Best Types of Pool Shades for Your Yard

One of the most important components of a good swimming pool is its effective yet beautiful pool shade settings. Choosing what kind of pool shades will go perfectly with your yard has to do with a lot of factors. Things like how much real estate you have, the type and size of the pool, the direction of the sunlight, wind speed and the geographical climate should be considered when you want to install pool shades.

In this article, alongside giving you some cool ideas about pool shades we are also going to try and find which one suits your pool better.

Conic Shade

Let’s start this list with a familiar design. Conic shades are one of the most popular pool shades that are practical, traditional and classy. It’s easy to match conic shades with your pool design and enjoy a sunny day beside the pool without letting the heat ruin your day.

The structure of conic shades is simple. It has four support bars that hold the cone-looking fabric; that’s why it’s called a conic shade. The side of the canopy depends on your available space or the area you want to put the shade.

But, even though conic shades are very effective in blocking the sunlight, they are normally used for big outdoor areas that facilitate a lot of open space. So if you’re short on space, conic shades are not your first choice.

Pool Umbrellas

Do you want a pool shade? I bet the first shade that popped into your head was an umbrella. No one can blame you for that either, because umbrella shades have been out there forever and they are very practical. They are probably the cheapest pool shades and don’t take any time to set up. They are not fixed into the ground and they look cute. What more do you want?!

They also work with whatever space you have. If you have a small area, one or two umbrellas will be enough and since they are adjustable, you can drag them around easily whenever you want. For bigger places, you can go for more than just two and spread them around the pool. Good luck settling on a specific colour or a design; Because there are a million choices out there.

Shade Sails

If you’re looking for something that can offer style alongside practicality, shade sails can be a very great choice. Shade sails take up very small space and they’re very suitable for small cozy pools. The structure is very simple. Three supports hold the fabric-made shade. It’s shaped like a sail, hence the name. You just have to choose the best angle to install the supports and try to cover as much area as possible.

Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy

A retractable fabric shade canopies is a very cool way to transform outdoor pools into a more private indoor setting. What’s great about them is that if your pool is small, you can get it all covered. They are a great choice for places with a hot summer as they can cover a large area.

The structure is pretty straightforward with multiple support beams that give an air of class and elegance to your outdoor/indoor pool. With all that being said, the most desirable advantage is its retractable feature. It allows you to enjoy the sun whenever you want and get rid of it when it gets too hot and uncomfortable. Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy, like the other canopy shades, offers great resilience against wind and rain.

Remote Operated Canopies

If you’re looking for a very modern-looking shade that also uses a bit of advanced technology, don’t look farther than the remotely operated canopies. With this shade, you don’t have to retract the shade all the way up. Instead, you can create a partial shade while still enjoying the sun on the far end of the pool.

These types of shade don’t come cheap though. So be prepared to take a hit in your bank account.


Pergolas have always been considered classy and traditional. You only see them in old mansions and villas. But if you have the money and the space, you can build one right in your backyard beside the pool and enjoy a warm sunny day. Imagine getting an outdoor bbq oven in the corner. Good food, awesome-looking shades and a swimming pool. What a perfect way to chill during the weekend!

Final Thoughts

The pool shades we talked about in the article are just a few examples of many pool landscape ideas that you can choose from. But choosing a design should never be your first priority if money is a concern. Some of the designs come with a hefty price tag.

In the end, whatever pool shade you choose is going to fit great with your pool. And remember, choosing something practical is always what matters. If you can’t afford what you really want or you don’t have the space to install the model you want, just choose the one that does the job.

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