What is Read ‘Em All?

Read ‘Em All is the ultimate platform for posting blogs and articles. We pride ourselves on creating engaging and informative content for all kinds of people. The main categories we cover are Business, Technology, Lifestyle, Insurance, and Cryptocurrency. But obviously, it doesn’t end there (otherwise we wouldn’t call ourselves Read ‘Em All). Each one of these categories has numerous subcategories where an even wider variety of topics is covered. You could say that Read ‘Em All has a little something for everyone.

What Is The Purpose of Read ’em All?

Other than the self-explanatory nature of its name, there are quite a few other reasons we started Read ‘Em All. First off, we believe that you can’t have enough platforms where people get to read about anything they want. So we decided to create a hub for all those who seek knowledge. That is one reason for starting Read ‘Em All. Building a legitimate platform for all readers and their diverse tastes.
But it’s not enough to cover a wide variety of subjects. You have to actually create genuinely engaging content, right?
Our mission is to breathe new life into blogging and our goal is to create the most writer and reader-friendly platform on the internet. To accomplish that, we need your creativity!
Not only is Read ‘Em All a platform for all kinds of interests and content, but it’s also great for those with a talent for writing to express themselves. If you want to learn more about that, why don’t you take a look at our Contribution Guidelines?

What Can You Expect to Read at Read’emAll?

To put it simply, you can divide our blogs into four separate parts (excluding the main categories):


This part is dedicated to those who want to learn about all manners of subjects.


This part is for those looking to boost their spirit. What’s life without a dash of inspiration and hope? 


Have you ever wanted to unleash your creativity as a painter does on a canvass?


We all deserve that well-earned time off to blow some steam and read about the things we love.

Who Runs Read’emAll?

Hello! My name is Jacob and I am a writer, but you probably know me as the admin of reademall.com. I’m also the one responsible for rejecting or editing your guest posts, refusing to post your inappropriate ads, and deleting your rude and spammy comments. There. Now you have a name to direct your insults at.
I have been blogging about the things that interest me for 5 years now. I started writing more about small businesses, marketing and SEO tactics but as time went on, I finally got the courage to write about gaming, movies, mythology, music, books and all sorts of geeky stuff. Basically, things that I actually love.