Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

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One of the most widely used and preferred cryptocurrency wallets is Metamask, especially among investors in the DeFi and NFTs markets. Many claims that Metamask is the greatest and most secure cryptocurrency wallet today, with millions of users and growing. Still, that claim is rather debatable, especially when compared to several other relatively well-liked crypto wallets.

Is deleting Metamask account possible if you use Metamask or have previously used the wallet to store and trade your crypto assets?

So, whether you’re asking that question right now or have previously asked it, this post is for you since we’ll be giving a step-by-step approach to how deleting Metamask account can quickly be achieved.

Can a Metamask account be deleted?

It is virtually impossible to completely erase a Metamask account since every Metamask account is recorded and preserved on the blockchain. However, you may completely delete an account from your Metamask wallet on the Metamask extension or the mobile app if you no longer require it or its wallet address. The blockchain records for the wallet address and any associated transactions are not removed when a Metamask account is deleted. Only the account is deleted from your Metamask wallet.

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How to easily delete a Metamask account (step by step guide)

On many blockchains, including Ethereum, wallet addresses and the transactions connected to them are irreversible. Although a wallet cannot be removed from the blockchain, you may delete the linked account and wallet from your Metamask account. The steps to remove a Metamask account on the Metamask wallet extension and the mobile app for Android and iOS devices are detailed in the instructions below.

Method 1: Deleting Metamask account directly

Simply selecting the account on the Metamask menu and removing it by clicking “Remove Account” is one quick approach to remove an account from your Metamask wallet. The only accounts that may be deleted from Metamask using this approach are those that were imported using a private key or JSON file. Using this technique won’t allow you to erase the Metamask account you made. Here’s how to delete a Metamask account.

Step 1: Launch Metamask and enter your password to unlock your account.

Simply hit the Metamask symbol in the upper right corner of your browser window to start the extension. Once the extension is launched, click [Unlock] to unlock your Metamask wallet and then input your account password.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Step 2: Click on the account icon

Now, as depicted in the picture below, click the Accounts icon in the Metamask window’s upper right corner.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Step 3: Choose what account needs to be deleted

Next, choose the account you wish to delete from the pop-up menu’s list of accounts.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Step 4: Select “remove account” by clicking the three dots symbol

Return to the Metamask home screen after choosing the account to be deleted, click the vertical 3-dot icon, and then choose [Remove account] from the menu options to remove the account from your Metamask wallet.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Method 2: Uninstall Metamask, install it again, and import your wallet.

The only way to delete Metamask accounts or accounts made directly on Metamask and not imported using a private key or JSON file is to uninstall the Metamask extension completely, reinstall the extension, then import your wallet again using its Metamask recovery phrase.

All files connected to Metamask on your browser, including connected accounts, are deleted when you deactivate the Metamask extension.

The only other option is to uninstall the extension from your browser, reinstall the extension, and import using your secret recovery phrase because Metamask doesn’t offer any straightforward method to delete non-imported accounts from the addon. Since Metamask will only import the default account (Account 1) when utilizing a secret recovery phrase, all other accounts are deleted.

By choosing to manually add the accounts back, you can only add the ones you need while leaving out the others. You can delete a Metamask account by re-importing your wallet, as explained below.

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Step 1: Click the Metamask extension icon with the right mouse button and choose “Remove from Chrome.”

NOTE: Before doing this step, make sure your Metamask recovery phrase is properly and securely saved up. It will be very difficult to get your accounts and/or monies back if you delete the Metamask plugin without having a backup of your recovery phrase!

Click the right mouse button on the Metamask symbol in the extension bar of your browser to delete it from your browser. After that, choose “Remove from Chrome” to get rid of the extension.

This is typically how you delete the Metamask extension from your browser. However, the phrasing may alter somewhat on various browsers. Simply select “Remove Extension” from the pop-up menu in Firefox.

Step 2: Reinstall the extension on your browser.

The next step is to install the Metamask extension once more once you have removed it and purged all of your accounts. Use this link to access the Metamask download page and install the appropriate version for your browser to reinstall Metamask.

Step 3: Import your wallet to Metamask.

You just need to import your wallet into the Metamask extension using the proper secret recovery phrase now that Metamask has been reinstalled on your browser. Launch the Metamask extension by clicking on the Metamask icon, and then click [Get Started] on the Metamask welcome screen to get started.

Next, use your existing wallet’s secret recovery phrase to import it into Metamask by clicking [Import Wallet].

On the following page, click on [I Agree]. Now enter your 12-word secret recovery phrase in the appropriate entry or fields and a new wallet password.

