Amity Blight: A Closer Look at The Owl House’s Supporting Character and Her Journey

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Amity Blight has a significant supporting role in The Owl House. She studies at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics and is a gifted young witch. While she is first portrayed as a villain, Amity improves after spending time with Luz. She can now confront her parents, make up with Willow, and make excellent friends with Luz, who becomes her girlfriend.


A Closer Look at The Owl House's Supporting Character and Her Journey

Amity has a pointed head of hair, a pale complexion, beautiful golden eyes, and a slim build. Her hair is chin length, pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and has a reasonably hidden undercut at the temples. Amity Blight has two-toned hair colored in various hues of aquamarine, with her original hair color, brown, evident at the roots.

Amity dresses in a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, a cowl, and boots for class. She wears magenta leggings and sleeves that match the Abomination track. She also has black nail varnish on her nails and triangle-shaped black earrings. She used to wear a star pin, signifying her status as the top student, on her cowl. She is dressed in a light grey shirt and high dark grey boots.

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Amity Blight is said to be intelligent

Amity Blight is said to be intelligent and competitive. She is a student at magic school on the Abomination track, along with Willow, Gus, and (later) Luz. Amity, the “Top Student” at Hexside, is incredibly proud of her accomplishments and even uses her title as a source of personal bragging rights. As shown in her behavior of Willow in “I Was a Teenage Abomination,” she belittles and taunts other pupils who are not as accomplished as she is. Although Principal Bump thinks highly of her, she is somewhat of the teacher’s pet and does not like others who try to steal her thunder.

However, she has a soft spot when her reputation is harmed. She is the way she is because she aspires to one day join the Emperor’s Coven, which only accepts the finest of the best. In “The First Day” and “Understanding Willow,” Amity also demonstrates that she is kinder than she lets on by accepting Luz’s admission to Hexside and showing that she still values her friendship with Willow despite having to break it off in the past to keep the latter’s future as a student of Hexside from her parents. These actions further prove that Amity Blight is more compassionate than she lets on.

In the second episode, she demonstrated not just how unselfish she was but also her wish to apologize to her former best friend and her disagreement with her parents’ contempt for the weak. She keeps this gentler side hidden so as not to appear weak.

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Alador and Odalia Blight welcomed their third child, Amity, into the world. Her parents had great hopes for her because she was a member of the illustrious Blight family, and Odalia wanted her to join the Emperor’s Coven after she finished high school. Due to her father’s carelessness, her mother’s strict parenting, and the antics of her older brothers, her family life was far from perfect. As kids, Amity Blight and Willow Park were extremely close friends and spent a lot of time together, which upset her parents since they thought Willow was of a lesser social status than the family. Amity’s parents blew up when she asked Willow to her birthday party and threatened to prevent Willow from ever being able to attend Hexside if she didn’t stop hanging out with them. Amity was forced to break up their friendship for Willow’s sake and move her parents to “befriend” Boscha and Skara.

Amity Blight chose to attend Hexside’s Abomination class as a teenager because it offered her much hope for the future. Since then, she has emerged as one of the school’s most well-liked and brightest pupils. She once served as the Banshees’ captain, but she ceased participating in the squad after causing an accident that left her comrades hurt. Even though everything she achieved success in was the product of her commitment and hard work, she developed a fierce sense of competition and started acting more bully-like.

Meeting Luz

Amity Blight Meeting Luz

Amity Blight appears to Willow one morning before a class in which abominations will be judged, boasting that she is the best student. To her astonishment, Willow learns that her “abomination” managed to win the top student star because it stood out from the rest. She notices the “abomination” eating a snack, confirming her thoughts that it is her old buddy. But, because of her disruptive conduct, Professor Hermonculus sends her to Principal Bump’s office. Amity informs the director of his discoveries, which causes Bump to examine Willow’s monstrosity.

Bump and Amity attempt to stop Willow and the human from escaping but are unsuccessful when it is discovered that the figure is actually a human girl by the name of Luz and not an Abomination. Following the event, Amity Blight developed a dislike for Luz because she felt that the human gave witches in training a terrible reputation.

Finding Luz at the annual witch convention irritated Amity, so she stepped on King’s cupcake out of retaliation, prompting Luz to challenge her to a witch duel, which Amity gladly accepts. If Luz wins, Amity would have to acknowledge that people can be witches, but if Amity defeats, she would have to acknowledge that she is not a witch and can no longer pursue her dream of being one. Amity Blight develops the skills necessary to defeat Luz with the assistance of her instructor, Lilith Clawthorne. Still, it is deceived by the multiple traps placed by Eda Clawthorne, the sister of Lilith and Luz’s tutor. While Luz and Eda are revealed for lying, Amity learns through Eda that Lilith also lied, which makes her feel ashamed.

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Falling for Luz and reconciling with Willow

Amity Blight developed a love for the human shortly after befriending and getting to know her better, and on the first day of the new semester, she assures herself that they both now attend the same school makes no difference.

Meanwhile, Amity’s past friendship with Willow is a complex subject for her. When she discovers a memory photo of her and Willow, she attempts to burn it, but in the process, she accidentally burns all of Willow’s memories, and while she manages to save some, they are consumed by the embers. Luz brings her to the Owl House to counsel Eda, who casts magic that transports them both to Willow’s mindscape in search of Willow’s inner self.

Powers and abilities

Amity Blight Powers and abilities
  • Amity Blight is an expert in magic and is regarded as the best in her class. Her magic, like that of other witches, is derived from a sac of magical bile linked to her heart.
  • Amity is on the abomination track at Hexside, where she has shown high-level talents in the production and control of abominations. In “Wing It Like Witches,” Amity may summon enormous hands composed of Abomination clay to perform her commands.
  • Amity can mould abomination ooze into any shape she wants, such as a skateboard, a fist, or a rope.
  • Fire Magic: As of “Adventures in the Elements,” Amity Blight has learned to create fireballs via Rigorous training. She required a training wand at first to make fireballs, but she has now learned to cast a spell on her own.
  • Disintegration Spell: In “Adventures in the Elements,” Amity uses her power to rend her artwork with Malingale to shreds.
  • Amity may construct a towering, circular cage that produces slight discomfort when touched.
  • As seen in “Enchanting Grom Fear,” Amity Blight may use magic to showcase images and historical events. The events will be shown in a way reminiscent of medieval artwork.
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Amity Blight is a loving, altruistic, and sensitive person at heart. In “Understanding Willow,” she expresses deep regret for how she treated Willow and finally makes peace with her. Amity has a thing for Luz in “Enchanting Grom Fear,” and they finally begin a relationship. If you liked this article, you may also want to read our blog on the collector’s character in The Owl House. You’ll find it quite interesting.

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