Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti being humiliatedby a Shakira fan

A Shakira fan has just exploded the internet by humiliating Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti.

Two nights ago, on February 21st, Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti were out for a probable romantic dinner date, and everything seemed nice for a dinner in a beautiful night.

As we said, everything was excellent until they stepped into the wrong restaurant for dinner. The restaurant owner turned out to be a massive fan of Pique’s Ex-girlfriend, the great Colombian Superstar Shakira! 

What did exactly happen during that night?

After Pique cheats on Shakira and starts a new love phase with the 23-year-old attractive girl named Clara Chia Marti, there is much tension between Shakira and Pique. 

Of course, Shakira as a superstar, definitely has a lot of fans and lovers. When Pique and Marti entered the restaurant to have dinner together, the market owner refused to offer them any services and asked them to leave.

The video of Pique and Clara Chia Marti being humiliated

The video went viral on the internet that showed Pique and Marti leaving the restaurant with sadness. Although Pique tried to stay calm and not show his anger, Clara Chia Marti could not conceal her sadness due to the action taken. Check out the video:

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