9 Ways To Maintain Youthful, Glowing Skin

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With all the external aggressions such as pollution and the sun or simply stress and anxiety, our skin is not always as beautiful and smooth as we would like. The application of a simple day cream cannot guarantee glowing skin texture. So how do you find a flawless complexion? Here are nine tips and tricks to have an extraordinary shine.

Choose a suitable routine

To fight against imperfections, it is important to adapt your beauty routine to your skin type and the  problems you have with it. The first thing to determine is whether you have oily or dry skin. We then focus on the details that we want to correct: wrinkles, acne pimples, and sun spots… We then choose our cleansing product, serum, and cream accordingly.

Our advice: Get a free skin diagnosis that will simplify your search for products.

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Perform facial massage

Keeping an epidermis healthy means giving it more tone. An effective technique for relaxing features, preventing wrinkles, and illuminating the complexion is facial massage. When applying cream each morning, use your thumbs to make gentle skin movements from the inside to the outside of your cheekbones. On the forehead and cheeks, light pressure is exerted like small pinches to stimulate micro-circulation.

Our advice: Treat yourself to a moment of well-being around an ultra-effective facial massage technique.

Have a healthy diet

The impact of food on the skin is evident. The first piece of advice to follow is simple: Just remember to drink lots of water (and cut down on your alcohol consumption as much as possible). Consume raw vegetables without as much as you can because they contain the essential combination of vitamins and fibers.

Our advice: In summer, we can boost our consumption of foods that are highly rich in beta carotenes, such as apricots, melon, or red peppers. They will help keep our skin radiant and even enhance our tan.

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Use natural remedies

Hazelnut oil, olive oil, and pear seeds would act as masks. Another exceptional ingredient: is aloe vera. As a juice cure or pure gel, it moisturizes, softens, and even plumps up!

Our advice: Take a moment to meet epidemiologists for a consultation. They will find the right natural methods to enhance your glowing skin.

Think about exfoliation

To have glowing skin, exfoliation is essential. It eliminates dead cells and allows the dermis to regenerate beautifully. This “beautiful skin” gesture to be adopted at least twice a week must be adapted to your skin type and its problems. However, like its version for the body, it is recommended for everyone!

Our advice: treat yourself to a facial peeling in a salon or with an aesthetic doctor. The process is similar to that of a deeper exfoliation allowing the skin to literally regain a second youth. If you don’t have any problems with acne or scars, prefer a gentle intensity that is more suited to your needs.

Apply night cream

At night, the skin recovers and repairs itself! Studies show that the multiplication of cells in the epidermis is optimal at 1 a.m. It is highly recommended to apply night cream just before going to bed.

Our advice: Cleanse your skin before applying your favorite night product.

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Protect your skin from the sun

In summer, the sun seems to us like obvious aggression for the skin. But it’s not just this season that you have to be wary of it. All year round, the face must be protected with products containing an effective SPF. UV rays are indeed extremely dangerous for the dermis and accelerate its aging. Inevitably, we adapt the protection according to the exposure, but we keep in mind that it is indeed essential.

Our advice: When you are enjoying your holidays and having your lunch in the sun on the terrace, use make-up that contains light sun protection so as not to overload your skin with sun filters.

Don’t touch or pop your pimples

It’s a very bad habit. When pimples appear on your face and you start to pop them, you only risk bringing additional bacteria to it. An infection can then start, and the imperfection will take twice as long to disappear. Is this really what we want?

Our advice: Is your skin particularly prone to repeated imperfections at the moment? Go to a clinic that offers you a more effective facial purifier than all the products you can test at home.

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Never miss make-up removal

Make-up removal is a step you should never skip in your beauty routine! It allows the skin to breathe better without being burdened with the impurities accumulated during the day. For an effective ritual, it is advisable to start with the eyes and mouth with a specific product (for these more sensitive areas) and finish with the complexion. A spray of thermal water at the end of make-up removal is also recommended. In terms of texture, find the one that suits your skin: gel or mousse for oily skin, oil or milk for others.

Our advice: Forget about micellar water.

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