5 Best PS5 Skins You Should Buy to Make Your Console Look Cool

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Since the PS5’s release, a number of unique PS5 skins have been created. Vinyl skin is the most practical and affordable kind of customization among all. Skins offer great protection in addition to giving your console a unique, appealing appearance. Good skin will protect your PS5 over time from scuffs and common wear and tear.

If you now own a PS5 (in black and white) and want to give it a new look, applying skins is the best choice. Here, we’ve put together a list of the top PS5 skins that can both protect and enhance your device.

What is PS5 skin?

5 Best PS5 Skins

A PS5 skin is an extra layer of defense offered by Sony to protect against dust and scratches for the PS5 gaming system. Additionally, it enhances the overall visual appeal of the device. These skins provide personalization possibilities and a variety of designs.

A PS5 skin is now a need for all PS5 owners since they don’t want to risk harming or damaging their consoles. Yeah! the PS5 is, without a doubt, a high-end device. The skin will function as a protective shield cover for your PS5, shielding it from dust, water spills, scratches, and general wear and tear.

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5 top PS5 skins for you.

PS5 skins are the perfect way to improve your console’s aesthetics and visual appeal because they come in a variety of colors and styles. If your PS5 is covered with one of the greatest PS5 skins, every visitor to your home will fall in love with it right away.

1. Design Skinz Raw Wood Planks

Price: $39.95

Best For Aesthetic lovers!


  • Exceptional fit and silky smooth sensation
  • Comprehensive kit
  • Top-quality vinyl decal
  • Air-release adhesive with a patent
  • A transparent layer of lamination

A smooth, soft-touch experience is guaranteed by the exact fit of the Design Skinz Raw Wood Planks. The covering for the complete console comes in sections and has a fantastic matte feel. To keep the system clean, the device comes with a protective skin kit. To provide better defense against fingerprints, scratches, and everyday wear & tear, it is composed of superior vinyl.

To allow full use of all access ports, the skin wrap covers the PS5 cut-outs. Every skin also guarantees premium coverage for improved scratch protection. The best feature is that the skin’s proprietary air-release adhesive backing will prevent air bubbles from forming as you attach it to the PS5. In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the lamination layer is crystal transparent.

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2. Anime Naruto PS5 Skins

Price: $10.99

Best For Naruto Fans!


  • Scratch- and collision-resistant
  • Up to 3H surface hardening
  • Bendable and very thin
  • Dust and water resistant
  • UV-resistant and never fades.

Are you a fan of Naruto like we are? Are Naruto, Sasuke, and Itachi among your all-time favorite characters? If so, now is the perfect moment to decorate your PS5 system with gorgeous Naruto-themed skin to express your love and admiration for this series.

Currently, the incredible Naruto PS5 disk skin is affordable. This PS5 skin is composed of reusable adhesive and environmentally safe PVC material. The product thickness of this skin, which ranges from 0.02-0.03MM, scarcely adds any weight to your console.

3. Custom PS5 Bundle Skin

Price: $44.99 (4 interest-free payments of $11.24 available)

Best For Customization as per your design need


  • Adaptation to your demands for design
  • Add pictures from your collection, Facebook, Instagram, or just put one in.
  • Design the text, stickers, and backgrounds for the controller and panel.
  • With a few clicks, preview your design and save it.
  • Simple payments for the specific purchase

There is no better way to update your PS5 console than by utilizing a personalized PS5 bundle skin. The modern method for improving and customizing your premium console’s appearance is to use custom PS5 skins. If you want to modify the PS5 skin design, a custom PS5 Bundle skin from Skinit is the best option. This custom skin elevates your gaming setup by allowing you to create your own skin.

A decal for the PS5 controller and console is included with the PS5 bundle skins from Skinit. Additionally, it is precisely cut to guarantee that none of its motion sensors or buttons are interfered with. You may upload photographs to the Skinit customizer by copying and pasting an image URL (link), or you can add photos from your Instagram, Facebook, and gallery.

Additionally, you may customize your panel and controller by adding stickers, text, and background effects with the customizer. With only a few clicks, you can quickly preview and save the design.

The only thing left to do would be to place the order, and the greatest part is that if money is an issue for you right now, you can get the personalized bundle PS5 skin in four simple payments. Use Skinit’s customizer to create your own PS5 bundle skin to obtain something original and creative.

4. Shooter Cover- Anime PS5 Skins

Price: $19.99

Best For Super high-resolution graphics


  • Clean, sticky, and simple to remove
  • Simple access to controls, connections, precision cuts, and buttons
  • Scratch- and dust-resistant
  • High-quality, non-slip grip
  • HD graphics with high viscosity

One of the greatest and most popular PS5 skin covers available is the Shooter Cover anime skin. This skin guarantees improved protection for the console in addition to beautifying it and giving it a cutting-edge appearance.

This PS5 skin from the company Okanhyeu scarcely adds any weight to your device and adds a completely new, aesthetically pleasing style that will set your console apart from the competition. Additionally, the brand promises to offer basic scratch-resistant qualities so that your device can always be in top condition. As one of the greatest PS5 skins, it has incredibly durable ultra-high gloss inks and an improved transparent protective layer.

One fantastic feature of this company is the use of a proprietary detachable and repositionable adhesive in the creation of all PS5 skins. This guarantees quick and simple installation and smooth removal. Additionally, this PS5 skin was created with button accessibility in mind. Everything in this skin has been specifically developed to meet the demands, preferences, and design expectations of the user, making the product unique and very pleasant.

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5. Michigan Logo Striped PS5 Bundle Skin

Price: $39.99 (4 interest-free payments of $9.99 available)

Best For: Students, alumni, and aspirants of the University of Michigan


  • Fits the PS5 console and controller (2020 version)
  • Designed using 3M vinyl, the finest available
  • Includes a PS5 console skin and a PS5 controller skin.
  • Incompatibility with the PS5 digital edition
  • Sticker created using innovative 3D printing technology.

Are you a Michigan University student, alumni, or prospective applicant? You’ll undoubtedly adore this Michigan Logo-stripped PS5 bundle skin. Industry-leading 3M vinyl is used in the creation of this excellent bundle skin to provide increased durability and protection.

The skin is precisely carved so that there are no gaps around any motion sensors or buttons. It also includes a decal for your PS5 controller and console. When utilizing the PS5, you may benefit from improved access to buttons and controls.

The best way to show your love, admiration, and similarity to this famous American institution is with a blue backdrop and a yellow “M” logo. You can get this skin if you presently live in the university’s residence hall and have a PS5 so you can wow your roommates. Additionally, if you’re an alumnus and have a strong emotional bond with the university, you’ll like this PS5 skin.


So, if you’re trying to decide which alternative is ideal, it all comes down to your preferences and your financial situation. For example, if you truly want a distinctive appearance, you may choose custom PS5 skins. If you’re more of an anime enthusiast, though, you can choose anime PS5 skins.

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