Exploring the World of Savitar, the so-called God of Speed

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There is always a supervillain to contrast your beloved superhero, and that is exactly what makes superheroes lovely. Superheroes definitely need a good supervillain to fight against and feel useful in the society of normal men. Enters Savitar, the self-called God of Speed, who was and still is one of the main enemies of Barry Allen and Wally West, the two Flashes of the DC Multiverse. Just like the original Flash, Barry Allen, Savitar, also known as Grant Gustin, possesses the power of lightning-fast speed and also has his own special powers. These unique powers have certainly made him a fan-favorite amongst The Flash fans. But who is this powerful supervillain? What are his powers, and where did they come from? Follow us below as we take a look at Savitar and his origins in the Flash-verse.

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Savitar in the Comics

Savitar in the Comics

The horrifying villain first debuted in 1995 and went on to become a major character in the life of Wally West, an incarnation of The Flash. West became the Flash after Barry Allen gave his life in the 80s’ comic book series storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths. Taking a first look at Savitar from the 80s and looking at his current attire, one could definitely see the differences between the two looks. While Savitar’s first look combined a shirtless genie-like attire and a rather harsh face, the current version of the so-called God of Motion comes with a suit that resembles the Transformers more than anything else.

Savitar comes from humble beginnings as a human. He was once a Cold War pilot who got struck by lightning while he was testing a supersonic jet. This particular version of the earth might seem to give almost anyone the gift of speed with a lightning strike, but that certainly is not the case, and only a handful of people have since managed to receive the gift of superhuman speed, lightning manipulation, and especially time travel.

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Savitar on TV

Savitar on TV

There are both minor and major differences between the Comics version and the TV version of Savitar, and these differences surely make an interesting duality between the two characters as each has their own unique looks, pasts, presents, and futures. While the Comics version of Savitar was a Cold War pilot who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps in the right place at the right time, the TV version of the supervillain is believed to be the first metahuman to discover the speed force. This force of his is directly linked to Philosopher’s Stone. No, not the one from Harry Potter, the one that belongs to DC’s Doctor Alchemy. This link has created a nearly unbreakable bond between the two villains, as Alchemy needs to follow Savitar everywhere due to the fact that his powers are connected to the stone.

The unique thing about Savitar is the fact that he is a conduit of power and is able to distribute his powers to others on demand and take back what he has given in the blink of an eye. That is why he has been able to create minions for himself, who are called Thunderbolt Agents. These Savitar followers and what they can do play a significant role in the power of their leader. Not only can Savitar gift others with the power of speed, but he can also take what is not rightfully his by taking the speed force of other speedsters. One might rightfully ask, why doesn’t Savitar simply take away Wally West’s power of speed then? Well, there is an answer to that question as well. So read on as we provide more details about this matter.

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One with the Speed Force

One with the Speed Force

Having the ability to take away and steal the powers of other speedsters, Savitar has certainly tried to take away Wally West’s powers to finally become one with the Speed Force by being the ultimate god of speed, lightning, and time. However, it is not always that easy for the so-called God of Speed to steal what is not his. In fact, Savitar was not able to take away Wally West’s powers since the Flash had quite an impressively strong bond with force.

Using this glitch in the matrix and the strong plot armor that writers gave the Flash, our superhero was able to spoil and thwart Savitar’s plans to become one with the speed force. There is a lot more to the plot involving Savitar and the Flash, as there are several comic versions to delve into. But we leave that to you as we do not want to spoil more of the plot.

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Final Verdict

Every superhero needs a supervillain that needs to be stopped, or else the world will be doomed. Otherwise, there would be little to no need for a superhero in a normal world filled with normal people. That is why Savitar was introduced to the Flash-verse to add to the number of supervillains that our beloved hero fights against. With two different origin stories and unique features in each of the origins, Savitar is a rather special character in the DC universe, and that is why many have been asking questions about his past, present, and future. While he kind of disappeared from the comics a couple of years ago, he is still a strong character in the storyline, and fans would certainly like to see more of the superhuman who calls himself the God of Speed. We will have to wait and see if we will finally get a glimpse at yet another version of this powerful force distributer or not. Would you like to see more of Savitar in the future? If you liked this post, you may also want to read our blog on four movie antagonists every one adores. You will certainly like it.

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