How to Choose the Best Kitchen Layout for Your Lifestyle?

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Because the kitchen is the central part of the home, it is necessary to plan the space in a manner that will operate best for your lifestyle. This is not the same for all. What is appropriate for one person may not be suitable for another, so thinking about how you want your kitchen to work can make a big difference in the kitchen’s layout. In this article, we introduce six kitchen layout and explain the advantages of each so that you can select the best kitchen layout for your house.

Six best kitchen layouts to select

Although you can find many various layouts which may fit your design, not all of them give the same excellent look to your house. Besides, how you feel in your kitchen depends highly on the layout you select. Here, we have listed the main six kitchen layouts that the majority of housewives prefer for the reasons explained below.


choose the best kitchen layout for your house.

U-shaped design is the best kitchen layouts are for three walls or cabinet sections, providing considerable storage space. When designing a kitchen, the U-shape could be an amazing option for families who spend time together in the kitchen. It functions as a separate part or within an open plan design. You’ll have a large amount of benchtop space and often a suitable breakfast bar too.  A U-shaped kitchen can, however, feel smaller and narrow compared to some of the other kitchen layouts. Corners may limit movement and make corner cupboards a little harder to access. Unless your U-shaped kitchen is enormous, it won’t simply accommodate an island bench.

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L-shaped kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen is a wonderful option for today’s modern homes and lifestyles as it only employs two walls, providing a big open plan space. You can put an island bench or even a casual table and chairs – great for those who want to cook and socialize. An L-shape converts your kitchen into a comfortable hub and is great for a corner space and open-plan living. It provides a great layout option for smaller homes and apartments.

Some people believe an L-shape is awkward with the placement of the sink, cooktop and fridge, producing extra walking between them. Others however, believe that it is the best kitchen layout for apartments. If the workspace is exceptionally important, you must add an island bench which will let you make a work zone by providing you with additional bench space and storage, but this may not be appropriate for your cooking or entertaining style.


choose the best kitchen layout

This layout is decisively practical. Today’s new galley kitchens make space as large as possible, so your small or medium-sized kitchen can provide more freedom with one side opened up to offer seating space and a connection to the rest of the home. The galley layout provides you with the shortest and quickest access to everything, making a smooth workflow.

kitchen appliances can be well amalgamated with your benchtop space, and all cupboards are easily reachable. It’s not surprising that most chefs would rather work in this layout! For some people, a compact design and size can be a disadvantage. While it’s effective, you may prefer more space to move around and communicate with family and friends while you cook. A small island on wheels can provide extra space for a galley kitchen. However, it needs adequate room to move around, which must be considered when planning the kitchen floor.

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Choose the best kitchen layout

This layout is excellent for tiny houses and apartments. With all your appliances and cabinetry constructed along just one wall, space is very effectively utilized. Designs are creative, with many smart storage solutions employing vertical drawers. A one-wall kitchen is preferable with an island bench for more food prep and amusement. It’s not created for a traditional work triangle and is suitable for plain, basic cooking styles. One-wall kitchens are well-known for their compact size and can sometimes be of use to accommodate washing machines in smaller apartments.


choose the best kitchen layout for your house.

Not everyone chooses a peninsula as the best kitchen layout. That’s understandable. A peninsula is a flat surface and cabinet area that extends out into the surrounding living space. There are many different layouts where a peninsula is a choice. This layout is more appropriate for large houses where space is not a concern.

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choose the best kitchen layout.

Kitchen islands are another option that can be incorporated into several kitchen layouts. Like a peninsula, an island is more of a feature than a complete kitchen layout. Depending on your space, you could add a kitchen island to the best kitchen layouts kitchen layouts mentioned above.

Types of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands won’t become outmoded any time soon. Their adaptability will always let them adjust to modern needs and support daily work. You can add just any kitchen feature, and this is likely to continue to be correct. Duplicate a sink or other regularly-used feature to make your kitchen hospitable to numerous cooks or flow more simply when making your favourite dishes. Here are some of the popular features to build into a kitchen island:

  • Sink
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Dishwasher
  • Prep Station
  • Trash


Choosing the best kitchen layout for your house depends on the size and shape of your kitchen space, the way you want to use that space, the features you would like to add, and the amount of stuff you must store there. Many people love a U-shaped kitchen, but they’re not designed and suitable for everyone. Talking about your situation with a designer and contractor will help you recognize the best kitchen layout for your home.

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