About Her Hands, Kendall Jenner Responds to “Photoshop Fail” Allegations

It all began when the model posted a slideshow of pictures from the weekend on Instagram, showing Kendall Jenner relaxing at the beach and donning a bikini. While the majority of the photographs seemed typical, one, in particular, had followers in a complete spin.

Kendall Jenner in bikini

The picture shows Jenner, 27, sitting and using her toes and fingertips to maintain balance while wearing a string bikini. Her right hand is the source of the “photoshop fail” that admirers are pointing out since, according to commentators, it appears far too “long” to be real.

“One user asked, “What’s up with that hand, though,” while another responded, “Why? Why are your fingers acting strangely?”

Why the lengthy hand? A third user asked.

One commenter on Reddit suggested that a misapplied filter and unsuccessful photoshopping were the cause of the argument.

“It is easy to tell what was changed in almost everything. It looks like the filter was removed from the image after editing, and they forgot to restore it back before putting “the user suggested.

Hailey Bieber, a friend and fellow model, shared a video of Jenner’s hand on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, demonstrating that not only is it long, but it is also as “bizarre” as the internet portrays it to be. Jenner responded to the criticism in the video.

Jenner's hand on her Instagram Stories

When Jenner waves her hand for the camera, Bieber remarks, “While you’re sitting here studying, look how odd her hand looks naturally.” “This is happening right now. actual video of the hand.”

Although Bieber shows off her hand for his 50 million fans, Jenner appears to be handling the criticism of her appendage with humor.

Jenner may be heard laughing and stating, “It’s ridiculous.”

Bieber captioned the video, adding a few alien emojis, “Been got long a** hands x fingers.” Jenner has dealt with accusations of photoshop before. She had received criticism from some people who thought she had altered the appearance of her waist in various social media images.


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