Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tinting

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Not everyone has the same eyebrow shape, size, color, and texture. A perfect brow would make a tremendous difference in how one looks and that’s why many spend a lot of time their eyebrow every now and then. The problem for many, however, is that. they do not have enough time to beautify their eyebrows every single day.  Thant’s why eyebrow tinting has recently become the main trend. In this article, you’ll learn all about eyebrow tinting.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eveything about eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow tinting is a mechanical process that is employed to temporarily color one’s brows. Pigment used in eyebrow tinting sticks around the thin hair in your eyebrow and give it a rather thick and stylish look.  Eyebrow tinting is one of the highly-recommended services for people who require a fuller frame for the face. Every brow is replete with pigments that resemble soft and delicate hair which makes the entire brow completely full and thick immediately. In addition to adding depth and dimension to your brow, eyebrow tinting is also helpful to add length to short brows. Your hair tint will begin to vanish within three to four weeks of its application.

Who can get their eyebrows tinted?

For people who are sensitive to certain hair dyes such as box hair dye, getting an eyebrow tinted could be a bit problematic. That’s why taking a patch test is recommended before making your final decision. Your skin colour is not important if you want to get your eyebrow tinted. People who have ligh or pale skin tones would take advantage of eyebrow tinting as it gives their brow a an attractive dark look.

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How to prepare for eyebrow tinting?

since the skin around the eyes is highly sensitive and extremely thin and thus is susceptible to inflammation. Therefore, before you fix an appointment for eyebrow tinting, you must examine for any kind of allergies. In addition to this, the pigments utilized in eyebrow tinting have an allergen which is referred to as para-phenylenediamine (PPD), that can produce critical reactions in some people. So, it’s better to conduct a patch test with the pigment that you are about to adopt to ensure that you are not sensitive to any chemicals in that pigment.

Make sure to go to your artists with a clear mind regarding what type of eyebrow tinting you want. You must consider the final look that will remain on your face for several days. Just a small amount of hue of color would make thin eyebrows thick. If you begin with brows that are very blonde or light in color, they may make a little weird reflection after the brow tinting procedure.  All that matters, in the end, is how you want to feel when you look at yourself. Below, are some pieces of information that you must know.

A brow tint will remaint for about one month

The tint is applied to the surface of the brows and goes so far to reach the skin. It remains for around a month after which new hair begin to grow and replace old hair. Once new hair grow, you’ll notice the tint disappearing little by little. By this time, you must have made your mind to apply new tint to your eyebrows or wash away the remaining amount.  

Keep away from getting them wet for 24 hours

To ensure that the brow tinting lasts as long as possible, you should not wash your brows for at least 24 hours. You must avoid rubbing your eyes as well as using any kind of chemical products or harsh cleansers. Don’t even risk washing the areas around the brows. It is also recommended to stay away from employing any oil-based products that will cause the brows to lose their colors.

The whole process takes 45 minutes

Everything about eyebrow tinting

A great amount of time after the keratin process is devoted to straightening the brows which takes about 20 minutes. The natural growth shape of brows is on a side angle. The keratin process softens and straightens the hair, giving them a neat appealing look.

Side Effects and Risks of Eyebrow Tinting

Like any other beauty trends, eyebrow tinting has its own side effects as it is applied to the area close to your eyes. The tint used in eyebrow tinting is not completely safe and certain types of it are illegal for beauty salons to use. However, due to its popularity, eyebrow tinting is in high demand.

It might seem a bit frightening to know that the ban on tint is for preventive reasons because of the various allergic reactions that it causes. You need to consider all side effects and the risks involved in eyebrow tinting before going trying it. If you have a sensitive skin, you can confront issues such as itchiness, redness, and even hair loss in some cases. You must contact a professional and tell them about your allergies. Ask them if they allow it and, if they do, what precautionary measures you should take.  

There is an important issue that you must take into consideration. The professionals that make this kind of service highlight how significant it is to find an expert that you might trust. Anyone who requires these services must know if they are looking for the right kind of person. You must evaluate based on the reviews they’ve received from their previous customers.


it’s up to you to decide whether to try eye tinting or not. A large number of women prefer this procedure because the service is fairly inexpensive, painless, time-saving and customizable with semi-permanent results.  It can be a wonderful choice for those who cannot spend too much on make ups bus still want to look younger and more attractive. As a matter of fact, eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting are two popular and affordable beauty services that make a big difference in how beautiful one looks.

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