6 Tips to Avoid Getting Your Account Suspended On Pinterest

Aug 24, 2022 | 0 comments

Over the years, there have been a large number of bloggers who have been suspended on Pinterest for issues like spam. Although they thought they weren’t being spammy at all.

The fact is Pinterest can block fine accounts inadvertently because the filtering process is conducted by a computer not an actual person.

The good thing is that there are some things you can do to prevent yourself from being blocked as spam on Pinterest.

How much you pin per day

Well, how much you pin per day could have an effect on whether you get suspended on Pinterest for spam. Especially, the latest changes with Pinterest and their insistence on more new content have led to recommendations on how much you should pin per day to decrease the risk of getting blocked.

In fact, if you adopt Tailwind to plan your pins, the present suggested Pinterest best practices are that you should pin 15 – 25 pins per day. As these are the accounts that notice the best results amongst their followers.

So, considering these new changes in mind, if you are pinning a lot more than this, then not only is there a higher risk of Pinterest recognizing your account as spammy but that can also result in getting your account suspended on Pinterest (or even blocked).

How much you pin per session

So, how much you pin per session in connection with how much you pin per day, essentially, is how much you spread out pinning throughout the day. It is an important issue. As an example and if you do all those pins in 10 minutes. Then not only will this seem like spam to other users, but it has a high risk that the Pinterest algorithm suspends your account.

Pinning the same pin again and again

It must be mentioned that just altering the Pinterest description does not make your pins distinctive. The blending of your Pinterest image and blog URL is what does. This means that every new pin image you upload to Pinterest is considered new content.

The safest way to outspread pinning these types of pins is to refrain from pinning the same duplicate pin more than once every 2 days.

Spikes in Pinterest activity & pinning

Another thing that Pinterest really doesn’t seem to like and that can get your account blocked for spam – is enormous spikes and changes to your activity. You need to be especially careful of this when you first begin your Pinterest account.

Because it is super easy for you to set up an account, produce tons of boards and then, pin tons of content to those boards. After all, you are just attempting to get your account setup and boards filled out. Right? As you can imagine, you are doing a lot of things in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, too much activity can appear spammy to Pinterest and result in a quick ban hammer for your account before you’ve even fully set it up.

Pinning stolen pins & images

Unfortunately, stolen pins are an ordinary thing on Pinterest. If you don’t know what a stolen pin is, it is when someone uses a pin image that they did not make themselves and uploads it to Pinterest using their own URL rather than the one from the original pin.

If you repin something that was thieved by someone else, you can get suspended on Pinterest. Because, if the original owner of the pin before it was thieved notices your copy of the stolen pin, they can report it for infringing their copyrights and it’s your account that will get blocked.

Recurring messages on Pinterest

If you’ve ever tried to join a Pinterest group board, you have probably faced board descriptions that ask you to message the owner of the board to join.

Well, if you are searching through lots of group boards and attempt to apply to as many boards as possible in one go, you may have to send lots of messages to Pinterest users in a short amount of time.

If you are sending a lot of messages on the Pinterest platform, particularly if they are very analogous, or include any kind of URL, then Pinterest will possibly block your account for spam even if it is a legit use of Pinterest messages. Because it’s not natural behavior for the average Pinterest user to send out a lot of chat messages at once.

Have these tips in mind if you hope to avoid getting your account suspended on Pinterest.

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