Everything To Know About TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option

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Many people speculated that once TikTok introduced a new adults-only live stream option, the platform would evolve into the next OnlyFans; however, this is not the case at all. The app is popular with both teenagers and adults, but there have been some concerns voiced over the content that younger users may see.

TikTok is owned by Bytedance, and the company has been looking at ways to improve some of the parts of the app that are problematic after several parents voiced worries that their children may be affected by potentially harmful trends and challenges on the platform. For instance, the app contains content filters that prevent users from viewing videos in the For You and Following sections that contain particular words or hashtags.

These filters can be turned on or off inside the app. TikTok’s adults-only livestream option represents a big step toward the goal of stopping individuals under the age of 18 from seeing inappropriate videos. In addition, TikTok displays a warning to users between the ages of 13 and 17 if they try to watch a video that contains content that the app considers to be too mature or explicit.

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TikTok’s new policy update

Everything To Know About TikTok's Adults-Only Livestream Option

TikTok has now released a new version of its policy that gives content creators the ability to label their livestreams as being suitable exclusively for adults. Understandably, it raises numerous questions. Up until this point, users of TikTok of any age were able to see content that was being livestreamed. However, that changed in the month of November.

With the introduction of TikTok’s new safety measures, content producers now have the option to restrict their livestreams to users aged 18 and up only. That does not imply that TikTok is going to enable explicit behavior to be displayed on the app since the company has no plans to update the community standards to permit nudity or sexual activity. Instead, the update is an effort on the part of TikTok to provide content creators with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their work will not be viewed by users who are not of an appropriate age for the subject matter of their videos. This age limit could be enabled for livestreams, for instance, by a comedian who makes jokes that are deemed inappropriate for children or by a content creator who covers sensitive subjects.

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TikTok live age restrictions

TikTok has implemented a number of new safety measures, one of which is an increase in the minimum age requirement for users before they can start a livestream. The age requirement for participation in live streaming increased from 16 to 18 on the 23rd of November. It’s possible that younger TikTok stars are frustrated, but it won’t discourage them from using the platform.

It only restricts how often they can use their livestream feature, which exposes them to the risk of being targeted by malicious users who leave harsh comments. Due to the fact that they cannot use the Direct Messaging features of the app until they become 16, young kids are already accustomed to being restricted when using it.


TikTok has made a smart decision by introducing a livestreaming feature that is restricted to users above the age of 18. Given that users must be at least 13 years old in order to sign up for the app, the developers of the app are working hard to make it a place where videos can be posted in which people discuss sensitive subjects without endangering the audience’s values. Even though TikTok’s adults-only livestream option is available, sexual content cannot be posted to TikTok since the adult nudity content restrictions are still in effect and remain unchanged.

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