Everything You Need To Know About Belly Button Piercing

Whether we think about it or not, every decision we make about our face gives a sign to the world around us. As it is claimed by psychology, first impressions happen in just seven seconds, with people laying the foundation of their opinions upon clothing, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and even roundness of facial features. It is believed that it might take just the twinkling of an eye to form an idea about someone. It’s visible even the slightest details can make a big difference — and that may include your belly button piercing.

What is belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing is when you have a ring or other embellishment injected through the skin around your belly button. If you want to have a belly button piercing, remember that it only takes a few minutes to have it done, but it can take up to a year to heal.

What does belly button piercing say about you?

cultures belly button piercings

You may not know that in some cultures belly button piercings can be a symbol of many things. They show off strength, fertility, and even courage. Getting piercings has been something that both men and women do. Although it is a little more interesting for women than men.

It might mean you’re rebellious

As you can see from parents’ typical reactions to their teenagers wanting their belly button pierced, navel jewels are social signifiers of rebellion, youth, and a devil-may-care outlook.

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It can also represent your unique identity

Aside from representing your rebellious side, a belly button piercing distinguishes you from the crowd, showing off your unique outlook on life. If you have a belly ring, you might find ordinary conversations about work-life or the best honeymoon destinations quite tedious and feel more satisfied by soul-sparking one-on-one. Rather than dedicating weekends to farmer’s markets or laundry days, you probably would rather go on reckless adventures into the unknown, or purchase a plane ticket for a same-day flight just because. Not just heedless or wild, you really like to keep things unique in your life, and won’t bring excuses for taking the road less traveled.

Belly button piercings can also represent power

Another feature your belly button piercing might be representing is more unpredictable and goes all the way back to ancient history: power.

Is belly button piercing attractive?

It can be very appealing if done properly (same with most other piercings). However, if it’s just for attention or just to have a pretext to wear revealing clothing, it’s not appropriate

What age is appropriate for belly button piercing?

So generally they are best for 15–16 years of age. Since a belly piercing requires a lot of self-care in its recovery process and can be very perilous if not healed properly, anyone who does that must be professional.

Is it normal to feel the bar of your belly piercing?

It is normal. Depending on the length of the bar, the amount of skin, and any swelling the bar may not go further than the length of the pierced hole. If the piercing was injected with little depth, you will be able to touch it by just smoothly rubbing your fingers across the skin.

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Should you take out your belly ring when pregnant?

Not only should you take out a recent belly button piercing after getting pregnant, but you should also stop getting any type of piercings during pregnancy. Pregnancy can enfeeble your immune system, putting you at risk of infection. So keep away from piercing any part of your body at this time.

Do you have to be skinny to get a belly button piercing?

The shape of the navel is not that important; any navel can be pierced if there is sufficient tissue depth to the skin available above or below the navel. A problem emerges when one sits down.

Does a belly button piercing leave a scar?

Even if you assume that your belly button is the ideal candidate for a stylish new piece of jewelry, you should know that some health risks are closely related to getting this type of body piercing. Permanent scarring (this can take place if you don’t want to take off the jewelry after your body has determined to refuse it).

Can you lay on your stomach with a belly button piercing?

When you get a new piercing you should never lay on the piercing side. For example, if you get a belly button piercing, you should not lay on your stomach. Try to sleep on your back.

getting a belly button piercing

Can you be too fat for getting a belly button piercing?

In opposition to common belief, still, whether or not a piercing will be suitable for you is irrelevant to weight.

After belly button piercing

  • Any initial itchiness and localized discomfort are normal.
  • If you undergo any tenderness or tightness, it’s suggested that you take off the jewelry that’s presently in place. You can do this yourself with clean hands, or get it done at the shop where you got pierced. But if signs of infection are noticeable, medical treatment is recommended.
  • To keep the piercing tract open, you can use a piece of safe, inert plastic known as a piercing retainer. You can also leave the piercing empty. However, this may cause the hole to close.
  • It can take anywhere from nine months to a year for a piercing to completely recover. This is because of the persistent movement connected with the location. Keeping the site as bacteria-free as possible is necessary for healing.
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During the healing process, the following instructions should be done:

  • Keep away from hot tubs, pools, and lakes. Your wound can come into close contact with bacteria in the water.
  • Choose clean, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Protect the piercing. Use a protective bandage when you exercise, and clean up the area afterward to prevent irritation or infection.

Refrain from the sun to prevent sunburns.

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