How Tek Knight Could Join the Boys Season 4!

A battle of the Supes recently marked the conclusion of The Boys’ third season. The graphic and vulgar series has laid the groundwork for many things, including the potential debut of Tek Knight.

Tek Knight: Who Is He?

Tek Knight: Who Is He?

He enjoys having sex with everyone, to put it briefly—any animate or inanimate item, including any living thing. In the comics, he was killed by crashing an asteroid to death. He thought he did, but in reality, a falling wheelbarrow killed him while he was merely thinking this was occurring because of a brain tumor. Strange things.

The characters from the original material that The Boys frequently adapt very differently for the live-action setting include Starlight, Black Noir, and Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy was a completely different character than in the comics, as seen in Season Three. In the series, Tek Knight would presumably appear in another form; he may even serve as Homelander’s antagonist.

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Strengths and skills

As Vernon did not obtain Compound V to get his powers, Vernon’s interpretation of the persona relies on a technological outfit. In terms of his suit’s capabilities, he can fly thanks to its propulsion system.

Also, the suit is furnished with several tools that help him fight crime. Knight outfitted his suit with guns and armor and the devices to aid him. The suit also possessed an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) blast capability obliterating nearby technology.

The spoof version of DC’s Robin, Laddio, was the character’s sidekick or apprentice in the comics. Laddio was changed several times, and one of them even evolved into a figure resembling Nightwing, dubbed “SwingWing,” like Batman’s apprentice Robin.

Who Plays Him?

How Tek Knight Could Join the Boys Season 4!

Although there has been no confirmation, many assume that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Robert Vernon, Tek Knight’s most well-known incarnation. But, before Vernon, several others wore the title.

Throughout the first and second seasons of the show, Vernon’s Tek Knight, a spoof of Iron Man and the Blue Beetle from Marvel and DC Comics, was alluded to. The character’s movie, Tek Knight Lives, is mentioned in the first episode of Season 2.

The persona is the first member of the Payback crew, which once housed Soldier Boy in the comics. In the comic books, Tek Knight was the captain of the Maverikz squad before joining Payback.

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Unchecked For Homelander

We may soon witness a parody of Captain America: Civil War and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice from The Boys, who have frequently mocked Marvel and DC. We see Homelander confront his mortality during Season 3 by going up against Soldier Boy, a Supe capable of taking his life.

If Billy Butcher had not stepped in to save him, he would most likely be dead right now. We may witness a bystander attempt to kill Homelander as he descends further and farther into madness.

Save for Queen Maeve, Billy Butcher, and Hughie Campbell, who no longer possess superpowers. It has been apparent that no Super will dare oppose Homelander. Homelander’s ego has been squashed, but no one is now fighting him. He is virtually impervious to harm. In the waning minutes of Season Three, Homelander even started killing unarmed individuals who enraged him; perhaps someone would now rebel against him. Tek Knight, please.

Homelander VS. Tek Knight

Homelander VS. Tek Knight

As a brilliant technician, Tek Knight could create a suit that could compete head-to-head with Homelander. Soldier Boy was subjected to experiments by the Soviets to give him the capacity to destroy Supes. Tek Knight may discover a method to build that capability into his suit. He should figure out how to use Soldier Boy’s radiation to fuel his armor like an Arc Reactor. That would make it possible to create an in-universe Tek Knight reasonably strong enough to combat Homelanders.

Although we believe Tek Knight might compete with Homelander, we do not think he will be a decent guy. Tek Knight will likely only wish to take Homelander’s position; alternatively, he may even be a relative of one of his numerous victims. Homelander’s brush with Soldier Boy, in which he nearly lost his life twice, probably leaves him disturbed. A civilian who was strong enough to take on him without the aid of Temp V would undoubtedly unsettle him in a way we haven’t seen before.

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Amazon Prime Video is now offering The Boys Season Three for streaming. What did you think of The Boys’ season finale? Do you anticipate Tek Knight making an appearance in Season 4? Could you inform us in the comments?

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