6 Useful Hacks And Tricks To Make Your Small Apartment Look Larger

These days, living in a small apartment makes sense in order to reduce expenses and ultimately reduce the amount of time we waste commuting to work or school. However, one might think that living in a small place is not as comfortable as living in a bigger house. We assure you that it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, even a small room can feel spacious with the right furniture, painting and decoration. It is all about tricking the eyes and making them seem like there’s more space than there actually is. In this article, we have offered you simple tricks and hacks that you can use in your space to make your small apartment look so much bigger.

Make it multi-functional

We all know that properties are getting more and more expensive these days, but multi-functional furniture makes living in such tight quarters bearable for many homeowners. Thanks to modern innovations and multi-purpose furniture, even single-room small apartment owners can multi-task efficiently in a small space. It means that you’ll have fewer furniture pieces in your room, but you’ll be able to do multiple things with them. What you have to do is only look for at least dual-functional furniture when shopping. It can also help you with a minimalist decoration if you’re interested.

When you sit, for instance, you can sit on storage that can keep your stuff. In addition, you should opt for furniture that can transfer or move to make them disappear or increase their functionality. To exemplify, tables and beds that fold into walls are perfect choices for a small house. You should use every space that you can think of.

Apart from furniture, you can create an open-plan home to incorporate more multi-functional rooms into your small floor plans. An easy way to do so is to combine the kitchen with the dining room. It would not only make the area look larger but also cuts out the need for another wall. People, therefore, will be able to cook and socialize in the same place without anyone being separated from the others.

Organize your storage

Not having enough space is normal while living in a small apartment. Lack of space, sometimes, leads to clutter and a pile of stuff here and there. There are solutions to this problem, though. If you have a self-made system in your place where everything you own has a home, the problem of the mountain of junk everywhere tends to be solved by itself. It implies that you have to be intentional about what you own and where they go. For example, stationery and office supplies go on one shelf, and lead tools go under the sofa. That makes things in a house pleasant to look at and easy to access.

On the other hand, you have to turn anything into storage. You can use beds with storage, ottomans instead of coffee tables or seats, and put shelves on the walls. In that case, everything will look neat and organized in your small apartment. You can also try to use décor that acts as storage and hides clutter so that there’s less around. Cute baskets or trays, for instance, are great options to keep things out and accessible while hiding them and avoiding clutter. 

How to paint a small apartment

When you’re in a small space, you don’t have the luxury of doing a coloured wall and white trim as it breaks the space and the surface up too much. Paint the walls, the doors, ceilings and the trims all to be the same. Since you do the trims and all the doors the same, there are no lines to break anything up, and it will really accentuate the height of your ceiling. Also, make sure to consider a monochromatic scheme that totally makes the room larger than it is. In that case, you’d have an extremely seamless-looking space which is a very stunning high-end thing to do.

You can use any colour for your small apartment as long as you follow the monochromatic rule. If you want to opt for light colours, go for a warm white like Benjamin Moore’s Swiss coffee or something around those ranges. However, if you want to colour everything dark, all black is not a good option for home. Instead, a kind of grey charcoal or a super tonal teal can make your home look rich and sensuous. To add light to this dark space, you can use light fixtures or a piece of art that is really light or a mirror.

To keep it from feeling boring, make sure to mix up your textures, sheens, shapes and medals. Those can all go into a kind of textural story to make it a bit different.


Your floor in the main areas of your house should be all visually the same. It’s better not to use rugs or carpets as they break the floor into sections, making it look smaller. However, if you want to have an area rug, make sure that the rug is tonally the same as the floor. So, it doesn’t create a strong visual break on the floor level. All you need to keep in mind is that your eyes need to travel along uninterrupted, and the more it does, the larger the space will feel. That is because you move people’s eyes up to the space and take their attention away from the small-scale floor.


Furniture scale

When opting for your furniture, you need to consider the size of your place and the scales of the furniture you want since they need to go hand in hand together. You have to use small and light furniture that doesn’t take up much room and fits in your small area. Big, clunky furniture will only weigh down your space.

For example, if you want to use a dining table, a small round one is a great option. You can also opt for bistro tables or the iconic tulip table, as they are small and can give you a multi-purpose surface. When it comes to seating, go for chairs with lightweight legs that are a little above the surface to give a little space underneath. As for the sofa, opt for a love seat instead of a full-scale one. There are many chic and modern options that you can cozy up in. You can also use the hanging chairs that don’t even have a base and are suspended in the air.

Sometimes small spaces have sloping edges to ceilings. At this point, you need to remember to keep your furniture low. That way, you can tuck some seating pieces back into that area, which gives you full use of the space. Also, remember to get the seating into a corner to save space. You can also ditch traditional furniture that everyone has in their house. Namely, if you live in a studio or small apartment, a spacious coffee table is not a good option for you. Instead, think about a kind of clustered smaller table that can be moved around. You can even use stools as the coffee table or some all-glass small tables that are invisible and don’t take up much space.

Furniture placement

When you are placing furniture in your space, try to keep it off the walls. Many people like to press their furniture up against the walls and allow more space in the middle. But it tricks your eyes into thinking that the room is too small for all this furniture. If you bring the furniture off the walls and place it in the middle of the room and style it nicely, your room will look much larger. When things are against the wall, it’s hard to make them look nice. In fact, when you bring them off the wall, it feels like everything’s working, and you can tie little pieces together.

In case you don’t really have enough space to bring your furniture off the walls, you can start by angling some of your furniture pieces. That works well with side chairs and little reading nooks.

Bedroom furniture

Along with tiny spaces, always come tiny bedrooms. Therefore, you have to watch for the bedroom furniture as well. The best option for beds is platform beds. Since they are traditionally rather low, they create a volume space above the bed and thus, they make the room feel more generous in size. As for the living room upholstery, go for lightweight and light-scale beds since there is no space to put heavy nightstands or lamps. Instead, you can choose some minimal shelves that can be attached to the wall.



Rugs should be big and anchor your space. When you get a rug that’s too small for your room, it makes the whole room feel that much smaller. If you get a larger rug, it takes up a lot of your space and you anchor all of your furniture on it, and you’ll end up with a larger look. That will spread the pattern across the floor, brighten up the floor, and make your room feel bigger.

Use of mirror

If you have a tiny little entryway, a mirror will drastically change the look of that space, making it look so much larger. The same thing goes for expanding any kind of living space. If you have a room that has windows on one side, mirrors on the other side will help the light bounce around, making the space a little bit more balanced. The great thing about a large mirror is that it reflects both the light and the space that’s in front of it. It also gives a really expensive sensation to your home. Large standing mirrors that are from floor to ceiling are good options to make your small apartment look larger than it actually is.


When it comes to hanging curtains, you should hang the rod as close as it is possible to the ceiling. That will draw your eyes up and make it appear that the walls are taller than they really are. It will also expand the look of your window which makes your room feel larger. Hanging the rod at the same height as the window compresses everything and makes everything look small and miniature.

TV placement

Another simple trick to make your small apartment look much bigger is to mount your TV. It really clears up the amount of space in your room and draws your eyes up towards the TV and allows more space underneath that. Instead of having a large TV console, you can use shelves and clear up so much space.

Use room dividers

If you live in a studio, you can consider the option of having a divider at some point. There are a number of different options for dividers. Glass grids and pierced hang-in grids are great choices to give you a sense of privacy that divides the bed area from the living space. Moreover, ripple fold drapers suspended from the ceiling especially when they are semitransparent are perfect options. You can also use storage as a room divider like a library or any other kind. Any kind of divider would be perfect for the studios where after opening the door you just fall into the entire space.


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