Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Star Atlas (ATLAS)

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The potential of blockchain technology to influence and disrupt the gaming sector has been explored for a while. However, for the majority of people, those debates were only speculative and perhaps something that will be conceivable decades from now. However, the emergence of the metaverse, which brought virtual worlds to public attention, was perfect for the development of blockchain gaming, and in recent months, a variety of games utilizing this technology have emerged.

While each game is obviously absolutely unique, they do have certain things in common, such as using the blockchain, having a P2E model, using NFTs for in-game characters and assets, etc. Naturally, the potential for financial gain while participating in a game has been drawing the greatest attention, and Star Atlas accomplishes it better than any other current metaverse gaming initiative.

The major metaverse games of today, like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity, are all on the Ethereum blockchain, which has attracted a lot of publicity. In contrast, the Solana blockchain metaverse projects haven’t drawn as much attention. With one exception: Star Atlas, a Solana endeavor. Its native token, ATLAS, is in high demand.

Star Atlas is one of the games in the metaverse that receives the most attention. The game, which takes place in the year 2620 and is built on the Solana blockchain, features stunning cinematic visuals that rival those in current console games. Players may explore the many worlds in the game’s metaverse, earn prizes, go on adventures with friends, and have one-on-one battles. You get points that may be used to enhance certain items. The characters, equipment, ships, and environment are all NFTs in the game. On the Star Atlas website, you may buy the ship NFTs.

What issues is Star Atlas designed to address?

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Star Atlas

Star Atlas doesn’t always concentrate on resolving certain problems. It doesn’t always follow, though, that it has nothing to contribute. It contributed innovation and advancement to several facets of blockchain gaming.

The metaverse game Star Atlas provides a compelling, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. This alone makes blockchain gaming extremely significant since it may attract players who otherwise might not have been interested in utilizing the blockchain for things like making payments or interacting with the DeFi industry. Star Atlas’ promise of a cutting-edge gaming experience can change that and draw users to the blockchain. The project is not only fully capable of fulfilling that promise, but it has the following features as well:

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Combines more different gameplay possibilities

The fact that Star Atlas is substantially more complex than other games of its genre has already been acknowledged, but it is crucial to clarify exactly how much. First things first: the game is set in the far-off year 2620 and is a work of science fiction. Three groups are battling to get the control of the resources: humans, diverse extraterrestrial races, and intelligent androids.

This is a strategy game in part, and to engage with other factions and players to outwit them to the resources, you’ll need to use tactical thinking and preparation. As you explore the cosmos and look for riches among the stars, it is also an exploration and exploitation game.

The fact that you may mine the minerals you discover to generate income streams further qualifies this as an RPG. However, it also functions in part as a flight simulator because first-person flying allows you to traverse and explore the stars. Combat, creating space stations and ships, choosing an in-game career, making alliances, and more.

 It Lets players earn more than other similar games

While no other game presently available on the market combines as many diverse gameplay options, Star Atlas excels in other areas as well. There are several methods to make real money in the game. The majority of games allow you to make money by staking or by fighting other players and winning virtual goods as a prize.

Some video games give you rewards for making allies or discovering their universe. However, no other game allows you to make money while doing all of this simultaneously, which considerably boosts the earnings you may gain from Star Atlas.

Profits from Star Atlas

In addition to everything previously said, there are several advantages that you, as a player, will immediately experience if you interact with Star Atlas and begin playing this game.

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Obtain digital assets

The ATLAS token, which can be used as in-game cash to buy assets, as well as a tradeable token that you can take out, send to a cryptocurrency exchange, and trade with, are methods that Star Atlas lets you gain digital assets. You may also just transfer it to your wallet and hold onto it while you watch for its price to rise.

Purchase and sell NFTs

You can buy NFTs from the NFT market in the game as well. NFTs will serve as a range of in-game objects, tools, and even whole spaceships. You may pick from a variety of roles in Ships, including pirate, bounty hunter, CEO, trader, and more.

Create micro-economic space cities

The idea also gives spacecraft the choice to pool their resources and compete collectively rather than just individually. Decentralized autonomous corporations are what they are, and they can even collaborate to build complete space cities with micro-economies. The POLIS token, which serves as the game’s second token and a governance token for the cities as well as the game’s overall government, may be found if you join one of these space cities.

The Purpose of Star Atlas

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Star Atlas

A really massively multiplayer online game built on blockchain technology is called Star Atlas. The game is set in a virtual gaming metaverse and uses Unreal Engine 5 to provide real-time settings of cinematic quality. The  gameplay is incredibly compelling and engrossing, taking place in a sci-fi future world with three opposing factions that are at the battle for resources for their respective populations.

Sentient androids, a variety of extraterrestrial races, and humans are among the groups. Star Atlas is a game that combines various gaming genres and offers a variety of ways to make money, including through gameplay or by purchasing and selling the game’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which act as in-game items that you can actually own, permanently if not for as long as you keep the non-fungible tokens in your possession.

We are extremely curious to see how it will change in the future, how much it may expand, and what new features will appear along the road. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest blockchain games now on the market and undoubtedly one of the most remarkable ones.

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How to Buy Star Atlas

On the following exchanges, Star Atlas (ATLAS) can be purchased right now.

With over 9,000,000 users and a quarterly trading volume of over $207 billion, Kraken, a company that was founded in 2011, is one of the most reputable names in the sector. The exchange is our top recommendation for residents of the USA and provides trading access to over 190 nations, including Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Gate.io is one of the more well-known and trustworthy exchanges; it was founded in 2013. Currently, Gate.io allows users from the majority of foreign countries, including Australia and the UK. Residents of the USA and Canada are forbidden.


The incredibly engrossing gameplay, feeling of community, and excellent ways to make money while playing a really enjoyable, original game make Star Atlas unquestionably one of the most technologically sophisticated blockchain games available right now.

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