally dependent and a lot of your customers come from nearby neighborhoods. It does not mean that you cannot have customers from further places; however, your main focus has to be your own neighborhood. Considering this fact, one of the most important marketing ideas for beauty salons is to be socially active and involved. You can host social events for instance, if there is one taking place in your community, or volunteer in charitable gatherings. In this way, people will know you and your business better and you can create a powerful social network.

Choose your staff wisely

Since we are talking about marketing ideas for beauty salons How about we mention the high quality of the services you provide to your customers? You should always pay close attention to hiring experienced and professional staff to keep your customers pleased. Once you have arranged your team, introduce different beauty lines and their experts on your social media pages. You can also ask your staff to get involved in content production. Having an engaged and capable staff is always interesting for customers and they will trust you easier.

Have your business card with you

12 Great Marketing Ideas for Beauty Salons

Possibly there is no advertisement or any other person who can describe your services and encourage people to visit your beauty salon at least once better than yourself. Moreover, you are the person who can also answer any questions that might come to your customers’ minds. That is why you have to keep your business card with you all the time and be aware of situations in which you can talk about the services you provide in your beauty salon. Be creative and inclusive with your card. Make sure they can easily contact you through phone calls and emails and have access to your social media accounts and website.

Improve through constant feedback

What customers really care about is the quality of services you have provided them with. So if you can boost this quality chances are higher to keep your customers loyal. You can send your customers an online review form to know about their ideas and things they liked and disliked after their purchase. In this way, you can provide services your customers need and make them feel important and heard. So if they face any problem they will try to discuss and solve it before deciding to never return to your salon.

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While we discussed several marketing ideas for beauty salons in this article, it is your responsibility to find out which ones work the best for you and your business. Be creative and consistent with your chosen marketing strategies and remember that you have to be patient during the process of expanding and promoting your business.

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