Cool Homecoming Party Outfits Ideas for Guys

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All students look forward to the homecoming party so that they can dance, play, and celebrate the school spirit. Homecoming parties are among formal or semi-formal celebrations of school so students have to choose appropriate clothes. If you are not sure about your homecoming party, this article will give you some tips so that you can make a better decision.

The first thing to consider is understanding whether the party is formal or semi-formal. This is usually stated in your invitation card and having affirmed the party’s theme, you can better decide on your clothes.

Semi-formal looks for guys

Although it is a semi-formal party, guys have to go in suits and ties. It can be black or dark navy and you can match your shirt and socks colour. However, wearing a tie is not necessary and optional.

Formal looks for guys

Guys have to go for suits, neckties, white button-down shirts, and even tuxedos. It is better to go for darker colours for the suits and match them with neckties and socks; especially if you want to look classic and completely formal.

Cool outfits for guys

If you want to look formal yet stylish, there are a number of things you can do to make your formal outfit cool and different. However, make sure you are not overusing these techniques so that your outfit suits the whole party theme.

Try patterns and different textures

A perfect way for making your outfit special is going for new patterns and textures. For example, instead of normal cotton suits go for new materials like velvet or try a new pattern like polka dots and stripes. While your outfits still look formal, patterns and textures can make a big difference.

Add some colour

While all students always go for a black and white classic look, you can try different colours. Why not try some lighter colours and maybe different ties and socks? Your accessories’ colours can draw a lot of attention and make your outfit more modern.

Do not forget to use accessories

Girls often turn their very simple look into something glamorous by using the right accessories. This is what you must do at your school’s homecoming party. It does not matter how classic and simple your outfits look. The right accessories change the game. Get a nice set of cuffs, a different belt buckle, or a little bling, and add them to your outfit.

Try new socks

You might think socks are not important and cannot make your outfit look cool, but wearing a pair of unconventional socks will change everything. Obviously classic, simple, and dark socks look nice but if you wear coloured and different socks your outfit looks much cooler and fun.

Get help from your culture

What do men usually wear to formal parties according to your country’s traditions and culture? Is there any specific accessory they use? Embrace your culture and remember that cultures can complete each other, so if there is something you can take from your culture to make your outfit different, go for it!

Mix and match

Remember that if you have some available options it is a good idea to try matching and styling them in different ways. Maybe that jacket would look better with other pants, just give it a try. If you still could not choose the right outfit, click here to get some inspiration.

Do’s and don’ts for guys

If you are still doubting about what to wear and what not to wear at your homecoming party, the following tips can help you if you are a boy going to the homecoming party:

  1. As previously discussed, homecoming parties are formal or semi-formal, so do not ever wear jeans. It won’t look suitable at all to show up in jeans and it is a chance for dressing up in formal clothes even if it is not your go-to style.
  2. Sneakers are stylish and comfortable but not a good choice for formal parties. They do not go with suits and make you look out of style. So try to wear dress shoes that match your suit and you feel comfortable in them.
  3. Do not wear your sports clothes such as top tanks. You might look hot in them but they are not allowed at homecoming parties. This is the day when you must look formal and classic.


The homecoming party is a chance for all students to blow off some steam and have fun. However, it is always important to choose the best style. Considering the fact that homecoming parties are usually formal or semi-formal, you have to be careful with your choice of clothes. In this article, we tried to help you choose the best outfits and make them look cool and nice. So just consider the party theme appropriately, dress accordingly, and have fun.

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