13 Genius Ways To Make Money On Reddit

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For its millions of users, Reddit is a source of information, knowledge, and fun. Reddit is estimated to have 53 million users in the United States alone by 2025. Once you understand how to get the most out of Reddit, you may uncover a number of legitimate methods to earn money! We’ve put up this detailed tutorial describing how to make money on Reddit to help you get started.

What Is Reddit

13 Genius Ways To Make Money On Reddit

Reddit Inc. was created in 2005 by three friends: Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz. Since then, the platform has not looked back! Drew Vollero was named Reddit’s Chief Financial Officer in 2021 as the platform seeks to expand further. Reddit’s worth has now risen to more than $10 billion thanks to financing led by Fidelity Investments!

Today Reddit is frequently referred to as “the internet’s first page.” The website is a social networking platform based on communities known as subreddits. These subreddits post a variety of information, such as news, videos, and discussion groups.

Redditors are Reddit users who can participate in any of the platform’s subreddits. You can view anything of interest to you without joining the site if you choose. To interact with people or write posts, you must first become a member. If you want to utilize Reddit to make money online, you must first join.

Is Reddit Free?

First and foremost, Reddit is entirely free to use! You may even read most stuff as a lurker without making an account. If you want to make the most of the platform and earn money, sign up for a free Reddit account. You may remain anonymous, but you now have full access to the Reddit community.

Users can pay a monthly subscription via credit card to upgrade to Reddit Premium (formerly known as Reddit Gold). The advantage of this is that all advertisements are concealed, and you receive a monthly allocation of Reddit currency. A coin can be given to other users for posts or comments that you particularly enjoy.

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How to Make Money on Reddit

Reddit has subreddits for almost every subject you can think of. Many of these are designed to help users earn extra money online.

You may participate in as many subreddits as you like as a registered Reddit user. You can target a certain specialty or cast a wide net to earn as much as possible. If you are a writer, for example, seeking work on specific writing subreddits is likely to provide greater results.

Make Money On Reddit methods are as diverse as the subreddits themselves. You can work as a freelancer or do odd jobs. Selling products, investing, and self-promotion are some more methods to get money (think YouTubers, OnlyFans, or your own blog). On Reddit, there are several ways to make money. All you have to do is know where to look!

You have the option of joining thousands of subreddits of various qualities. However, you must discover established subreddits that will allow you to earn extra money right away. Here are 13 of the best subreddits for making money to save you time.

1.  Beer Money (/r/BeerMoney)

Beer Money has 972,000 active users right now. These individuals are looking for the same thing you are: methods to make additional money! As implied by the subreddit’s name, the possibilities offered here are intended to be sources of additional income. However, hardworking employees can occasionally make hundreds of dollars every month.

Among the types of occupations available here are:

  • Taking surveys
  • Product evaluations
  • Completing brief assignments
  • And even playing video games!

This is not an exhaustive list because there are so many ways to earn money that listing them all would be impossible! Make sure to read through all of the posts to find earning opportunities that are right for you.

Members of the forum discussed where to earn, how to avoid scams, and how to make more money. After you’ve joined the subreddit, navigate to the sidebar. Here you can discover frequently asked questions, money-making tutorials from experienced users, and the best Beer Money sites to get started on.

2.  For Hire (/r/forhire)

Visit the For Hire subreddit for a plethora of money-making options. On this subreddit, there are two methods to find a paid job. To begin, you may promote yourself and advertise that you are searching for a job. Begin by describing your talents, location, and experience. Interested parties can reach out to you via private chat to discuss an employment opportunity.

Following that, other forum members might post that they are searching for someone to undertake a certain job. A job ad will usually contain the salary on offer, the sort of individual they are seeking, and the ability to apply by private messaging.

Skilled professions in high demand here include:

  • Writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Developers of software
  • Marketers

Not all occupations need prior experience or training. Surprisingly, you may discover a wide range of unusual professions to supplement your income.

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3.  Work Online (/r/WorkOnline)

The Work Online subreddit has 406,000 individuals who are all looking to generate money online. Members of the forum can discuss all elements of remote working, such as sites that pay, job advertisements, and so on.

Anyone seeking remote work, whether full-time or part-time, will discover a wealth of options here.

4.  Slave Labour (/r/slavelabour)

If you need money quickly or want to supplement your income, Slave Labour is a fantastic place to look. This isn’t a subreddit that will make you money, as the name implies!

There are several low-paying occupations available here that may be completed fast or effortlessly. There will be possibilities to earn money regardless of your skill set. You may come across duties such as:

  • Writing jobs
  • Data entry
  • Web searches

When you have free time, looking for work on the Slave Labour subreddit can be an excellent option. You won’t be able to earn a full-time salary here, but you can make a decent side income.

5.  Sign-ups for Pay (/r/signupsforpay)

Sign-ups for Pay allow you to make money in return for spending time joining various websites or offers. No prior experience is required!

