How to Balance Marriage and Motherhood?

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Both marriage and motherhood are among the most important events of women’s lives which can make fundamental changes in their lifestyle. These changes can be related to their hobbies, relationships, career, and even sleep schedules. So it’s safe to say that marriage and motherhood impact most aspects of life. Some people find it difficult to cope with these changes and more importantly how to balance their new and old lifestyles. In other words, to what extent do they have to accept new changes, and to what extent do they need to switch back to their old habits? Being a good partner as well as a good mom is among those balances mothers find difficult to make. In this article, we will discuss the ways you can firstly dedicate some time to yourself, then your partner, and your children.

Prioritize yourself

A lot of mothers believe that to be a good mom they need to sacrifice their needs and personal life. It is maybe because they have seen their mothers who were willing to quit their jobs, sacrifice themselves and accept any responsibilities just to satisfy their families. However, in this modern age, marriage and motherhood don’t necessitate forgetting about your interests, hobbies, and goals. What you need to remember is that you can only be a good partner or a perfect mom when you are successful and happy in your personal life. In other words, indeed, you are now in charge of several new responsibilities, but you should never forget yourself. Do more of what makes you happy which sometimes is picking up old hobbies such as playing an instrument, exercising, reading, or gathering with friends.

While taking care of your mental health is essential, you should also pay attention to your physical health when balancing marriage and motherhood. Try to exercise regularly and get on a healthy diet. Exercising not only improves your physical well-being but also helps you release stress and consequently feel more mentally strong.

Moreover, never cut down on your sleeping hours. Make every possible effort to sleep enough; it gives you enough energy for the next day and prevents some illnesses such as heart disease and obesity. Last but not least, care about your appearance. Not encouraging the idea of focusing on looks merely, but when you look neat and beautiful you feel better and more comfortable. Spend a day for beauty treatments and wear your best clothes. We all deserve to indulge sometimes!

Spend some quality time with your partner

When the babies arrive, parents usually find it very difficult to spend some time together without their kids. However, it is a must if you wish to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Finding some quality time with your partner might be more difficult to do if your kids are young. In this case, it is better to ask your nanny to stay a bit longer or call for a babysitter. If you have a trusted family member or a friend who is willing to keep your baby for a while, you can ask them.

Spend your free evening or night enjoying your time together and do not discuss work or life issues. If you have children who are young enough to go to classes or schools, seize the time when they are not home. Arrange to spend lunchtime together or go shopping for fun. As your kids grow older you can think of a day out or a short vacation. It does not matter how you make that quality alone time together or how long or how often they can be. What matters is that you and your partner realize the importance of spending some time alone and believe that happier couples make better parents.

Spend some quality time with your kids

Take care of yourself to be a good partner and take care of your relationship to be better parents. Now, it is time to plan for spending some quality time with your kids. This might seem strange to some mothers since they believe they are spending most of their time with their kids, but what we are looking for is doing some activities together which makes your bond stronger and make beautiful memories.

There are plenty of ways to spend time with your children based on their age. If your child is young, you can do things such as playing family games or board games. You can also do house chores with your young kids especially cooking which is more entertaining. If your baby enjoys making handicrafts, it can be a perfect option, too. You can just go for a walk or to the nearby park and spend some time there having your favourite snack. If your kids are a bit older, you can eat out and go shopping or just go for a long drive talking. It should not be difficult for you as a mom to find your children’s interests. Step into their world and try to spend your time the way you can both enjoy. So it does not matter if you are spending all day together, you still need to have fun together.


While balancing marriage and motherhood can be challenging at times, it is possible; however, as discussed in this article, you have to start with self-care. Only if you are a happy person who has her own goals and desires, you can be a happy wife and mother. Mothers who sacrifice their lives to be better parents or moms usually end up feeling depressed and tired.

The process continues with strengthening your relationship with your partner. Children look up to their parents and study their relationships. If you are a happy couple who spend some time focusing on themselves, children feel more secure and confident. They also learn how to protect themselves and their future relationships. Once you have accomplished taking care of yourself and the relationship with your partner, you can focus on making the best of the time you get to spend with your kids. Make plans and enjoy being a happy mom. That’s how you balance marriage and motherhood.

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