5 Best Web3 Stocks to Invest in 2024

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Investors, beware. Web3 is making headway into blockchain networks, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. Stocks, and now is the time for you to go on board. We’ve identified high-potential and best Web3 stocks for you to follow, whether you’re searching for short-term trades or long-term investments. Put on your investment glasses, and let’s get started. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have changed how we buy and sell stocks. With Web3, the industry is becoming much more interesting.

What is web3: The third generation of the internet

Web 3.0 is a groundbreaking new internet era that is decentralized, permissionless, and trustless. It provides ownership and decentralization using blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Web3 is read-write-own, which means it returns power to creators and consumers rather than a few centralized entities. Because a middleman does not control Web3 systems, users can own their digital identities when participating in decentralized finance projects. Web3 provides a native payment model that ensures no user is rejected based on their identity or location.

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It also enables owners to be digital asset custodians, completely controlling their content and identity. This blockchain-based web provides an excellent chance for users to participate in a system and take ownership and management of their digital presence. In other words, web3 is an internet on which we can all responsibly “goof off” without any governmental roadblocks. Web3 stocks are shares in companies involved in the Web3 space, such as NVIDIA, Unity Software, and others. Dividends can provide additional returns in addition to stock price appreciation. These stocks can be purchased through an IPO or a stock brokerage.

Best Web3 stocks to invest in

With total venture capital investments of more than $32.4 billion in 2021, Web3 stocks have proven highly successful. Investments topped $18 billion in the first half of 2022 alone. With Web3 now being used in various industries like social media, energy, gaming, art, and real estate, it’s no wonder these stocks have grown in popularity. Thus, if you want to get in on the action and buy the greatest stocks while they are hot, here are 5 of the best Web 3.0 stocks you can buy right now.

1. Coinbase

Ticker: COIN

2022 High: $251

2022 Low: $32


Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN) has had a wild journey since its NASDAQ debut in 2021. After an excellent 2021 with total sales of $7.4 billion, a beginning price of $381, and a price that soared beyond $429, Coinbase has suffered massive losses due to the winter of the crypto market. Its stock price dropped below $40, representing a tremendous end-to-end drop of more than 80%.

While its bread and butter provide cryptocurrency trading services, Coinbase Global has lots to be hopeful about, such as its recently revealed in-house L2 platform called Base. Coinbase is rapidly increasing market share, with a market worth of $12.6 billion, over 108 million verified users, and 8.5 million monthly transacting users. It’s a secure bet as one of the most trustworthy Web 3.0 stocks.

2. Advanced Micro Devices 

Ticker: AMD

2022 High: $151

2022 Low: $54

Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) stock has been on a roller coaster ride for the past year. After reaching a peak of over $151 in 2022, the stock price has fallen slightly over $79 per share. Despite the dip, investors remain optimistic. AMD, founded in 1963 and based in Santa Clara, is a semiconductor industry heavyweight known for its cutting-edge graphics processors, chipsets, and microprocessors. This dynamic company has a market cap of 157.8B, with a $120 billion enterprise value. That’s a lot of money, but the acquisition deals they’ve done make it worthwhile. AMD made news in February 2022 when it announced the $49 billion all-stock purchase of Xilinx, followed by the $1.9 billion purchase of Pensando Systems a few months later. As a result, AMD’s total addressable market reached $300 billion in June 2022, a $221 billion gain since 2020. And its fourth-quarter results impressed shareholders and analysts, with 69 cents in adjusted earnings per share on sales of $5.6 billion, beating the projected 67 cents and $5.51 billion.

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3. Unity Software

Ticker: U

2022 High: $145

2022 Low: $21

Unity Software

Unity Software Inc.’s stock price has risen in recent years, overcoming market instability—and it’s only getting started. With a stock price high of $145 in 2022 and a low of $21, this is a stock that investors will want to get in on. The licensed game engine from Unity provides a host of software solutions and development tools for creating and monetizing interactive, real-time 2D and 3D content on several platforms. Unity’s technology lets any content creator, developer, artist, designer, engineer, or architect create immersive and real-time augmented reality content.


Ticker: NVDA

2022 High: $307

2022 Low: $107


NVIDIA is a chip stock that has had a crazy stock market ride. After plummeting in 2022, NVIDIA stock is now up 60% year to date. Experts are thrilled with its performance, awarding it an IBD Composite Rating of 96, indicating that it beat 96% of all other companies on technical and fundamental indicators. NVIDIA is a semiconductor stock that has had a crazy stock market journey. After plummeting in 2022, NVIDIA stock is now up 60% year to date. Experts are thrilled with its performance, awarding it an IBD Composite Rating of 96, indicating that it beat 96% of all other companies on technical and fundamental indicators. With a market cap of $667.3 billion and an enterprise value of $509 billion, it’s easy to understand why NVIDIA is at the forefront of the most exciting technological advances and popular video games. GeForce GPUs for games and PCs, the GeForce NOW game streaming service and accompanying infrastructure, and solutions for gaming platforms are all helping to push revenue growth.

5. Apple

Ticker: AAPL

2022 High: $182

2022 Low: $124


Apple Inc. (AAPL) is a technology giant that has revolutionized practically everything—mobile phones, music, internet activity, and much more. Apple is one of the largest companies worldwide, with a market cap of $2.5T and an enterprise value of $2.42 trillion. Outside of the iPhone, they’re most renowned for their personal computers, which range from vintage Macintoshes to slick Macbook Pros. In 2022, Apple’s sales were $394 billion, a 7.79% rise over the previous year—now that’s something to cheer about. As if that wasn’t enough, earnings increased by 5.41% yearly to over $100 billion. Given all of Apple’s fantastic products and services, it’s no surprise that they’re transforming into an infrastructure layer for Web3 development rather than just selling computers.

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In conclusion, investing in the best Web3 stocks has become popular for many investors due to their promising potential for growth and innovation. As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continue to expand, companies in the Web3 sector are likely to benefit from increased adoption and integration of these technologies. While there is no sure way to predict the future performance of any stock, identifying top performers in the industry can provide valuable opportunities for long-term investment.

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