4 Games Like Death Stranding For Android

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Death Stranding is now popular. People all across the world may now immerse themselves in Hideo Kojima’s new “social strand” system after a divided but favourable sequence of critical assessments last week. Except for those of us on mobile, we’re out—no DEATH STRANDING for Android.

Or do we? For I have compiled a comprehensive list of games that are similar to Death Stranding. In a way. The problem is that I haven’t played Death Stranding. Yes, I know Sony hasn’t contacted me, Dave, the Pocket Gamer man. Offensive. To be fair, Death Stranding isn’t really a portable game, but if Sony wants me to write about it on Vita through remote play… Sony, are you reading this? Keeping in mind that I haven’t played Death Stranding and know very little about it after sitting through a feature-length trailer playlist, I’ve opted to recommend a few games with features of Death Stranding. You’ll get the Death Stranding experience if you try to multitask and play them all at once. Simply swipe through the applications fast.


4 Games Like DEATH STRANDING for Android

You do a lot of wandering in Death Stranding, and I’m not sure where you go. That is exactly what you will feel deep inside while playing Journey for the first time.You’ll be walking across blood-red deserts, admiring magnificent landscapes, and seeing awe-inspiring monuments appear before your eyes. Your aim is a bit of a mystery until you get close to completion, and this is precisely what I think when I see Death Stranding trailers. Even a spoiler-free review that was an hour long didn’t help. However, Journey is most likely comparable.

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1.  Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Normas Reedus, I believe, is a delivery man in Death Stranding, and he carries a lot of trash in his pockets and such. Similar to Animal Crossing. Exactly. Many of your responsibilities in Animal Crossing will be to provide animal residents with the stuff they want in exchange for admiration and presents. It’s not always a bad deal.

However, in the present version of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you may instantly have all those goods brought to you, detracting from the fetch quest experience. Pete the Pelican, who brings your presents, reminds me more of Norman Reedus than your own persona. It’s kind of like DEATH STRANDING for Android.

2.  Call of Duty Mobile

I believe Death Stranding has firearms. I think I saw something behind the scenes when they were holding firearms in mo-cap outfits. I mean, I’m probably correct. There are most likely firearms in it. Guns may be found in Call of Duty Mobile. Not only that, but Call of Duty Mobile has a battle royale mode. Run around by yourself, collecting stuff and slowly making your way through hills and mountains. See? Exactly like Death Stranding! When a swarm of foes appears, imagine those Mules arriving in vehicles to knock you down. Essentially the same thing.

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3.  BTS World

I still have no idea what BTS is. No, I mean, I understand it, they’re a K-pop band of some kind, but I’m not sure what they are. Also, didn’t one of the members of the band, Jungkook or something, get in a car accident and gravely injure someone, and his fans covered it up on social media? That’s not right, dude. In any case, BTS are celebrities. A slew of celebrities appears in Death Stranding. Do you see where this is going? Turn to BTS World whenever you feel the desire to watch conversations and celebrities for thirty minutes.

4.  Telling Lies

Finally, my favourite aspect of any Hideo Kojima game. Scenes that are very cinematic and intriguing and that leave you questioning, “huh? What exactly did that mean? “every 2 minutes. That is the central theme of Telling Lies. Similar to DEATH STRANDING for Android

Telling Lies is the sequel to Her Story. It allows you to solve a major mystery at your own leisure while being expertly guided along a breadcrumb trail of clues you discover while watching a massive collection of material. This provides the mystery and cinematography that this combination of games lacks, which is perfect because both Her Tale and Telling Lies are the type of games where, at the conclusion, you may still be wondering whether you understand the story at all.

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Finding a game like DEATH STRANDING for Android is a tough thing to do. A high-end game like that won’t work on mobile phones. But I did the best I could. I tried to separate every element of the game and find a similar game for that. If you want to play a game like DEATH STRANDING for Android, I suggest playing it on play station. If you liked this article, chances are that you also like our post on best tower defense games for Android. Just have a look and see for yourself.

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