7 Best Gaming Tools For PC

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The first thing you should do if you have purchased a high-end gaming Computer is to equip it with all the gaming tools for PC to improve your gaming experience. Of course, it comes after you’ve set up some reliable antivirus software.

What do you need after your PC is secured and it’s time to start installing tools? We believe that less is more. Therefore we’ve put together a list of seven free gaming tools for PC that cover the most, if not all, of the bases.

Game Booster by Razer Cortex

7 Best Gaming Tools For PC

Making your gaming experience better regardless of the platform you’re using is the simple yet effective premise of Razer Cortex. And from what we can tell, it accomplishes that goal. Well, if you’ve played any video games, you’ve utilized any Razer accessories. Given that they are known for gaming, it seems reasonable that they have expanded into the software sector of the industry.

Any Computer that runs any gaming platform will run Game Booster. It is amazing in and of itself because tools sometimes require certain software or operating systems on your PC. The software examines your PC’s settings and tries to tailor them to the platform and game you are presently playing. Gaming tools for PC are needed if you want to improve your game experience.

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Gaming Tools For PC

You’ve likely heard of Steam, even if you’re new to gaming. No self-respecting gamer will have a Computer without Steam installed since it is the king of all online gaming platforms.

You may play free-to-play games on Steam and purchase both affordable and pricey video games. The biggest feature of this application is that it allows you to play on a secure platform, which is always a plus. Although you will download games on your hard drive, having them all on one platform simplifies navigation.


free gaming program

Do you realize how unhealthy blue light is for you? But does it stop you from gaming? This is when f.lux is useful. Depending on the time of day, this free program will update your screen settings in the background. Just put it up and let it operate on its ow.

Gaming tools for PC are especially helpful for online casino games that feature a single screen and repeated gestures. For those of us who enjoy playing late into the night, f.lux’s ability to soften the light helps you to play games for longer.

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Hamachi LogMeIn

Hamachi LogMeIn VPN for gaming

Over a safe virtual network, you may play multiplayer games with the aptly titled LogMeIn Hamachi. The greatest part is that it is free, much like the other gaming tools for PC on this list. This is the one tool you need to use to connect many computers together, which you will do.

Using a secure P2P protocol, you may transfer files across the VPN, play exclusive games with your friends, and access servers. It’s everything you require to set up a private gaming network.


TeamSpeak for gammers

Our next tool is another need for those gaming get-togethers with buddies. TeamSpeak is a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) program that enables you to safely speak with your buddies, as you can probably assume.

Although there are many VoIP software alternatives available, TeamSpeak is one of the preferred gaming tools for PC because of its vast selection of features and settings. You may exchange files, edit audio, encrypt your discussions, and even run your own private server. It functions well on any Computer configuration, and connecting to your buddies is easy.

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio gaming tool

This may not be a necessary tool for those who are just beginning into gaming, but if you get into it, you’ll want to start broadcasting your gameplay live to Twitch or YouTube. Again, several solutions are available, but OBS Studio is unquestionably the most well-liked—and for good reason.

The best feature of OBS is that it doesn’t impose the same streaming limitations as other programs. You can stream to your own server or use other websites like Twitch. It’s quite simple to set up, and you can utilize the studio to add visuals to your broadcasts if you’re feeling more daring. Free streaming from uber-pros? You must download this app immediately.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner for gaming

Your GPU overclocking process has never been simpler. While it seems really complicated, which it is, overclocking is easy using MSI Afterburner. Although MSI initially released this tool for their own line of graphics cards, due to its overwhelming popularity, they decided to make it available to players with both Nvidia and AMD cards.

Throughout your gaming sessions, Afterburner enables your GPU to function at the pinnacle of its capabilities. However, keep in mind that overclocking might result in certain heat problems. Please check that your cooling system is functioning properly before tinkering with its settings.

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Honorable Mention

Honorable mention goes to lolo System Mechanic, which aids in locating adjustments that might improve the performance of your System. We must also advise Piriform CCleaner for those who regularly prefer to remove unnecessary files. Gaming tools for PC make clearing up any temporary files simple, and if you need to remember us, you can even schedule routine cleanups.


That’s all, then. Your gaming Computer cannot function without these programs and equipment. Get started downloading them right away, then let us know how much they improved your gaming experience.

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