15 Best Regular Show Episodes According To IMDb

Cartoon Network’s eccentric workplace cartoon comedy Regular Show made its premiere almost ten years ago. It chronicled the antics of two slackers, Mordecai and Rigby, as well as the rest of the park staff. It is simple to understand why the show became an instant sensation with both kids and adults because it is full with pop culture allusions, ’80s music, and imaginative storytelling. Today, We will be introducing the best regular show episodes in this article.

The Dome Experiment Special

15 Best Regular Show Episodes According To IMDb

“The Dome Experiment Special” followed the park staff as they participated in an experiment that involved locking them all in a bio-dome for a month. Benson is adamant that everyone sees how inaccurate the dates of the dome experiment were.

Conspiracy theories are prevalent throughout the episode as a result of Benson’s hypothesis, which causes the group to question the true motivations behind the bio-dome experiment. As with many other Regular Show episodes, viewers enjoyed the humour and numerous pop culture allusions that were thrown in. Since it seemed to make references to everything from The Simpsons Movie to Rambo, this episode had more than normal.

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The Real Thomas

The next one on the list of best regular show episodes is The Real Thomas. During this episode, Rigby has doubts about Thomas’s identity and starts investigating him. As an intern, Thomas started working at the park for college credit. However, Rigby learns the unexpected truth about Thomas.

Thomas was dispatched to the park to try and steal the location so that Russian parks might be improved. Thomas is actually a Russian spy. But when Thomas finds out that the plan is actually to blow up the park, he decides to save his buddies. The sixth season of the show was shaken up by this episode, which got viewers’ attention right away. One of the most well-liked episodes was the absurd and outlandish true story about park intern Thomas being a Russian spy since it was so surprising and unforgettable.

Skips’ Story

The information on Skips’ past and how he got to be immortal was revealed in “Skips’ Story.” When Mordecai and Rigby tell Skips he thinks it would be nice to be immortal, Skips feels compelled to tell them the truth about how being immortal has changed him over the years. This is where the story begins.

The episode offers viewers insight into one of the endearing series’ primary characters and provides Skips with a tragic yet fascinating history. It’s not surprising that this is one of the most well-liked episodes because the 30-minute special won over viewers with the tragic love tale that sprang out of nowhere and gave the audience’s favorite character more depth.

Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

15 Best Regular Show Episodes According To IMDb

Mordecai and Rigby opened the show by playing with flimsy PlayCo toys and watching an advertisement for the company’s goods. Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of the park staff joined forces with the Baby Ducks to chase away a dinosaur that had attacked Pops and was now running through the park.

The owners of PlayCo arrive at the same moment and try to persuade everyone, particularly the Baby Ducks, Mordecai, and Rigby, to sign a contract so they may produce action figures based on their likenesses. However, they encounter resistance from everyone due to the goods’ subpar quality. A lot of meta-humor regarding large corporations, including the toy manufacturer PlayCo, is present in this highly ridiculous episode, but in a positive manner.

Ice Tape

In the list of best regular show episodes, we see “Ice Tape,” in which Mordecai, Rigby, and the park staff embark on a quest to locate a vintage VCR player in order to play a specific VHS tape that is made of ice.

Another highly regarded episode that explores the past of one of the key characters claims that the ice tape contains the truth about Pops and his upbringing. This episode reveals Pops’ shocking past, including who his real father is and his species. Fans had many doubts about who Pops truly was after Anti-Pops was revealed to be his brother in the eighth and final season. This episode addressed many of those questions, making it a solid favorite among fans.

No Train, No Gain

Regular Show included some incredibly funny parodies of well-known movie clichés, which was one of its best features. Pops is trained by the legendary Earl in the eighth season episode “No Train No Gain,” who is obviously modeled by Pai Mei from the Kill Bill film series.

However, Earl has a highly unique training method that draws on the antiquated “montage” technique. Like most things in the cartoon, things go out of hand pretty soon, and Mordecai and Rigby nearly wreck the park. This episode provided a great break from the severity of the second half of the last season because it was silly and full of references to action movies.

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Kill’ Em  With Kindness

It was revealed in the final season that Pops was the “Chosen One” tasked with battling his evil twin Anti-Pops to save the universe.

Pops continues to struggle in his new role in this high-octane episode and instead makes an effort to get along with Anti-Pops. He was, unfortunately, saved by Skips after being inevitably betrayed by the delightfully terrible villain. It makes it fitting that the epic conclusion between Pops and Anti-Pops would rank among the most popular episodes, as Pops has been preparing for it for a while.

