Best Bloody Bastards Tips and Tricks

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Bloody Bastards is a ragdoll-style combat game in which you face numerous opponents in one-on-one battles. Expect the battle to be humorous because it’s a ragdoll game like Ragdoll Kung-Fu. You can battle with a variety of weapons.

Thanks to the game’s festive update, this features gigantic candy canes and even an entire Christmas tree. The aim is straightforward. Take command and thrash your opponents into a bloody pulp. In single-player, you will face a succession of opponents. You may earn up to three stars every fight, allowing you to unlock new items.

There’s also a multiplayer feature where you may compete against gamers from everywhere all around the world. This contributes to the game’s freshness. But no matter whatever method you like, you’ll always get a decent kick out of it and some satisfaction. Here are some Bloody Bastards tips to help you prepare for war.

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Come out swinging

Best Bloody Bastards Tips And Tricks

So it varies on the game style, but in single-player, a decent tactic is simply to come out swinging and hit your opponents with ferocity. Remember that this is ragdoll fighting; therefore, you must maintain complete control over your weapon swings. Once you’ve mastered the controls, it’s time to unleash the full force of your weapon. Start hitting that skull, and you’ll have your opponent on the dirt in no time. This kind of play is appropriate for the game’s depiction of barbarian-like fighters duking it out.

The more stars you win, the faster you knock out your opponent and the less damage you receive. So feel free to go crazy with those blows out there. You’ll have to be a little more cautious online, but in single-player, get out there and own their chaps and girls.

Equip a shield

These are Bloody Bastards tips that novice players may ignore. Bloody Bastards throws you into its universe and expects you to figure out much for yourself. If you look in your inventory, you should find a shield that you may use in combat.

This is useful in both single-player and multiplayer modes. A good defense may sometimes lead to an offensive, and the same is valid one here. Getting accustomed to using both your weapon and shield might provide a significant advantage. But it’s straightforward Bloody Bastards tips. There are no complicated controls or anything to be concerned about. That’s one of the reasons why BB is such a good game. It’s simple to pick up and grasp right away. Keep in mind that you can only wield a smaller sword with a shield equipped. You can unlock more giant swords, but you may not be able to utilize a shield with them. Having said that, you may also hit opponents with the shield if you desire.

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Use single-player as practice

If you’re looking for some online competition, feel free to jump right in. However, consider returning to single-player if you want to hone your talents. Because Bloody Bastards lacks a specific training mode, this is the next best thing.

If you don’t want to continue the campaign, you can return to previously vanquished opponents, even if you have three stars. This is a good, enjoyable approach to honing your art and good Bloody Bastards tips. So you’ll be ready to battle other bastards from across the world when the time comes.

What are the best weapons in bloody bastards?

What are the best weapons in bloody bastards?

In Bloody Bastards, there are over 100 weapons to choose from. This makes it challenging for users to make a decision. However, we’ve listed all the best weapons players can use in the game below. It should aid in narrowing down the options for players. But, keep in mind that this does not mean that you should not use other weapons. When you use one weapon alot, little by little, you’ll get better at using it.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most potent weapons in the game. It delivers a lot of damage and can outperform practically any weapon in the game. In the Roman Campaign, players can get a Flail and go through all of its levels. This is our top recommendation for the greatest weapons in Bloody Bastards. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it’s so powerful that if an opponent has it in multiplayer, players cannot counter it with any other weapons in the game.

Super spike shield bouble

This is also an excellent tool for those who wish to mix their offense and defense. It can provide substantial damage while also shielding players from being attacked. Essentially, it’s the best of all worlds and will benefit players searching for a steady gameplay experience.

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If players became physically weary from performing these Bloody Bastards tips, they would take more time to plan their blows and grapples, and the game would quickly become skill-based. And it’s not just about becoming better with these Bloody Bastards tips. The abuse mechanism is so effective that it will always triumph against even the most constant solid head hits with a mace. You can’t defeat it unless they honestly don’t know what they’re doing, and if they do, you won’t. We don’t mind the advertisements or the rare problem. Please fix the stamina, or PVP will never grow, and the player base will dwindle. After reading this article, it’s a good idea to read our blog on the best Deepwoken weapon. You might find it interesting.

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