To import your wallet, click [import] after checking the box to confirm that you have read and agree to the conditions.

After importing your Metamask wallet, if you were unable to locate certain accounts that you did not want to keep, do not be alarmed; this is normal, and you may manually add them again.

The page in this section of the Metamask support website contains instructions on how to manually re-add your accounts.

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How to deactivate a Metamask account on a smartphone (Android & iPhone)

Even though the procedure to remove an account on Metamask is relatively identical when using the Metamask browser extension, it differs slightly if you use the Metamask mobile app on either an Android or iPhone. You can remove an account from the Metamask mobile app using one of the two procedures listed below.

Method 1: Disable the account directly within the Metamask application (for imported accounts).

Since Metamask includes a feature to automatically delete imported accounts, removing accounts imported into the Metamask app using a private key string is a simple procedure. The Metamask mobile app may be used to delete an imported account, as shown below.

Step 1: Launch the Metamask app and unlock it with your account password.

Tap the Metamask symbol to open the Metamask app on your smartphone. Once the app has been started, enter your account password or, depending on your device, unlock using one of the various biometric alternatives (Face unlock, fingerprint, FaceID, etc.)

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Step 2: Slide right and tap on the accounts icon.

Then, to access the main menu, swipe from the left side of the screen to the right or hit the hamburger icon on the Metamask app’s home screen. To access the account selection page, touch on your account name in the menu.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Step 3: Long press on the account you want to remove and tap “Yes, Remove It.”

On the accounts selector bottom dialog, scroll until you find the account you want to remove, then long press on the account until you see a confirmation dialog.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

To delete the chosen account, choose [Yes, Remove It] from the confirmation pop-up. After that, the account will no longer display in your wallet’s list of accessible accounts, indicating that it has been deleted.

Can I Delete My Metamask Account?

Method 2: Re-import your wallet.

There is presently no default mechanism to delete non-imported accounts or accounts established directly on the Metamask app itself. You must uninstall Metamask and reinstall the application to delete these accounts.

All of your Metamask data, including your accounts, will be erased if you uninstall the program since deleting an app clears its data. You will then need to re-import your wallet using the secret recovery phrase to access the wallet.

All accounts other than the default account (often referred to as “Account 1”) will be wiped or erased after your wallet has been re-imported. The Metamask app’s removal of an account is explained here, with instructions for re-importing your wallet.

Step 1: Uninstall the Metamask app.

NOTE: Before doing this step, make sure your Metamask recovery phrase is properly and securely saved up. Without a backup of your recovery phrase, it will be almost hard to get your accounts and/or monies restored if you delete the Metamask program from your smartphone.

The Metamask app has to be removed from your smartphone as a first step. Both Android and iOS smartphones go through the same procedure.

On Android, long-press the Metamask app icon and select [Uninstall] from the app menu.

Instead of removing the Metamask app from your smartphone, you may just remove the app’s cache and data. You can skip Step 2 below and continue with the remaining steps if you decide to delete the data and cache.

Step 2: Reinstall the Metamask app on your device.

The next step is to reinstall the Metamask mobile software on your device by visiting the Google Play store (for Android) or the App Store (for iPhone). As an alternative, you may just go to the Metamask download page and follow the instructions to download the software on your device from the app store.

Step 3: Import your wallet to the Metamask again on a mobile app.

All that’s left to do is import your wallet into the Metamask app at this point. Open the Metamask app and select [Get Started] to import your wallet. To accept the Metamask agreements, touch [import using Secret Recovery Phrase] and then tap [I Agree].

Choose a password that you want to use to access the Metamask wallet later on, and paste the recovery phrase in the “Secret Recovery Phrase” area on the next page. To import your wallet using the predetermined recovery phrase, enter your password once more in the “Confirm password” section and hit [IMPORT].

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It’s simple to delete accounts that were imported into Metamask using a private key or JSON file. However, it can be a little more difficult to delete accounts that were established directly on Metamask. Simply choose the account from the list of available accounts to delete an imported account from your Metamask wallet. The account will then be deleted from your Metamask wallet once you click the three dots symbol and choose “Remove Account.”

Directly created accounts on your Metamask wallet cannot, by default be deleted. Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem, and all you have to do is uninstall and then reinstall the Metamask extension in your browser.

Simply import your wallet using the private recovery phrase after reinstalling, and all other accounts—aside from the default account—will be deleted. All other accounts you do not want to delete can be manually added again. We hope this tutorial was useful if you were looking for information on how to delete a Metamask account from Chrome and similar web browsers.

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