More than 65,000 subreddit members have shared an offer that needs registration. All you’d have to do is click the link, fill out the form, and you’d be paid! Payment methods include cash, gift cards, and even cryptocurrency.

6.  Startups (/r/startups)

Do you have a business concept but don’t know where to start? Yes? Over 900,000 individuals use Startups, a subreddit dedicated to assisting in the development of successful internet businesses.

Members can discuss startup issues, solutions, and strategies to assist new businesses. Once you’ve established your company, return for assistance, guidance, and to share your knowledge. You may benefit your own business by marketing it on Reddit by participating in this subreddit and others. Remember to check the sub-rules to ensure that any promotional message you post is appropriate.

7.  Wall Street Bets (/r/wallstreetbets)

Meme stocks are stocks that have gained popularity among retail investors as a result of sharing posts on social media platforms such as Reddit. Earning money as an investor is a lot easier than it used to be, owing to networks like Reddit.

Wall Street Bets is a prominent subreddit with over 11 million subscribers. When users gave Wall Street a run for their money in January 2021, the subreddit gained global news. Wall Street Bets users bought Gamestop stock, AMC shares, and other firms and earned significant profits.

Melvin Capital, a well-known hedge fund based in New York, incurred massive losses as a result of the activity in Gamestop shares triggered by the Wall Street Bets subreddit and private investors. Melvin Capital lost 53% on Gamestop shares and other transactions, according to the Wall Street Journal!

Subscribers to the subreddit may seek recommendations on which stocks to purchase and sell. If your counsel pays off, you may be a lot wealthy! You must first open a trading account with a site such as eToro before you can begin trading stocks.

Please, however, proceed with caution while making any investments. Because of the stock market’s volatility, you might lose everything in an instant. Not every piece of advice will be beneficial, and if you are doubtful, you should always conduct your own research before spending any of your hard-earned money.

It is possible to get wealthy through the stock market, but it is also possible to lose money! The best advice is to start small, study how the markets work, keep a careful check on the stock price, and seek advice from many sources.

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8.  QMEE (/r/QMEE)

Do you want to make money while doing the bare minimum? If this is the case, QMEE might be the solution to your prayers!

Users are compensated for performing web searches, responding to surveys, and buying. You can get discount coupons and cash prizes simply for performing activities you’d do anyhow. For example, perusing the web or shopping. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to earn a little extra money with little effort. To stay up to date on all offers, join the QMEE subreddit.

9.  Hire A Writer (/r/HireaWriter)

13 Genius Ways To Make Money On Reddit

Freelance writing is a prominent employment path for many freelancers. Hire A Writer is a fantastic subreddit for finding clients for writers of various ability levels.

Clients submit advertisements seeking writers ranging from novice to experienced. On the subreddit, you may also market yourself, including what genres you can write on, availability, and experience.

The fact that every post must include the rate of Pay is one of the reasons this subreddit is beneficial to writers. That means you’ll know right away if the job pays a living wage. With over 59,000 members, this is a vibrant community. If you are or want to be a freelance writer, this is a great place to start.

10. Jobs 4 Bitcoins (/r/Jobs4Bitcoins)

Jobs 4 Bitcoins offers a variety of labor that pays in Bitcoin or other sorts of cryptocurrency. This subreddit has a wide range of work, including:

  • Writers
  • Developers
  • Designers

The subreddit provides the option of utilizing a mediator to lessen the danger of fraud. The use of an intermediary ensures that both parties can execute the transaction safely.

11. Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN)

RPAN allows users to stream live material on any topic they want. People like watching material created by artists, musicians, gamers, and others.

Showcasing your skills on RPAN does not guarantee you any money. Users can, however, make donations if they so want. Put up an interesting stream, and you have a good chance of making money. If you broadcast on RPAN on a regular basis and acquire a following, this might become a regular source of money.

When streaming, include your Venmo, PayPal, or other payment methods, so people know where to donate money!

12. Remote Jobs (/r/RemoteJobs)

Remote working is no longer a weird concept. It is quickly becoming the preferred method of working for many professionals, with 74% anticipating remote work to become the standard in the future.

Joining Remote Jobs can help you find remote employment right now. Members of this subreddit can apply for a variety of positions. Remote writers, developers, software engineers, and others are all needed.

13. Build Your Own Subreddit

If you have your own business, you may create a subreddit for it. You may want to attract visitors to a website, app, service, or physical goods.

You may drive people to your site to join up or make purchases by developing your own community. Reddit does not allow affiliate links. You can, however, provide links to your website, from which consumers can complete a transaction.

Building your own group may open up a world of possibilities. Just be sure to interact with users rather than spamming them with links. Make intriguing content that will pique people’s interest in what you’re offering.

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Is it Possible to Make Money on Reddit? Yes, absolutely! You may make money via Reddit possibilities. Reddit may help you develop a freelancing job, grow your business, or generate a passive income.

It is critical to respect the site guidelines as well as the rules of particular subreddits in order to continue earning from Reddit chances. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of your account. Then you’d get nothing!

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