Dog Protein Powder – All You Need To Know

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In order for dogs to be healthy, they need a balanced diet that contains essential nutrients. As long as they receive these nutrients through the foods they consume, things go well. But, if their food lacks certain ingredients, in the long run, they will show symptoms of sickness. When this happens, proper nutrition can help your dog recover, but if you notice the problem too late, extra care and medication are needed. One way to help weakened dogs is to include dog protein powder in their diet. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of dog protein powder and when you should include it in your furry friend’s diet.

What’s the role of protein in a dog’s diet?

Dog Protein Powder - All You Need To Know

Proteins have several benefits for dogs, but the most important ones are repairing and building muscle tissues. Protein also helps the body create antibodies, enzymes, and hormones needed for the normal functioning of the immune system. Dogs receiving enough protein from their food have healthy skin, shiny hair, and strong bones and muscles. When there is an insufficient amount of protein in a dog’s diet, she will weaken little by little and tend to become more and more inactive. This, in turn, brings about other problems, such as visual problems, hair loss, etc.

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What are the best sources of protein for dogs?

You probably already know that meat is the best source of protein for dogs. Therefore, lamb, beef, chicken, and duck are obviously the best options. Similarly, eggs, wheat, and oatmeal are full of protein and can be included in your dog’s diet. The main problem with plant-based proteins is that they contain fewer amounts of digestible proteins. That’s why your priority should be animal-based protein.   

How much protein does a dog need?

Dogs cannot store protein in their body for long. That’s why they need to receive protein-based foods on a daily basis. To put it in simple words, dogs require one gram of protein per pound. Therefore, if your dog weighs 70 pounds, the food she consumes in a day must contain at least 70 grams of protein. If you have a pregnant or athletic dog, she will definitely need more protein. This amount of protein seems quite reasonable for a dog. Yet, many dog owners do not provide their dogs with this amount, and that’s when they undergo health issues.

What should I do if my dog suffers from lack of protein?

Dog Protein Powder - All You Need To Know

If your furry friend is not too weak due to not receiving enough protein, giving meat to her will be enough. It shouldn’t last for more than a month or two before your dog fully recovers. At other times, your dog may need dog protein powder despite the fact that she’s been eating enough meat. The anatomy of dogs’ digestive system shows that they have a short digestive tract and swallow meat without chewing it enough. As a result, their body does not completely absorb the amino acids in the meat. In both scenarios, additional meat should be provided. If she is severely suffering from lack of protein, apart from meat, you should also give him dog protein powder to compensate for the unhealthy foods she’s been eating. You can add the dog protein powder to the water or milk that she drinks during the day.

Does dog protein powder have any side effects?

The immediate answer is, “it depends.” If you regularly protein powder to your dog’s meals, she will most probably put on weight. In order to avoid this, keep in mind to take your dog for a short walk every time she has protein powder. The proper amount of protein powder that your dog should receive depends on factors such as her age, health state, and how active she normally is. To come up with the right amount, it’s better to consult your vet.

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Protein is an essential element for all dog species. As long as their diet has the right amount of protein, they are healthy, energetic, and active. When they do not eat enough protein-based foods, health issues are more than possible. To make sure that your lovely pet dog will not face such health issues, it is recommended to include dog protein powder in her diet. The amount should be decided on by your vet. We hope you found this article informative. If so, we recommend you read our blog on the benefits of duck dog food. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below as well.  

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