How to Clean Lash Extensions

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Cleaning lash extensions will extend their lifetime. It is necessary to stop bacteria and dirt on your old lash extensions from getting into your eyes. Bacteria buildup can result in blepharitis, and their overgrowth on filthy lashes can cause inflammation on your eyelids. Bacterial overgrowth can also absorb mites, so it is essential to clean eyelash extensions from time to time.

Clean lash extensions

When should you clean lash extensions?

After attaching lash extensions, wait forty-eight hours so that they can cure and become waterproof. You should clean eyelash extensions at least every other day so as to eliminate eye makeup, filth, dead skin cells, old lash glue, and bacteria on them. If you have oily eyelids, wash your lash extensions every day to get rid of natural oils that can damage the lash adhesive on your lash extensions.

What happens if you don’t clean lash extensions?

Being unable to wash your lash extensions will lead to blepharitis and adhesive bond breakage. Blepharitis is an outcome of bacterial excessive growth along the eyelashes base. This makes an environment where mites can grow, causing inflammation of the eyelids. When the glue weakens, the lash extensions start to fall off too soon. Regular cleaning will guarantee your lashes remain intact, attractive, and safe. Adopt a useful eyelash extension wash to clean your falsies twice a day, in the morning and evening.

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How to clean lash extensions

It is necessary to follow aftercare guidelines.  To clean your eye makeup, you can use an oil-free makeup remover including micellar water or foaming cleanser. You can also employ a lash cleanser. Moisten your lashes, then use a lash extension cleanser or lash shampoo to clean your lash extensions utilizing a small cleansing brush. Sweep the lash shampoo against the eyelashes, moving the bristles back and forth along the lash line to get rid of any dirt and makeup. Then you can wash the lash cleaner off with warm water. Using a dry paper towel or hand towel, you should be able to gently dry your lash extensions. Finally, with a clean spoolie brush, brush out your fake eyelashes make sure they are clean.

Necessary tips for cleaning lash extensions

Clean lash

When cleaning lash extensions, you should use a special lash extension cleanser, such as a lash shampoo, which is odorless and non-irritating for your eyes and its whereabouts. Special lash cleansers also include moisturizing components to hold your lash extensions soft. Some makeup gurus make use of baby shampoo to clean eyelash extensions. However, baby shampoo is typically aromatic, which can cause inflammation around your eyes. The sulfates and oils in the baby shampoo can also weaken the glue bond in your falsies. You must keep away from forceful movements when cleaning your lashes to stop the false eyelashes from being detached and dropping out.

Softly pat your eyelashes when removing makeup or drying your face. You can use a hairdryer on a low, cool setting to accelerate the drying process.If putting on heavy makeup, remove it before cleaning lash extensions. Remove the eyeshadow with a cotton swab put into the remover. Stretch your eyes with your fingers and clean the swab following the lash line. Follow the same process to remove mascara while keeping away from the eyelash extension area.

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What cleanser can I use to clean lash extensions?

Foaming lash extension cleanser will clean your lashes entirely, not letting anything remain on them. Besides, they don’t weaken the glue bond, and their formula upgrades lash health. The products are enhanced for eye health, and their PH is balanced to stop eye infections. The foaming cleanser is soft and efficaciously balances lush cuticles. Micellar water efficiently removes even the most resistant makeup, due to the balance of the ingredients in the product. So irrespective of the face and eye makeup you have on, you can trust micellar water for a deep cleanse.


Eyelash extensions can improve your facial appearance and provide you with a celeb-style look if you take good care of them. Cleansing eyelash extensions should be an inseparable part of your regular skincare plan especially if you tint your eyelashes. Women who wash their lash extensions continuously encounter almost no skin irritations or breakouts in comparison with those who don’t cleanse at all.

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