5 VPNs For Dark Web Browsing

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Dark web browsing is an enticing but potentially perilous act, and going in without correct protection is not recommendable. A dark web VPN is one of the instruments that you should decide to get before probing into the darkest depths of the internet. The dark web doesn’t have the best status and is commonly related to criminal activities. Without a VPN, your ISP can notice where you’re browsing even if you use the Tor browser. Furthermore, if anything goes wrong, your IP address and real identity could get leaked, which might have some awful consequences.

Why is VPN necessary for dark web browsing?

The dark web can be a hazardous place, and it is recommended to take all possible precautions. VPNs can assist you in many different ways when surfing the dark web which are listed below:

1. Access the Tor browser.

In some countries, browsers employed to gain access to the dark web, including Tor, are blocked. A VPN can help you circumvent these blocks and use the determined browsers for surfing through the darkest corners of the internet.

2. Hide from your ISP.

The dark web is connected with criminal activities more often than not, and some ISPs do not bear their users browsing there. With a VPN, you’ll receive a new IP address, your data will be converted into code, and no ISP will be able to find out what you’re up to.

3. Protect your privacy and anonymity.

Remaining anonymous on the dark web is critical for your safety. Using a VPN with such features as multihop routing and obscured servers will get you an excess layer of privacy and make it roughly impossible to discover your real location and/or identity.

4. Stay secure.

On the dark web, your connection moves through three publicly hosted nodes to assist you to leave no sign, and encrypt your traffic. However, if any of the nodes is endangered – if it has a malicious hacker as a host, for example – your real IP address and traffic data will be noticeable and you’ll get recognized, which is very hazardous. A VPN will give you a different IP address and protect your identity.

The best VPNs for the dark web browsing

Before beginning your dark web adventures, ensure you have all the security tools you need.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for the dark web browsing

NordVPN For Dark Web Browsing

NordVPN is disputatiously considered to be the best VPN for the dark web because of its great safety traits, maximum no-log policy, and wonderful speed. It also provides various locations, is capable of unblocking numerous streaming platforms, and has very affordable pricing options.

NordVPN is also exerting a very tough no-logs policy, which has been independently inspected. It is being further imposed by RAM-only servers in which all data gets eliminated completely with each restart. The VPN provider is also located in Panama, a privacy-friendly location.

2. Surfshark –a VPN for dark web browsing with utmost anonymity

surfshark vpn For Dark Web Browsing

Surfshark is also known as one of the best VPNs for dark web browsing, and not without reason. It has all the security characteristics you need in one place, as well as the traits that you maybe didn’t know you needed. There are also amazing speeds and very affordable prices to look forward to.

Surfshark employs industry-standard AES encryption to protect your data. Along with a kill switch, safe browsing features, and a stealth mode, you can receive Surfshark One bundle which contains an antivirus, Surfshark Alert, and Surfshark Search for further safety.

As for the jurisdiction and tracking policies, Surfshark doesn’t discourage. Despite being located in the Netherlands, which is a 14-eyes country, this VPN provider uses a strict no-logs policy, which has been independently audited many times.

3. IPVanish – obfuscation VPN for the dark web browsing

IPvanish VPN For Dark Web Browsing

Another good choice for safe dark web browsing, IPVanish is a US-based provider that provides excellent speeds, a collection of security features, and a no-logs policy that you can rely on.

The industry-standard AES encryption is how IPVanish ensures that your traffic remains under an invisibility cloak at all times, and in case of emergencies, they provide a kill switch – now also on Mac. Other security attributes include obfuscation by means of the OpenVPN Scrambling patch and DNS leak protection.

4. PrivateVPN – a very safe VPN for dark web browsing

PrivateVPN For Dark Web Browsing

Most well-known for its personalized security and non-standard port-forwarding methods, PrivateVPN is a good option for the dark web. It may not have as many professional security characteristics as some, but its excellent connectivity and zero-logs policy make it a good competitor.

PrivateVPN lets the user select between levels of encryption, the strongest being AES-256. For further security, there is also a kill switch for safe connection loss and stealth mode to stop consistent getting into your private dark web business.

5. PureVPN – always-on-audit no-logs policy

PureVPN For Dark Web Browsing

PureVPN is a good VPN for the dark web with a large number of the most essential security and privacy features. It is also quick, provides trustworthy connectivity, and has a reliable no-logs policy.

This VPN provider employs the industry-standard AES encryption and provides a kill switch in case you lose a secure connection while on the dark web.

Unfortunately, when it comes to other security traits, PureVPN doesn’t have much else to provide. There is a DNS and IPv6 leak protection feature, but no obfuscation or safe surfing tools.

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