Driving Aids For Seniors: How To Promote Safe Senior Driving?

The ability to drive is one of the most precious things for seniors to show their freedom and independence. It is very important to help seniors to remain independent and simultaneously ensure their safety. Age is a significant factor that challenges driving. The medical conditions and diseases which are inseparable parts of aging can affect and reduce the quality of driving in seniors. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to find solutions to facilitate driving for seniors.

Driving aids for seniors

Driving Aids For Seniors: How To Promote Safe Senior Driving?

The good news is that there are driving aids that help seniors remain safe while driving. These driving aids include both using specific equipment and learning and making use of some practical recommendations to make driving easier for seniors. By acquiring these driving aids, driving becomes an incredibly pleasant experience for seniors that ensures their connection to society. 

Pedal extenders

One of the significant challenges which make reaching the pedal hard for seniors is the fact that they usually lose between one to three inches in height as they get old. They can solve this problem by making use of a pedal extender that extends the pedal in order for them to reach it easily. The other advantage of using the pedal extender is that it prevents seniors from sitting very close to the steering wheel, which can be very perilous.   

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Swivel seat cushions

Another worrying accident that can bring about severe disability, as well as serious health problems for seniors, is falling while entering or leaving the car. The best strategy to minimize the risk of falls is to use a swivel seat cushion. It is common to put the cushion on the seat and swivel to help them revolve their body around the steering wheel and leave the car. It can also assist them in seeing around better while they are behind the wheel. 

Mirror adaptors

One of the necessary tools that can aid senior drivers in obtaining a wider view of their blind spots is a panoramic mirror which also makes it easier for them to revolve their neck and upper body parts. These mirrors are usually attached to rearview mirrors that come in handy when parking the car. Backup cameras can also be very helpful for adult drivers to help them see what goes on behind the car.  

Seat belt extender

Seat belts have an undeniable place in ensuring the safety of drivers. However, it may be very difficult for seniors to fasten a seat belt since they may suffer from shoulder aches or back pain. A seat belt extender lets senior drivers get seatbelts, whereas seat belt shoulder pads save the neck and shoulder from pressing and abrading. 

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Get them educated

Another practical recommendation to help senior drivers to drive as safely and carefully as possible is to assist them in getting educated. Aside from written sources, there is a wide range of online sources to make education accessible for adult seniors so as to convert driving into a safe and pleasant experience rather than an annoying and unmanageable one.

Encourage senior drivers to take a safe driving course.

Driving Aids For Seniors: How To Promote Safe Senior Driving?

Safe driving courses that are available for teenagers can be very useful for senior drivers. It does not make any difference whether the senior driver is a professional driver or an amateur one; he can take advantage of safe driving courses. The senior drivers will receive all the necessary information about driving and age, such as handling vision and hearing changes and the harmful impacts of medication on driving.

Request senior drivers to take a professional assessment.

One of the obligatory issues to evaluate senior drivers’ ability to drive safely is professional assessment. This way, you can evaluate seniors’ driving and become aware of their abilities and skills. This professional assessment usually consists of checking seniors’ medical condition and driving history as well as assessing their physical ability and some paper-based duties that assess their cognitive ability.

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Driving aids for seniors are essential. They include making use of various tools such as using a pedal extender, seat belt extender, mirror adapter, etc. Educating seniors is also another way to help them improve and upgrade their driving ability. You might find these tips overly simplified to impractical, but unless you try them, you won’t understand. Just let your elderly parents drive again following these tips, and they’ll soon realise how easy and enjoyable driving can be.

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