How To Boost Ad Performance With Google Ads Callout Extensions

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In addition to more traditional extensions like the location extension, AdWords also introduced the callout extension, which adds more text to adverts. Google Ads Callout Extensions do not include links. Still, callout extensions can be used to provide further details about specialized products or promotions before potential customers click on the advertisement or go to the website. Callouts are optional for advertisers; they only pay when an ad is clicked.

What are callout extensions?

callout extension

Callout extensions are little snippets stuck to the bottom of your ads on Google pages showing extra concise information about your business. Callout extensions add value to the ads in numerous ways, and it’s all up to you to get them in use to get more clicks. People behave differently in utilizing callout extensions for their businesses. Some seem creative and use short phrases that ring a bell in the reader’s mind. It’s a fact, we all skim, and then we go for scanning! It means that people who are seeing ads before clicking on any link will have a glance at everything that exists on the page.

The Google Ads Callout Extensions highlight your company’s services. They can be used to advertise well-known or distinctive characteristics of your company in only a few words or a single phrase. You may add callouts at the account, campaign, or ad-group level since they are flexible and customizable. This enables you to provide general or in-depth information in your advertisements. You can define the days of the week, the hours of the day, and the dates on which your callouts are permitted to appear.

This is when callout extensions are counted as an essential part of advertising on google.

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How to create good callout extensions?

 good callout extensions

Most people may see Google Ads Callout Extensions as useless or not too important, so they usually do not use them. And if they use it, they are more likely just to write something trying to get more clicks without paying attention to the messages they want to convey. But callout extensions are more important than what you have in mind! The ideal number of characters used in callout extensions varies from 12-15 characters. 

Another critical factor to consider is the text you want to have. Avoid thinking about sentences, as it is usually done in choosing keywords for your business. If you provide extra service and you tend to write it in the callout extensions, try to write in short phrases rather than lengthy sentences. For instance, if you offer free delivery, just say “Free delivery”, not “We offer free delivery!”. Stick to the point and review each part of your services to choose the best ads text!

  • Remember: Only 2 to 6 callouts can be exhibited in your ads, so choose the best ones!

Why should you use callout extensions?

Without increasing your marketing budget, Google Ads Callout Extensions are a fantastic method to make your advertising stand out and generate more qualified clicks. Callouts give you a tremendous opportunity to enhance the value of each advertisement while simultaneously relegating your rivals to the bottom of the page.

When building callout extensions, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that each callout must be distinct, concise, and emphasize the qualities that make your products the finest on the market.

When you develop, enhance, and monitor the efficacy of your Google Ads Callout Extensions throughout your Google Ads campaigns, your company should experience an immediate benefit.

Show your values to Google

Google started altering its algorithm for calculating an ad’s quality score last year. The role ad extensions’ impact on the quality score has changed the most. Now, Google will look at ad extension performance to determine which ad gets put first if two competing ads have the same quality and bid.

In addition to physical space for the callout extension, this provides advertisers with another advantage. When competing against other marketers, relevant and effective callouts can significantly affect ad position. Google tries to understand every word and phrase you use in the callout extension. Google will understand them and use them for listing various queries on the internet!

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Specialized setting/Flexible to use

Specialized setting/Flexible to use

Google is constantly changing and improving itself; as a result, it has tried to make these extensions as specialized as possible. Advertisers can now manage what time extensions can be shown, from 2 PM to 5 PM! Advertisers will be capable of delivering the appropriate message to people at certain times. For instance, if you are a tour guide and want to have ads on Google, you can do it when holidays come with special offers written in the callout extensions.  

Note: Do not forget to use creative and unique text for Google ads callout extensions; using specialized content and scheduling them for a specific period will boost your ads’ performance.

To do that, follow the steps below!

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Choose the “Campaigns” category from the headers on the page
  • Click on the “Add extension tab” and select “Callout extensions.”
  • Press the button “+Extension” and select “New callout.”
  • Write down the text (in this step, you can choose what group sees this text, mobile users or desktop users.)
  • Add particular daytime, starting, and ending times for callout extension

Giving additional information

One of the best Google Ads Callout Extensions’ features is that you can use them to give additional information to your potential customers. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, writing extra services and offers will be more convincing, so they’ll choose you! Callout extensions, placed under your ads, play a crucial role in gathering attention and clicks!

As a webmaster, you may have had the experience of writing SEO-based blogs. Of course, you try to use high-quality pictures, bullet points, lists, tables, etc. Articles are structured like this because readers/viewers tend to skim the content before they read it thoroughly, and while looking, they are attracted to the better parts of the page. This is why using Google Ads Callout Extensions is highly recommended! People skim the pages before they click on any ads, and if they can find any eye-catching points in your ads, they are more likely to click on your link!

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