How to Clean Your Sex Toys So You Can Use Them Safely

Cleaning sex toys is a vital skill to acquire, and most people could stand to practice it more frequently. It’s similar to washing laundry and filling the dishwasher correctly. As the devices are so close to the genital area, which should always be kept clean, numerous mistakes might be made during the sanitizing procedure. Make sure you are aware of the appropriate approaches to take, as these errors might result in a highly yeasty situation. And it starts with really making a commitment to clean your new or old sex objects.

Rebecca Alvarez Story, sexologist and creator of Bloomi, advises cleaning your sex toy after each use to avoid infection buildup. “You may wash sex toys made of glass, stainless steel, or 100% medical-grade silicone with hot water and mild, unscented detergent. It is best to let them dry naturally on a spotless surface before storing them in a waterproof bag or on a spotless bedside table. Do not forget to wash your toy after each usage.”

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But those guidelines are only fundamental 101-level elements that you should memorize when it comes to cleaning sex toys. Find out what specific considerations you should make while cleaning sex toys and, most importantly, what frequent errors you should avoid in order to prolong their lifespan, avoid damage, and keep your genitals safe.

Here you can check six mistakes made when it comes to cleaning sex toys:

1. Failure to clean your toy as soon as it is received

clean your sex toys

As it appears to be completely undisturbed, you may be thinking, “Oh well, I don’t need to wash it; it must be safe!” In any case, I had the same impression about a Bart Simpson sweatshirt I purchased in February. And after wearing it once, I had full-body hives. I just want to say thanks to the stars that the sweater barely damaged my outside skin. A sex object? So much cannot be ensured.

When you remove a sex toy from its package and clean it completely with mild soap and hot water, you should let it air dry on a spotless surface, advises Stories. “Sex toys are not sterile. Therefore even if they are brand new, it is realistic to suppose that they will contain dust or bacteria.”

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2. Cleaning a toy without first determining if it is waterproof or water-resistant.

The good news is that a lot of sex objects are water-resistant. But make sure a toy is safe to be submerged in water before taking it into the tub with you for a bath.

“If not, there may be cracks where water might seep in and harm the batteries and the electrical system. Review the package description to avoid damaging your toy, “explains Sadie Allison, Ph.D., co-founder of the GoLove CBD lubricant and a sex educator.

3. Not thoroughly cleaning off your toys

As a sexologist, CEO of Dame Products, and Well+Good Changemaker, Alexandra Fine advises, “Not fully drying off your toy before storing could lead to damage issues, so make sure to really wipe it down before placing it back in its respective nook.” She also advises avoiding towels that leave any kind of debris because these could leave irritating particles on the toy.

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4. Making use of bleach, cleaning supplies, or scented soaps

Recall that your vagina or anus—both extremely absorbent regions of your body—are likely to come into touch with these items, warns Fine. Avoid using any home-scented soap on them since scents might irritate them and cause issues like yeast infections.

Dr. Allison continues by saying that utilizing cleaning agents intended for domestic usage instead of sex toys can harm them. The best cleaning methods include warm water, antibacterial soap, and/or sex-toy cleansers, according to her.

5. You should clean a porous toy just like you would a hard toy.

 clean a porous sex toy

Cleaning a porous substance the same way you would a hard, non-porous sex toy is not a good idea whether you’re working with jelly, latex, rubber, or realistic-skin material. This is due to the fact that porous toys shouldn’t be carelessly played with since they might harbor bacteria. However, if you’re truly dedicated to your toy, using protection while playing is preferable.

The safest course of action while using a porous toy is to always use a condom, advises Dr. Allison. This will keep it sanitized and keep you secure.

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6. Place it in your stale, old goody drawer.

This is due to the fact that your drawers are a prime spot for bacteria to accumulate. Why conceal your happiness, too? “I advise folks to leave their favorite sex objects prominently displayed on their bedside. It works as a reminder to have sex and provides the message that you value pleasure, “Stories claims. If you must keep them in a disorganized drawer, why? Make careful to first put your item in a moist waterproof bag, she advises.

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