Best Dog Breeds For People Who Work Full Time

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Dogs make great companions for people, and that’s why they are among the most popular pets in the world. There are many different dog breeds that you can adopt that have fun with. Yet, you can’t just go for any breed without considering your lifestyle. One problem that many dog lovers have is that they have to leave their dog at home for several hours and notice that their dog is depressed after a while. This is due to the fact that the majority of dogs do not stand long hours of loneliness at home. In this article, we will introduce the best dogs for full-time workers so that they make the right choice when adopting a dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Dog Breeds for People Who Work Full Time

This angel-looking fellow is a rather special breed. You can see in their innocent eyes that, to them, loyalty matters more than loneliness. What does that mean? Well, “I don’t care if you’re away for the most part of the day, but when you’re here, I want you to be with me” This is, I imagine, how they’d put it if they spoke our tongue. They need constant attention when someone’s around, and yet, they are willing to pay for that attention by remaining alone at home during the day.

Bassett Hound

Best Dog Breeds for People Who Work Full Time

You could tell by their look that Bassett Hounds are neither troublesome nor agile. They love long days of peace and quiet when they can sleep away the whole day. Surprisingly, they become highly friendly and playful when their master returns home. Leave your Bassett Hound with a nice bowl of Purina One Smartblend, and he’ll be fine for hours.

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Shiba Inu

Best Dog Breeds for People Who Work Full Time

Shiba Inus are extremely independent and hence, ideal for first-time dog owners. Good training is essential for this breed, but “when you show him who’s boss, he’ll manage the household in your absence the best way possible. Be sure to dog-proof your home, as this naughty creature has a nose for trouble and never misses a chance to explore the world beyond the walls.


Best Dog Breeds for People Who Work Full Time

As long as they know, they’re going to be cared for and played with at night. Chihuahuas don’t mind remaining alone at home for hours. True, they need lots of attention but not constant attention. If you can play with them for an hour or two in the evening, they make a great choice. You just need to help them release some of their rather high energy level at the end of the day. That’s all.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a great choice for those who long for the companionship of a Merrymaker after a hard day at work. The gay is simply unstoppable and super active. They can easily handle long hours of loneliness at home and somehow like it. Besides, they don’t play around much when they’re alone. So, if you care about your kitchen stuff and do not want extra work at home, the Italian Greyhound has to be on your list.

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Bernese Mountain Dog

One of the most laidback dog breeds you need to consider. These fellows practically mean to spend as little energy as possible unless they have to. Even during the time you’re home, they won’t bother you much. Yet, this does not mean that they do not need any care. All dogs crave attention and occasional caress. As long as they do not feel totally ignored, they can manage long hours at home without anyone around. That’s why they are consideres one of the best dogs for full-time workers.


Best Dog Breeds for People Who Work Full Time

Not all Beagles are the same size. So, no matter the size of your apartment, you’ll find the right Beagle to keep you company. Despite the fact that they are highly energetic when called upon, they tend to be somehow lazy when alone at home. They can remain on the couch for long hours without making any trouble. A little ball or a short stick is all they need to enjoy their time when they don’t feel like sleeping.


Best Dogs for Full-time workers

Bullmastiffs are not that playful. Taking them out for a short evening walk once or twice a week is all they need. Their energy level is rather low, and they are totally fine with remaining in the house during the day. If you don’t get much free time and have to do other stuff at night, Bullmastiff is one of the best dogs for full-time workers like you.

Boston Terrier

Best Dogs for Full-time workers

Being crazy about short outbursts of activity, Boston Terrier is overall a relaxing breed. From time to time, they may get up and have a look around the house, but they can spend several hours sitting in one place and staring in the same direction, napping from time to time.

Remember to pay enough attention to them on your return as they are rather emotional and can’t bare being ignored for long. Always remind yourself that you had many options, and you chose to adopt a Boston Terrier, but what about him? So whenever you have time you can groom your dog or take him out for a short walk.

Irish Wolfhound

Best Dogs for Full-time workers

Provided that you’re not living in a tiny apartment, the Irish Wolfhound can be a good option for you. They’re rather large and sometimes weigh up to 200 pounds which justifies their need for a big space. A large separate room or, even better, a fenced yard would be great. The good part is that they hardly need anything except food if you provide them the space. You just need to check on them before leaving the house to make sure there is enough food and water for them. Nothing more.

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In conclusion

Leaving your dog alone for long hours during the day is not a choice for many. If you have enough time tospend with your dag, you should go for dogs which love human companions.Otherwise, it’s better to adopt a dog that has an independable nature. In this article, we introduced the best dogs for full-time workers to help them decide which breed to adopt. Find your ideal breed by consulting our list, and be sure that your hairy companion is in no trouble while you’re doing your daily routine at work miles away.

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