How Long Does The Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Snap streaks is a popular Snapchat feature that allows users to track how long they have been communicating with another user via the App. If you trade Snaps with another Snapchatter every 24 hours for three days in a row, the Hourglass sign will disappear and be replaced with a fire symbol. These symbols represent the precise number of days the talk has been going on. Snapchat’s help section makes no indication of how long the hourglass on Snapchat lasts. So many Snapchatters were curious about the solution to this question. We tried the Snapchat App for several days before reaching a relevant conclusion. So we’re sharing our discoveries and beneficial knowledge on Snapchat streaks and hourglass features. If you are curious about the Snapchat Hourglass feature, continue reading.

What is Snapchat’s Hourglass symbol?

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

If you notice an hourglass icon, it signals that your streak with a friend is going to expire, and you have a limited amount of time to continue the streak and get rid of the hourglass icon. This display, which is a notice to take action quickly, alerts Snapstreak users when their streak is about to expire. This icon helps users remember to send snaps to one another in order to keep the SnapStreak running. Only the total number of images snapped by a user and shared with another user defines the length of the streak. SnapScore does not take into account text messages or sticker messages. The hourglass will appear next to the user’s profile and the profile of whoever the user is sharing the streak with as a notice that the streak is about to expire if neither side takes any action.

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How long Does Snapchat’s Hourglass remain visible?

It’s time to solve another burning question: how long does Snapchat’s timer last? The hourglass isn’t a good omen if you want to keep your Snapstreak running. To keep the streak running, you’ll need to keep up your Snapchat game until you and your pals decide to terminate it, either individually or collectively. Many Snapchat users claim that the hourglass lasts between 2 and 3 hours before breaking your streak. Many others, though, say it lasts between 4 and 7 hours. Due to a lack of information on the assistance page, there is no final answer. Some feel the mysterious phase exists because not all streaks are given equal attention. The hourglass sign may display up to seven hours of warning after months of continuous use. However, if your streak is only a few days old, the symbol may only appear for two hours.

How to avoid Snapchat’s feared Hourglass

We can calculate how long it takes for the hourglass sign to appear because we don’t know how long it will be visible. According to Snapchat, you and the individual on the other end of the streak must trade at least one snap every 24 hours. The hourglass appears after 24 hours. These methods can help you avoid becoming concerned about Snapchat’s shrinking hourglass timer.

Method #1: Send a Snap rather than chat messages

Sending a Snap rather than a text message is a fun and simple way to evade the Snapchat streak timer. Consequently, you may keep your sharp streak while encouraging the recipient to act. Instead of texting or directly messaging someone, remember to snap at them if you need to communicate fast.

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Method #2: Send an early morning Snap

Make it a point to send a “Good Morning” image to your buddies at the start of the day. It’s a simple way to avoid Snapchat’s hourglass timer. Because you won’t be running out of time, you won’t have to worry about the day rushing by before you can access Snapchat and send a snap. Each day, begin by capturing and sharing one selfie. As previously indicated, it is a simple method to ensure that the Snapchat streak timer is not shown.

Method #3: Create a Snapstreak shortcut for your Snapstreak friends

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

To keep the streak going, we believe we must send a snap. However, we fail to accomplish so, and the game loses momentum. Snapchat Shortcuts enable you to never miss out on anyone when sending streaks! Adding the shortcut on the home screen of your phone will act as a regular reminder to use it. The Shortcut function will remind those of us who are typically sluggish to share pictures on a regular basis.

What should you do if the Hourglass icon comes while you’re still on a Snapstreak?

There have been a few instances where the hourglass indicator appears, and then the lit/fire icon disappears, despite the user genuinely keeping their Snapstreak. In this case, it’s recommended to contact Snapchat support and inform them of the issue. The Snapchat support staff will resolve your issue so that the hourglass icon no longer shows next to your profile and the Snapstreak icon takes its place.

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That’s all there is to the Snapchat streak timer and its variants. You may have been happy with our responses to your questions about Snapchat’s hourglass function. A short time after adjustment, adapting to the new technique of sending pictures and being social is rather simple. Furthermore, if your daily life keeps you busy, the preceding tips will help you avoid the hourglass since the strategies were designed with busy individuals in mind.

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