Dear readers and future writers of Read ‘Em All. As the title of the page suggests, we are willing to post your content on our website. But in order to write for us, we need to talk about the rules and guidelines first. But don’t worry, they are not that hard to follow.

What Are Read ‘Em All’s Guest Posting Guidelines?

  1. All posts should be a minimum of 800 words, but if you want to go crazy with a 3000 words essay, by all means, go for it. As long as it’s interesting and cohesive, we will post it.
  2. All posts should be checked on We do not accept plagiarised blogs or spun content. Please be unique.
  3. All the pictures used in the blogs must be royalty-free and have a resolution of 800 x 500 or 1200 x 630 pixels.
  4. We do not accept posts that are not related to any of our subcategories. Check our homepage for more information.
  5. The content you provide must not be inappropriate (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex etc).
  6. In order to increase the readability of your blogs, please divide them into different parts using h2 and h3 formats, bullet points and lists.
  7. We do not accept inherently self-promotional posts. If you want promotional links, the content must be relevant to the link.
  8. Only 3 links are allowed per post (unless the word count is 1200+ words). An internal link to one of our own posts is necessary.
  9. Posts must be 100% error-free and cohesive. If we see too many spelling or grammar errors, we will refuse to post your content.
  10. We want your blog to be seen by all. That’s why it must be SEO-friendly. Please provide a meta tag description containing 120-155 characters and as many tags as possible.
  11. We reserve the right to edit and change your content as we see fit.

What Does Read ‘Em All Provide Its Guest Writers?

Your content (and consequently, your links) will never be deleted (unless they violate our guidelines).

After receiving your post, it will take at max 7 days to go live. We promise that we are not scamming you. Please be patient

If we like your post and it is well-received by our readers, it will be placed on our “Selection Of The Month” tab where it will get more attention and praise.


If you agree with our guidelines, go to the Write For Us tab and start writing! Also, if you would like to pitch your ideas and titles first, hit us up on our email at


We are eagerly waiting to read your posts!