How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro

There is no need to be an expert to have beautiful and attractive fake eyelashes. Three are some tricks and techniques which facilitate the process of applying and having flirty fake eyelashes. The good news is that you don’t need to be an experienced person to apply fake eyelashes. In fact, you can completely do this without any professional experience. So, no excuse is acceptable for refusing to apply fake eyelashes like a pro.

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro

Essential tips for applying fake eyelashes like a pro

It goes without saying that applying fake eyelashes is not an easy duty, and confidence is an essential element that eases this process. As most beauty stars and makeup artists believe, fear is an obstacle that you should get rid of. Hence you should be relaxed and confident when you want to apply fake eyelashes since trembling hands can lead to undesirable results. You should find the inherent abilities and use them to apply the most beautiful fake eyelashes for yourself. There are some tips that can help you apply fake eyelashes just like professional beauty and makeup artists.

Bend it

Since the eyes are ordinarily curved, the common sense is to have eyelashes curved as well. One of the most common recommendations is to curve your lashes which you can do by wrapping the lash around your finger. You should keep the lash in the same position for ten seconds and then release it. Once you have completed this process, you should have a completely curved lash.

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Find the right glue

A significant issue that you must pay attention to while choosing glue is that you should select an adhesive that dries clear. There are some people who prefer black fake lash glues since they do believe these glues mix with the eyeliners nicely and attractively, which makes them distinctive. If you have shaky hands, a pair of tweezers or even a lash applicator can be extremely helpful.

Trim the ends

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro

When purchasing fake lashes, you might notice that they are not of the same length. In such a case, you trim trim the ends to get the most suitable appearance out of them. This can be helpful as it does not let the band to stretch too much on the lids, which gives them an unnatural and unrealistic look. You can also make use of a black eyeliner along the band of the lashes.

Applying the right amount of adhesive

One of the most problematic and challenging parts of the process, particularly for people with shaky hands, is applying the proper amount of adhesive. You can easily handle this by using a tweezer. The curve on the bottom of the tweezer is a good tool to determine the right amount of adhesive to apply, and it can help you avoid making a mess on your face. 

Applying mascara

Every great structure needs a strong foundation. This rule also applies to fake lashes.  You can make use of mascara before applying fake lashes. It can act as a great base for the lashes. The ultimate objective is to make fake lashes resemble natural ones, so it is better to apply the fake eyelashes when you have completed the rest of your eye makeup. You can also choose individual eyelashes rather than a strip. It may seem more time-taking and difficult, but to have natural-looking eyelashes, individual fake lashes connect better with real lashes. You should ensure to blend lashes of different sizes_ small, medium, and long_ to give a more natural look to your eyes.

It is highly important to remove the fake eyelashes in a way that enforces the least damage on the real ones. In order to prevent this, you can use a makeup remover. They are designed to make sure all traces and residues of makeup are removed and, for that matter, with no damages.

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It may seem a daunting and impossible task to apply fake eyelashes like a pro, but it is a very easy and manageable task only if you know how to do it. It is not even a must to be a skillful person to put on fake eyelashes, and people with the least and even no experience are also capable of putting on fake eyelashes and removing them. We believe this guide is enough for you to start. Please keep in mind to clean your eyelashes from time to time in order to prevent any eye problems.

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