18 Funniest Phobias And Fears That Really Do Exist

We are all terrified of something. Spiders, the government, clowns, clowns in government, commitment; and while many anxieties are legitimate, a few are just amusing. Though it’s inappropriate to mock someone in the grip of terror unless they’re making a hilarious face, to be able to laugh at a strange fright is beneficial to the healing process because even sufferers admit that these deep-seated anxieties usually come from a place that’s as amusing like funniest phobias. in this article, we will explore 18 funniest phobias and fears that really do exist.

Syngenesophobia – fear of relatives

18 Funniest Phobias And Fears That Really Do Exist

This is something that we may all experience around the holidays. It’s the dread of relatives or those who share our ancestors. It’s frequently triggered by strained family ties, making anybody who shares familial features a terrifying specter.

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Papaphobia – fear of the Pope

This one of the funniest phobias was comprehensible when he was a former Nazi, but there’s no need to be afraid of the Pope now. Unless it’s because of his strange bubble automobile or enormous cap, we all get a bit frightened.

Xanthophobia – fear of yellow

Because yellow was Hal Jordan’s sole weakness, he had a lot of it as the Green Lantern. Fear may be caused by the hue most usually associated with it. Alanis might call that ironic, but it isn’t.

Lipophobia – fear of becoming fat

Not simply the dread of fat of your steak or of being caught on a plane with an overweight person who may feel cannibalism is the way to go after a catastrophe, but the terrifying fear of gaining weight in the long run. Not to be confused with Anorexia Nervosa, an OCD branch.

Linonophobia – fear of string

18 Funniest Phobias And Fears That Really Do Exist

If you’re a linonophobe, forget about being a professional yo-yoer, seamstress, tailor, or master quilter. Despite the moniker, patients have shown no aversion to string theory, suggesting that physics might be a viable alternative career route.

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Zemmiphobia – fear of the great rat

While these individuals are scared of any naked mole rats, the concern is of “The Great” rat, which, as far as current science is aware, does not exist. This is among the weirder one of the funniest phobias.

Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter tticking to the top of one’s mouth

A relatively specific concern, but one that takes on a truly visceral sense, patients report they often feel imprisoned if peanut butter sticks to the roof of their mouth and worry that removing it aggressively may cause lasting damage to their palate.

Xerophobia – fear of dryness

You may have xerophobia if you insist on running duplicate humidifiers in your house and can’t even look at photographs of a desert. This can be accompanied by a dread of dying of thirst as well as a trauma related to being denied water.

Genuphobia – fear of knees and kneeling

Genophobia (most amusing, one of the funniest phobias) people are those who despise seductive Catholic schoolgirl outfits or the sight of knees in general, especially their own. Intense religious practices or a severe knee injury can cause it. The discomfort that might result from an unprotected knee is frequently feared.

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Chaetophobia – fear of hair

18 Funniest Phobias And Fears

Almost every male who has had a shower with a long-haired lady knows this. Fear of hair, specifically, some persons are OK with connected hair but get scared of unbound hair in the outdoors.

Asymmetriphobia – fear of asymmetrical things

Many aspects of Tony Shaloub’s character “Monk” reflected this one of the funniest phobias. What’s amusing about it isn’t the fear itself but how it manifests itself. Mismatched socks, gloves, or earrings usually set these folks off, making baseball unwatchable for them, and not just because it’s interminably dull.

Philophobia – fear of love

Because they are afraid of emotional attachment, these patients are frequently depressed. They prefer to either use others or be used, neither of which is funny.

Globophobia – fear of balloons

This phobia may be applied to anything spherical or globe-shaped, but it primarily pertains to balloons and the bursting sound they create as they explode.

Kinemortophobia – fear of zombies

While most of us avoid The Walking Dead because it is depressing and terrifying, kinemortophobics will not watch it because it has zombies. They’re also terrified of people they know turning into zombies and may be somewhat neurotic about it. Therefore they shouldn’t be on your zombie apocalypse squad and the list of the funniest phobias.

Ereuthophobia – fear of blushing/red

This can be a generic dread of the color red, although it is most typically expressed as a horror when a person blushes. The hilarious suspicion of red cheeks might originate from a dark, Dexter-Esque place since it is generally associated with illnesses or violence. Or, as we call them, the funniest phobias.

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Anatidaephobia – fear of being watched by A duck

Funniest Phobias And Fears That Really Do Exist

We’ve all seen cartoon ducks, but what if Daffy or Donald were keeping an eye on you? This isn’t a concern that appears simply when ducks or geese are around; it seems at all times, leading the individual to continually worry that a duck knows what they’re doing, smiling in that lipless way, and waiting.

Pteridophobia – fear of ferns

These people, who are sometimes mistaken with pteronophobia (fear of feathers), are OK around cacti, flowers, and most vines, but give them a fern, and they’ll cut you.

Geliophobia – fear of laughter

People who are self-conscious about their teeth are often afraid to laugh for fear of exposing their humiliation to the rest of the world. Even hearing other people laugh might cause guilt and anxiety.

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Anxiety disorders include phobias. The sufferer is terrified of a specific thing or scenario, although understanding that the object of dread rarely constitutes a genuine threat or danger. Fear, as author Stephen Richards puts it, “may make a moth appear the size of a bull elephant.”

Phobias are typically the result of traumatic or unpleasant childhood events. When in touch with the item or event that causes fear, they might become so intense that they cause panic episodes. There are people who are afraid of anything and anything. Don’t foreget to read our blog on characteristics of a man with low self-esteem. We hope you find it informative.

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