7 Types of Carpet Cleaning Techniques You Must Try

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Carpet cleaning techniques cannot be summarized in just a few different types. To clean a carpet, it is necessary to assess the carpet itself and recognize the construction, color, age, traffic patterns, and soiling conditions of the carpet. Then, you can choose the most proper cleaning method that includes various facets such as chemistry, temperature, pre-conditioning, water flow, speed of instrument movements, and so forth. These cleaning techniques have their own specific usages, and everyone can use each one in different situations and based on the characteristics and features of the carpets, such as design, texture, durability, and other distinctive traits. Let’s have a look at seven types of carpet cleaning techniques you must try.  

Dry vacuuming

7 Types of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Dry vacuuming is the process of employing a vacuum cleaner to pull out the dust on the carpet. It is one of the most common types of carpet cleaning methods, which some people also know as dry soil removal. While some people consider it as a prerequisite that they should carry out before wet cleaning, sometimes it is a necessary step to follow after wet cleaning or shampooing.

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Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is the process of cleaning the soils entangled deep within the carpet by inserting a solution of detergent into the carpet pile. You can extract the soil and solution by the extractor or vacuum slot. Many cleaning professionals consider hot water extraction the best cleaning technique. When selecting this technique, you should be careful about a few things, including sustaining a uniform angle between the wand and the floor. If not, it will result in uneven patterns. Also, it is important not to apply any unnecessary pressure on the solution pressure tubing since it could cause a leak at the end, particularly if the tubing is linked via a pinched cylinder clip.

Absorbent powder cleaning

Absorbent powder cleaning or dry cleaning refers to the process of sprinkling absorbent powder over the carpet and into the pile. This absorbent powder collects and absorbs soil and other dirt particles on the carpet. You can complete his kind of carpet cleaning technique by either a total vacuum or mechanical agitation using a brush. Use this type of carpet cleaning technique to clean light and mild soiling conditions. Since it does not need any water, it does not involve any drying time. It is necessary to conduct complete vacuuming or suction since any inert components that stay in a pile may bring about airborne dust.  


Encapsulation is a low-humidity cleaning technique that dries fast. It is the process of making use of crystalline polymers to get rid of soils and dirt while removing the chance of sticky residues. When you release it across the carpet, the polymers encircle soils, dirt, and loose detergents on the carpet like a capsule. Within a short period of time, those encapsulated particles become fragile, making it possible it to get rid of them with normal vacuuming. Since it is possible to remove the detergent completely with a simple vacuuming session, fast recoiling is almost impossible.

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Agitation is the process of making use of a mechanical brush to physically clean dirt and soil out of the carpet. This technique can complete other types of carpet cleaning techniques, such as absorbent powder cleaning and encapsulation. You can use this technique to accomplish uniform spraying and dissemination of cleaning chemicals and crystalline polymers. Sometimes it is possible to break down a stain easily with just a little amount of agitation. However, regardless of the fact why you choose this technique, it is better to use it carefully and avoid excessive brushing. The agitation technique is not appropriate and recommendable for wool carpets.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning or bonnet buffing is one of the best types of carpet cleaning techniques which has been common since the early eighties. It took its name from the use of bonnets of pads to gather the dust from the carpet. These bonnet cleaning machines are in charge of transmitting surface oil from the carpet to the bonnet by functioning together with a rotary mechanical operating unit. It is a great choice for situations where a low-humidity yet fast-drying carpet cleaning technique is preferable.


7 Types of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

It does not matter how many different types of carpet cleaning techniques come into play; shampooing will always be the best option when the carpet is visually dirty. Only sufficient shampooing can restore an ample amount of shine to a heavily dirty carpet. There are two leading types of shampooing, and they differ in their use of chemicals. Dry foam shampooing is the process of employing chemicals to create voluminous dry foam to clean a carpet. The other technique, wet shampooing, makes use of various sets of chemical mixtures to generate a considerably less, yet more effective, amount of foam to clean the carpet.  



It is not possible to get rid of all stains and dirt particles just by using one carpet cleaning technique. There are several different types of carpet cleaning techniques to use to get the carpet cleaned. Using different carpet cleaning techniques is not suggested for all carpets, but sometimes it is necessary to use two or more types of techniques for the same carpet to clean it properly.  

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