12 Prom Decoration Ideas That Can Spice Up The Event

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All students look forward to the prom party and want it to be as special as possible. This is also the same for the schools and those who are managing the party. If you have no idea about prom decorations, do not worry because you can find great ways to make your prom decoration beautiful with simple ideas. Here, we are going to discuss some of these ideas that can make your prom decorations lovely.

Use glitters and confetti

Not all decoration items are expensive yet they can make a big difference. Confetti and glitters for example are easy to find and also cheap. There is some confetti designed for prom parties and you can choose one. Make sure the glitter and confetti go with your decoration theme. You can use glitters in many places like even for designing glasses, bottles, or balloons. They will make everywhere shiny and give a lovely vibe.

Use banners

What is more interesting than seeing a big lovely banner as you walk into the prom party? You can order your banners usually having words like welcome to 2022 prom with the name of the school, or if you need a cheaper option you can go for printed-ready banners. Choose the one that goes with your theme of course. Then you can customize it using small accessories to make it more special.

Make a red carpet

Do you want to make students feel special? Then why not make a red carpet? Imagine walking down a red carpet all dressed up to the prom party you were so much looking forward to. It does make a big difference while being cheap. All you need is a piece of suitable fabric that suits your prom party entrance.

Cake and cupcake toppers

If you are having a big prom cake or just serving small cupcakes, you can use creative toppers. Toppers are really small decoration items that are cute and special. Students can even keep them as a memento. Toppers can be the year number or even customized as the school name. There are a lot of options available you can check online. Click here to see some prom cake toppers. Remember that the topper just like any other item must go with the theme.

Use flowers

One of the most beautiful prom decoration ideas for a prom party is using flowers. Flowers are always used at parties and create a classical sense in the environment they’re in. They can be used everywhere like on the table, on the wall, as a cake topping, and even as a gift to young women. You can design them or just put them in vases. Not all flowers are expensive; if you ask a florist they can suggest flowers that are beautiful and cost-efficient. So give flowers a shot because they will never disappoint you.

Use string lights

This is a beautiful and maybe the easiest way to decorate a perfect prom venue. You may have seen that using string light is more popular now than before and probably every family has one. You can ask students to bring in their string lights. Also, you can use them to decorate the walls, tables, entrance, and a lot of other places. What makes string lights an even better option is that they match almost all party themes.

Use balloon arches

Balloon arches are also very popular these days. They can also be considered cheap prom decoration ideas because all you need is enough balloons. You can choose two or more colors that go with your theme. Balloon arches do not necessarily need to have a specific well-designed structure and they look beautiful anyhow. If you want to learn more about designing balloons you can watch some tutorials on YouTube. Balloon arches are beautiful, cheap, and great for taking photos.

Use streamers and curtains

Streamers and curtains that are used a lot in decoration are among easy and cheap ideas, too. All you need is some fabric in the appropriate color and size. Then, you can hang them from different places such as ceilings or windows. They create a lovely and rustic sense if combined with flowers. Curtains and streamers also go well with string lights.

Use a lot of candles

Probably candles are still among the most classic and beautiful ideas for decoration. Candles have a significant effect on enhancing the atmosphere. They come in different shapes, colors, and prices giving you a wide range of selections. Just like any other items they can go with the party theme. You can sometimes buy a large number of candles on sale for a better price.

A chandelier or a disco ball

A chandelier or a disco ball will draw everyone’s attention and can make a big change. It is impossible not to see them hanging from the ceiling and lighting up the dance floor. Whether you go for a chandelier or disco ball depends on your theme. If the party is more classic, a chandelier is better and if it is more modern, go for a disco ball.

Create a photo backdrop

Memories are all we have and photos keep them at their best. Students at their prom party also want to take beautiful photos and keep them. That is exactly why you should think of a great photo backdrop. A corner where they can easily take their photos. This place can be decorated with flowers, candles, light, curtains, or balloons.


As we discussed in this article, there are a lot of ways that you can make a prom decoration beautiful on a low budget. All you need is a bit of creativity and simple decoration materials.

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