Exit 9B

Mordecai and Rigby might be seen in “Exit 9B” attempting to prevent the park from becoming a highway. The pair spends the whole of the episode reversing everyone’s memories because everyone else was brainwashed, which is unfortunate.

The park staff eventually finds itself engaged in a fierce battle with Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr. and their former adversaries, Summertime Magic and Stag-Man. In the end, Skips gathers the rest of his immortal companions, and they triumph. It is simple to understand why this episode was so popular because there were many references to earlier episodes and a different perspective on the park staff.

Space Escape

The park staff is about to graduate after months of training at the Space Tree Academy. Before that can happen, though, they run into the powerful and enigmatic creature Rigby and Mordecai refer to as Anti-Pops. This new antagonist is cunning and appears to do anything to get to Pops.

There follows an intense struggle in which some of the Space Tree Academy’s crew members give their lives to save Pops. Impressively, the episode struck a much darker note than what viewers were accustomed to, and it was the ideal prelude to the remainder of the season.

Meet The Seer

The crew finds itself on Planet Nielsen, where they visit The Seer. This takes place immediately after “Kill ‘Em With Kindness.” The Seer has been “watching” Pops and the park staff’s lives from the very beginning and is obviously modeled after The Architect from The Matrix. She tells them that Pops and Anti-Pops will fight one last time on Lolliland, their home planet.

This is significant because the episode perfectly breaches the fourth wall by discussing the value of the “program” and its impending end, much like the Format Wars of earlier seasons.

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Cheer Up Pops

The crew is headed to Lolliland for the decisive fight after meeting The Seer. Pops is disappointed and anxious that he won’t be able to preserve them and the Universe, though. So everyone makes an effort to lift pops’ spirits in their own special ways.

They ultimately host a party when Blu-ray appears and offers to capture everyone’s memories on a Blu-ray set so that no matter what transpires, they will always be remembered. As usual, Rigby comes dangerously close to ruining it for everyone, but the set is eventually finished and buried in the park. Once more, the episode does a fantastic job of breaking the fourth wall and conveying the sentiment that even if the “show” is coming to an end, people will always remember it.

Rigby’s Graduation Day Special

15 Best Regular Show Episodes According To IMDb

Due in part to the fact that he had not completed high school, Rigby was frequently regarded as the less intelligent of the two. He ultimately graduates in the season seven finale, and when requested to make a motivational commencement address, as usual, mischief happens.

He concludes by giving a moving statement that demonstrates both Rigby’s development during the season and the virtue of his relationship with Mordecai. It is simple to understand why this episode was a fan favorite because it was funny and endearing while also serving as the prelude to the series of intergalactic adventures.

A Regular Epic Final Battle: Part 2

The universe-ending conflict between Pops and Anti-Pops finally begins in the second of the three-part finale. Despite the fact that the episode begins with only the two of them, it quickly develops into a massive group fight involving the whole park staff as well as their allies, including the Guardians of Eternal Youth, the more senior Formats, and The Baby Ducks.

They are unable to stop Anti-Pops, and the battle rages on. The universe restarts as Rigby and Mordecai break up the battle just before they are about to lock fists.

A Regular Epic Final Battle: The power

The final section of the show begins in a great way, just like the first episode of the Regular Show. But Rigby senses something is odd, and he eventually persuades Mordecai by displaying the Blu-ray disk set that was discovered in the park.

Pops and Anti-Pops resume fighting, and in an upsetting and sinister turn of events, Pops sacrifices himself by hurling both of them into the Sun. Fans can observe how the rest of the park staff continues to live their lives once the universe returns to normal. Finally, the entire series finale was an exciting and emotional farewell to one of Cartoon Network’s best shows.

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A Regular Epic Final Battle: Part 1

The team lands on the planet Lolliland during the initial phase of the conflict. The group is guided through the agent tapestries, which detail the background behind all of Pops and Anti-Pops’ previous conflicts as well as the significance of the other members of the park staff.

Mordecai helps the team put up a number of traps to defeat Anti-Pops, allowing viewers to witness the final instances of the show’s trademark antics and outrageous antics. This episode provided the ideal introduction to the Regular Show finale, despite the fact that they are unable to stop Anti-Pops. In the end, we’d like to invite you read our blog on the 6 most underrated movies of the last decade. You will certainly like it.

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