Best PS4 Dirt Bike Games

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The world of gaming is a vast universe that welcomes all sorts of gamers with all kinds of tastes. That is why there are numerous video games out there for every sport, and there are even spectacular simulators for even the most tedious jobs in the real world. There is no surprise in the fact that we have got several fun-to-play dirt bike games on consoles, many of which have been released for the PS4 as well.

Sure, dirt bikes might not have as many fans as rare supercars and exotic racing vehicles, but they, too, have their own fan base inside the community of gamers. But which PS4 dirt bike games should you download? Are they all worth your time? Which are the best PS4 dirt bike games on the market? Read on as we provide a shortlist of the best ATV and MXGP games that you should try on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Top 5 dirt bike games for PS4

We certainly have come a long way since the days of NES games such as Excitebike, and everything about the genre has improved over time. From mesmerizing graphics to exciting challenges and fun gameplay, these five video games have got the complete package to help you dive right into the world of a dirt bike or an ATV rider. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know before downloading these incredible works of art.

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MX vs. ATV Legends

Best PS4 Dirt Bike Games

THQ Nordic used to be one of the greatest videogame publishers in the world before shutting down for a while in the mid-2010s. They are, however, back to business and are slowly trying to recapture their golden days. That is why they got to release one of the best dirt bike games for PS4 in June 2022 in order to further add to their heavy-packed roster of games. The MX vs. ATV Legends entry is the latest installment within the world-famous off-road racing universe, and it has got quite a long way to go before earning its place amongst the best entries in the series.

But that does not mean that the game is not fun to play. Quite the contrary, MX vs. ATV Legends is one of the most fun IPs available thanks to its career mode and other online modes, which are combined with its 2-player split-screen feature that is clearly reminiscent of the past when we were able to play split-screen with even more friends.

The Metacritic scores for the PS4 version of this game have not yet been released, but users are voicing their overall satisfaction, which is everything the publishers could have hoped for. As one of the top 5 dirt bike games for PS4 in 2023, MX vs. ATV Legends is also available on the PS5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and the Xbox Series X and Series S.


Best PS4 Dirt Bike Games

MXGP Pro is one of the finer examples of how a bike racing game should be. Developed and published by Milestone, this game allows you to create your own professional biker whose main goal is to overcome challenges and become the ultimate MXGP pro. The game has received accolades both from fans and critics since it first hit the market in 2018. The user ratings have been mostly positive throughout the years, and even though the game will become five years old this year, it is still worth a try if you are looking for the top PS4 dirt bike games currently available.

One of the features worth mentioning about MXGP Pro is the Compound, which more or fewer works like FIFA’s Practice Arena, in which you can freely explore a square kilometer of space, trying out your skills and competing against the AI. Milestone’s creation also allows players to choose the level of realism they are comfortable with as they can either opt to become the ultimate MX racer in an accurately simulated experience, or they can set everything to the lowest level possible to get a more arcade experience out of the game. This feature alone means that the game is for everyone, and you, too, can enjoy everything it has to offer the way you decide.

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Trials Fusion

Best PS4 Dirt Bike Games

Want a different and unique approach to dirt bike games? Then look no further, as Trials Fusion is the right choice for you. The Trials series have always been fun to play thanks to the incredibly addictive gameplay mechanics implemented into each game by Ubisoft, who surely know how to make a proper game. Trials Fusion was first released in 2014 and has since become one of the most sought-after sports games on the PS4. This pseudo 3D (2.5D) platform racer has got everything the fans ask for, including colorful tracks, mesmerizing graphics, and gameplay mechanics that are incredibly fun to play.

With a Metascore of 79 and a User Score of 7.1 on Metacritic, Trials Fusion has managed to attract the attention of both critics and fans throughout the years. If you are looking for a fun experience in a 2.5D world, then we highly recommend downloading any of the entries in the Trials franchise. Keep in mind, though, that you should not expect even a tinge of realism in this franchise, as it is all about doing the impossible while trying your best to get used to the physics in each entry.

MXGP 2021: The official motocross videogame

Best PS4 Dirt Bike Games

Most gamers tend to play FIFA if they want an authentic footballing experience. But what if you want an authentic dirt bike racing experience? That is exactly where the MXGP series comes to save the day. MXGP 2021 is one of the latest entries in the franchise, and you can bet that this one could help you get as close as possible to being an actual professional Motocross racer.

Developed and published by Milestone, MXGP 2021 is one of the finer examples of fun-to-play sports games that could both be a realistic simulation and a casual arcade game for those who simply want to have fun. With a Metascore of 75 and a mostly positive User Score of 78, this game proves to be a quality work when it comes to gameplay and graphics. The previous items on the list are certainly worth trying out, but if you want the latest and most advanced motocross racing game, then MXGP 2021 is the choice for you.

Monster Energy Supercross 5

Best PS4 Dirt Bike Games

Milestone certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to making impressive and exciting PS4 dirt bike games, as yet another entry on this list is both developed and published by the Italian studio. Of course, it is no surprise as the developer is proud to specialize in making racing games and especially motorcycle racing games. Monster Energy Supercross 5 is the latest edition in the series created by Milestone, and you can certainly give it a go before the next entry comes along in March 2023.

The game offers pretty much everything you can find in MXGP 2021, with the difference being in the fact that the former hit the markets a year later, which adds to the graphical improvements that Monster Energy Supercross 5 features. The game also allows users to use their own imagination and create away using the custom Track Editor and the Rhythm Section Editor, which helps players mix and match pre-existing modules. These options have earned the entry of a Metascore of 75, which shows how successful it has been since its release back in March 2022.

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In conclusion

If you, too, are a fan of motorbike racing games or platformers that allow players to jump around using dirt bikes, don’t worry, as there is a full library of PS4 dirt bike games you can go through. From Trials Fusion and MX vs. ATV Legends to MXGP Pro and Monster Energy Supercross 5, lots of quality works of art are available online, and you can spend hours having fun with each of the entries listed above. So take your time and choose which one you would like to play first before going on to try out all of the games mentioned here. In the end, we’d like to suggest you read our blog on top 5 Genshin impact content creators. You will find it quite inspiring.

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