Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Boudoir Photography

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What is wedding or bridal boudoir photography?

Wedding boudoir photography is a style that concentrates on intimacy and sensuality. These wedding boudoir photographs often have a sexy or erotic feel and usually display lingerie or suggestive outfits and poses. A wedding boudoir or bridal boudoir photography is often intended to be a wedding present for the groom after the stages of wedding planning. These wedding boudoir photos sometimes employ accessories and themes related to the wedding.

5 reasons why should encourage every woman to do bridal boudoir photography

Self-love experience

Boudoir is an honoring of you and your body. As a woman, when you look in the mirror you are sometimes not pleased with what you see.

There is a picture in your head of what you should resemble, and you feel you are forced to “perfect” yourselves until you achieve your goal. But our bodies are narrators of our stories. There can be stretch marks and loose skin on your abdomen.

Confidence boost

Firstly, it is defeating a big fear of taking photos in your lingerie. But when the customers see the photos, they cannot even believe what they see. The day is all about you and your desires.

Many women have busy plans and they do not care how it is to be a woman, to behave like one. So it is suggested to rebel against your everyday routine and take time for yourself and the things that will make you feel great.

Don’t feel ashamed about planning a boudoir shoot for yourself. When you look after your mind, body, and soul, the people in your life take advantage as well. If you give yourself this kind of behavior, you will not forget that you feeling good is the most significant part of it all. It goes without saying that the same day you will walk out of the room more confident, hopeful, and pleased.

Unique gift or milestone celebration

It can be an unrepeatable present for yourself or your spouse. Yes, a session like this is an investment but can you envisage seeing those photos in 20 years? This is going to be your heritage and definitely, you never looked better.

On the other hand, if that’s a present for your spouse, can you imagine them gaping at those photos? There is no doubt that’s something they would never expect to get as a gift and it would be an incredible surprise.

Boudoir can also be a significant event like getting married, losing weight, admitting who you are, a period before or after being a mom, getting out of a relationship, or starting fresh. Most significantly, it is a great way to treat yourself.

Rediscovery of your femininity

Shooting intimate, sexy, gratifying, and sometimes naughty photographs with the taste can also be a rediscovery of your feminine energy.

Feminine energy refers to a specific set of features, assumed to be the opposite of characteristics related to masculine energy. Your masculine side is noticeable when you’re working to reach a goal, making progress, getting things done, and pushing forward.

Your feminine side is visible when you move with the flow of life, embrace your innovative energy, dance, play, and adjust to your internal process. It is great to be spontaneous sometimes and do a totally defiant act to make us feel better.

Beautiful work of art you will keep forever

After taking into consideration your wishes and expectations, the photographs are captured that you will keep forever. You can place those portraits on the wall or create a beautiful photo album or a magazine out of them. It will be with you for the years after and you cannot imagine how precious it will become with time.

Tips for bridal boudoir photography

Make sure you’re a match

Ensure you have experience with bridal boudoir photography, and if possible, with bridal-themed sessions. Check their portfolio and ensure they ask all the essential questions.

Decide on the location

Choose a place that feels private and personal. Hotel rooms are a great choice because you can simply find some privacy and stage the boudoir shoot on a large bed.        

You can also take some elegant boudoir photos at home to make a more intimate feel by employing a space the groom will immediately identify. Some boudoir photographers have specific rooms in their studios for these events.

Prepare the wardrobe

Bridal lingerie is an inseparable part of wedding boudoir photography. You can utilize bridal accessories such as veils, flowers, headbands, jewelry, and more.

Don’t restrict yourself to bridal lingerie for your bridal boudoir photography. You can put on regular lingerie, and even change everyday clothes into something sexy for your boudoir photography event.

Snap some getting-ready shots

It’s best to gently get into a wedding boudoir shoot at your own pace. It’s normal to feel anxious about shooting some revealing photos.

Experiment with a bath and flowers

Shooting an intimate moment in a bathtub is an entertaining and sexy idea. Flowers are an original way of concealing or disclosing as much as you want, and you can add some candles for a soft lighting impact. There are a lot of appealing things you can do with the reflections in the water.

Use the groom’s favorite things

Your bridal boudoir photos will be an unrepeatable and unforgettable wedding present. You can shoot photos that feel even more private and interesting by including items that belong to your groom. A simple tie and dress shirt are an interesting way of making a sexy outfit!

Use the wedding veil

Your bridal veil can become a stylish accessory when matched with lingerie. Using your veil as an accessory will immediately make the wedding theme you are searching for.

Play with light and airy fabrics

Light fabrics are interesting to play with. You can utilize a sheer top, cotton clothes, and even a bedsheet.

You can employ lighting to make light fabrics seem see-through, or play with shadows to highlight your natural curves.

Focus on the client’s jewelry

You can focus on costume jewelry for your wedding boudoir photography event, or use a jewelry item that was a present from the groom to make a more private feel for the wedding boudoir session. Gold and silver will throw back light and become an attractive point of focus.

Go burlesque

You can add a burlesque feel to your wedding boudoir photos by putting on masks. Masks are interesting accessories that will attract attention to your eyes and lips by concealing the rest of your face. Concealing your face can assist you to feel less exposed and help you relax during the wedding boudoir shoot!

Get in the water

Find a location with a pool, bathtub, or fountain so you can make use of water as a reflection. A Photo where you touch water can feel really stylish and intimate.

Use a big window for beautiful light

Posing in front of a window will assist to include natural light in your photo, and you can get a sexy impact by leaning against the windowpane.


Bridalboudoir photography is the celebration of the body which is focused on intimacy and sensuality and tries to boost confidence and help to rediscover femininity.

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