6 Ways To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

Affiliate marketing is usually regarded as the best way to make money on Pinterest without having a blog. In short, affiliate marketing is defined as the commission you receive for suggesting other people’s products and services.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is usually regarded as the best way to make money on Pinterest without having a blog. In short, affiliate marketing is defined as the commission you receive for suggesting other people’s products and services.

Another amazing reason to make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing without a blog is that there is no need to spend time producing products or services.

How to make money through Pinterest with affiliate marketing?

If you want to use affiliate marketing to make money on Pinterest without a blog, these steps should be followed:

  1. Select a niche
  2. Find affiliate programs in your niche
  3. Make your profile SEO-friendly
  4. Make your pins
  5. Create SEO-friendly pin descriptions
  6. Add affiliate link to your pins
  7. Join group boards
  8. Create boards connected to your niche
  9. Upgrade your pins

Consider any courses or products you have purchased and find out if they have an affiliate program because then you can share real results! For example, this was done for a freelance writing course and woke up to $1,000 in sales once a pin became widely shared overnight. Try it, you have nothing to lose!

Pinterest Creator Program

You cannot make money on Pinterest directly through its Creator Program! 

It is announced that the size of the Pinterest creator fund is up $20 million! 

So how do you become a paid Pinterest creator? 

  1. Apply for Creator Rewards through the Pinterest app
  2. Use the last version of the Pinterest app in order to utilize Creator Rewards
  3. Sign up for the Creator Rewards Program
  4. Ensure your content fulfils the eligibility criteria and target requirements
  5. Run the app on your mobile
  6. Be over 18
  7. Have over 1,000 followers
  8. Create content that’s original
  9. Have over three pin ideas
  10. Be based in the US (but it will go universal)
  11. That’s it!

Sell digital products

Do you write eBooks, make online courses, digital art, budget trackers, digital planners, sewing or knitting patterns or other digital products? Then, you’re lucky! Pinterest is the best place to advertise them. Just like you would with physical products, you connect to wherever you keep your digital products. 

There are so many advantages to making digital products…Great money can be made from other fields (exhibit advertising on blogs, affiliate marketing, coaching, etc.)

But selling digital products provides you with another method to make passive money (once the product is made of course!).

It’s also something no one can ever deprive me of! These products have come from extremely hard work and I can sell them and make money on Pinterest no matter what happens.

A few other advantages of creating digital courses include:

No physical products occupying space in your home or imposing you any cost sitting in a storage unit. No need to be worried about charging people for shipping. You can even earn money when you are asleep!

Sell physical products

Do you produce and sell your own products? Can you deal with technology? Well, help is here! You can advertise your products to a vast Pinterest audience prepared to purchase your gorgeous wears, without ever having to wonder what HTML or WordPress mean!

As long as you can upload your products to a platform like Etsy or Amazon or post them on Insta, then you can share them to a vast audience on Pinterest!

How do you do this? Easy. Use the product photos you possibly already have to create pins. Then link to the product listing and voila!

Create your own Pinterest course or eBook

Have you already had accomplishments with Pinterest? For example, are you a great Pinterest VA or Manager? Have you obtained a large following on Pinterest? Or are you part of the Pinterest Creator Program or have brand partnerships and are earning money from your work on the platform?

Then congratulations! People will pay you to learn how to make money on Pinterest (even without a blog).

Create and sell Pinterest template pins

You may be asking yourself who would want to purchase Pinterest Template pins and why? Well, there are many reasons why someone would buy these templates… Maybe it’s because they’re time-saving, making life simpler for those who don’t have the skills to create gorgeous pins

Even if you’re not a designer, keep reading to understand how simple it is to create and sell Pinterest template pins! 

In short, you can use Canvas’ premade templates and add your own personal changes – a colour change here, a font change there, maybe exchange one image for another, and suddenly as if by magic, you have a special design of your own!

You also have other choices besides Canvas. For instance, PLR templates and innovative market commercial templates. Creative Market lets you sell up to 5000 final products. If your sales go beyond that you can buy the extended commercial version to sell up to a whopping 250,000! 

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