7 Crucial Sump Pump Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

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Millions of households endure the destruction of a flooded basement each year. Many times, a sump pump is the only thing that keeps your house from being destroyed, yet many people are unaware of how to maintain a sump pump properly. Maintaining a sump pump in excellent operating order is critical since it’s an integral component of your home’s drainage system. You can guarantee that your sump pump will continue to function correctly and shield your house from water damage by following this straightforward checklist for sump pump maintenance.

Know how your sump pump functions

7 Crucial Sump Pump Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

It’s a good idea to become familiar with the features of your specific sump pump model before you start sump pump maintenance and repair.

As an illustration, some pumps incorporate float switches that turn off the sump pump when the water level reaches a specific group. Some versions have an anti-cycling mechanism that disables the pump after a predetermined number of seconds of continuous operation.

  • Here is some critical information to start with:
  • What’s the age of your sump pump?
  • How is your sump pump configured?
  • Where can I buy the parts for the sump pump?
  • The trouble with your sump pump system in the past?

Knowing the answers to these questions is crucial because they will dictate the steps you take to maintain your sump pump.

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Check your pump for clogs and damage

Check your sump pump frequently for obstructions or symptoms of deterioration. Sump pumps that remove water from the washer or dishwasher are more susceptible to clogging with soapy residue, hair, and other debris that might jam the propellers, so you should inspect them once a month. Make an appointment with a sump pump maintenance expert to evaluate the remainder of your system and determine whether additional repairs are required if you find any issues.

Check the gaskets on your sump pump.

Checking the gaskets is very crucial when evaluating your sump pump. Gaskets stop water from entering the sump pump and motor by serving as barriers. Your sump pump system may eventually sustain significant damage as a consequence of the degradation, cracking, or hardening of gasket material over time. Sump pump gasket replacement parts are often available at any hardware shop. Rubber, foam, and felt are some of the most frequently used materials.

Drain the sump pump basin on a regular basis.

It’s crucial to drain the water from a sump pump with an attached basin once every two to three months. You may use this technique to check the functionality of the integrated float switch in your sump pump.

If your sump pump is battery-operated, make sure to periodically remove the battery and let it fully dry before replacing it. Your sump pump system will be harmed by the rapid corrosion caused by wet batteries. Additionally, if you have a backup sump pump system, be sure to check it once or twice a year. In this manner, your backup pump will be prepared in the event that your primary pump malfunctions, preventing further harm to your basement.

Regularly clean the sump pump basin.

It is crucial to remove dirt buildup, oil, debris, or any weeds growing in your sump pump basin since they can impair the efficiency and clog/damage your pump, depending on whether it is a sewage or storm sump pump.

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Regularly swap out the pump’s filter.

7 Crucial Sump Pump Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

In addition to the pump gasket, a built-in filter may be present in sump pumps. This filter may accumulate debris over time, lowering the sump pump system’s performance. It may be necessary to change the filter if you observe your pump operating for an abnormally long time or if it is unable to drain water from your basin as usual. You might need to seek extra assistance from a qualified plumber if you have tested the gaskets but are still unable to pinpoint the issue.

When not in use, the sump pump basin should be covered.

If your sump pump has an uncovered basin, make sure to cover it whenever you aren’t utilizing the water or if it will be subjected to inclement weather for an extended length of time. This will assist in keeping debris out and stop dust from amassing within the appliance. It is crucial to hire a qualified plumber to evaluate and perform sump pump maintenance service for you if you find that your sump pump system is not operating to its full capacity and you are unsure of why.

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Your sump pump system inspection can be a simple undertaking. You should be able to decide whether or not it requires repair with a little bit of information and planning. Your short time and effort will guarantee that the damage is limited if it needs repair.

Contact us for additional details if you reside in the Lower Mainland of Canada and want sump pump maintenance. Your Guy Plumbing’s skilled staff can perform it for you and make sure that your basement is protected from any water damage. After reading this blog, you may also like to read our blog on carpet cleaning techniques. Don’t forget to share your comments with us.

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